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Dew @ Telawi, Bangsar

"Life has sweetness to it and a beauty and a power that I wanted to celebrate."-Valerie Harper

Life is truly sweet with the latest pop of dessert cafes for us sugary lovers to satiate our never ending love for the sweet and beautiful dessert especialy the french desserts or anything that is chocolate!
In Bangsar famous district of Telawi comes a new addition to the dessert family which is Dew Bangsar.. It is actually a sister of Jaslyn Cakes! Jaslyn leans towards the homey and comfortable crowd favourite desserts whereas Dew is more of the sophisticated French influence of a dessert.. 

The main attraction of Dew is actually they do have their own florist which is located just before the entrance of the dessert parlor..  The second thing that attracts people to swarm this petite dessert parlor is their endless and delicious plentiful display of handmade desserts that just will deter you from only having but 2 or more desserts.. The interior of this dessert parlor is really mi…

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