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Crayon burger @SS15, Subang Jaya

Its been awhile since my last food post.. Now im back with an amazing experience in subang jaya ss15.. This area is populated by college students and this is great because it means it provides some affordable price good food and also variety to choose from..
Having said that, for my visit to this district would be a burger restaurant that has a similar concept to the ever so famous my burger lab that is constantly packed with people queieng up for its burgers..
So, let me introduce you to this hidden gem in this area that is Crayon Burger.. From the outside, the store sign looks simple and it is air-conditioned ( important feature for diners like us to escape the hot weather ).. The interior of this shop is fairly simple with its huge wall of blackboard for you to scribble on.. Its quite an interesting concept that allows the customers to write down certain things about their visit here or any random stuff..

The moment you reach the counter, you are greeted by a group of friendly staff that is so nice and very informative about their products..
There is also an open kitchen whereby you could see what is going on with the food.. So the menu is all written at the board near the counter.. For now, the menu list is quite limited but the owner mentioned that they are now in the midst of experimenting with different flavours and will include them in the menu..
So enough said, lets proceed now to the main task.. Savour and enjoy the unique burger.. All the burger has different and unique names and each one represent with unique condiments in the burger like nachors and wasabi mayo, jalapeno and assortment of cheeses.. Then you also have the option of choosing the bun which has many names like milk bun, pink bun, charcoal bun etc.. besides that, you have  the option in making your lunch a meal with sides and also a bottomless drink for an additional RM5 which is good.

Well for this visit, I had a zombie burger that is a black bamboo charcoal burger with poppy seed bun and swiss cheese.. The moment it arrives to my table, it look so nice and appetizing.. The burger patty was so delicious and also its so tender and juicy which makes the burger moist and enjoyable to eat.. The swiss cheese was made into a slice of chips which unique and complements the whole burger.. Surprisingly, the burger was so light and its so good..The chips portions is quite reasonable and not too salty.. But I seriously love the burger alot!!! The burger in this restaurant especially the beef burger was made with 100% australian grass fed beef..  Means that it has great flavour and also good marbling on its meat.. Then N, had the cheese fondue burger that came with the pink bun and it was a chicken burger with some corn chips and sharp cheddar.. The chicken patty in this burger is so juicy and moist.. I had a taste of it and it was so well  made and delicious.. Love it eventhough its just a chicken burger but its worth the money that it is charged to us..

The service in the restaurant is so nice and fast.. The staff there is friendly and they really care about the customer with asking the feedback.. So it was worth it to visit there for a meal.. The price quite reasonable for the portion and the quality of burger and it is student friendly..

Verdict: would love to pay a return visit to this restaurant for my fix of burger..
Recommendation : Must try the ZOMBIE BURGER!!
Price :3/5
Service: 4/5
Crayon Burger
38, Jalan SS15/4
Subang Jaya


Cheese fondue burger (RM15)

Zombie burger (RM14)