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Amazing Dining experience at the Ritz

I'm so lucky today for having this fabulous opportunity to meet with the chef from Montreal,Canada!!! This is I want to thank to the Asian food channel people that gave me such a great opportunity in meeting Chuck Hughes in KL.. To me he is like the best thing happened to me and also the greatest chef in Canada and I always followed his show that was called A Day off with Chuck Hughes that has been aired in the Asian Food Channel.. Actually he is in Malaysia on a food tour to other countries around the asian pacific and I was glad that I am lucky enough to be able to be in the same room as he was in to be able to eat what he had created and also to see him in person and also to be able to watch him demonstrate some of his recipes..

CHUCK HUGHES!!He look so handsome and he's so charming!!! He had 2 restaurants and I will put them on my list of things to do when I get to Montreal :)

 His food taste absolutely divine.. The entree's are super nice and unique and its not that extremely salty which is nice for our palate.. The main star was the main course..
He made 3 options for the diners that is beef, seafood and vegetarian( which is so generous of him to do so).. So i had the beef option..  Its like the best beef meal  I have ever had!!! its super tender and juicy yet it melts in your mouth.. The sauce is like the most wonderful liquid that is so addictive!!! The plating of this dish is also fabulous and when it came to me it look like a chocolate cake but when you take the fork and jab it in that piece of meat, it just drops slowly.. That time it made me super surprise and happy( hehe was smiling non-stop the whole time)..
The dessert is maple pecan pie.. its nice with a hint of maple syrup.. it was such a wonderful finish for the fantastic dinner and until now the entree's and mains and also dessert still lingering in my mouth^^..
 All in all it was super nice and extremely memorable night at the Ritz KL..



smoked salmon


Divine Beef stew 

Maple pecan pie 


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