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Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf, Bangsar Village 1

So recently, we visited a restaurant that is located in the premise of Bangsar Village 1.. It is located near the Village grocer and there are 2 entrances, one is facing the open car park and the other is inside the village grocer near the chilled/ frozen food items.. Bare in mind the entrance is quite hidden and be sure to keep a sharp eye for it.. We used the main entrance facing the car park and the moment we entered it was quite busy being that it was lunch time. But surprisingly it wasn't that crowded and stuffy when it was so busy.. The room was quite spacious, minimally decorated but it gave you an impression of the room being very spacious and not so congested which is good and in the restaurant itself, there are 2 sittings for you to choose that were the indoor and the outdoor( you can opt to host a party there being that it was quite spacious and not too hot but depends on the weather of the day).
So we went it for the indoor sitting and the furnishing of the restaurant was quite well done being it simple and contemporary.

The service staff there is quite efficient and also they provide fast and accurate service which is good considering most of them are non-locals (Kudos to the manager that trained them).. Enough about those, lets move on to the food..
So  we were presented the menu and also we were given a bottle of plain water.. Its the norm for all the  outlets in bangsar to offer a bottle of plain water but we were in concentration mode on the menu but it wasn't much to offer, just brekkie, mains, snacks, desserts and also long list of pasta.. Was expecting a lot more of the meat dishes well because of the name that describes and also it was all the buzz about the pork dishes.. But its ok, I did enjoyed of the food there and also the fast service..
For the visit to the restaurant, we had a pesto pasta with grilled pork and also the wolf' favourite.. Then we had a cup of cafe latte for myself and also a cup of hot chocolate for N and also we had a fishermen basket to share.. So, my food came first and the pasta pesto was a pleasant dish with the grilled pork being a nice addition and also it was cooked perfectly.. It was juicy and tender.. Sadly the pesto flavour wasn't that strong in the dish but overall it was nice and pleasant to have for lunch at this sort of weather.. Then N had the wolf's favourite which is the a signature dish for this restaurant.. The moment it came, it looks so appetising and the taste is the seal of approval for this dish as the signature..It was so light and delicious.. It was not like the other pasta that always have pool of cream there and it makes you feel full when you just had it half of the portion.. Like the wolf's favourite.. Good job to them and their cooks for making it super delicious and also made me to have confidence in eating those again.. Then we shared a fishermen basket..It was a let down actually because we were expecting something worth the price we paid for.. but it came out everything were fries, fried shrimp and some mussels..

The drinks we had was wonderful.. The latte that I had was beautifully made and the hot chocolate was nice and the taste of the cocoa is strong but not overpowering and bitter which is good..
After that nice lunch, we went out walking and we saw a new pastry shop that is located at the corner of the telawi square and it was named Tous les jour.. Its actually a new cafe & pastry shop that is owned by a korean.. So this is their first store in malaysia.. So we want in and the surprising thing was that its giving a free taste for the day and the staff there is so warm and inviting and there are array of things to choose from.. So we had a tiramisu and also some macarons.. The tiramisu was nicely made but the macarons was a let down because the inconsistency in texture of the macarons ranges from tight and not airy to soft and cant hold irs shape long enough... But luckily the taste was good and also a little bit interesting.. So we tried the chocolate, lemon, passionfruit and also a raspberry but there is one that tasted like a rootbeer float.. It is so funny how each individuals taste varies and it reminds me a lot like tasting a glass of wine that also has the incident whereby everyone tasted it differently and some said that the taste is also could trigger our memory about certain food that we had or a fond memory..
So people, Food is powerful!! OK, So this pastry shop is going to be officially open on this sunday (23/6/13).. So better get down there and have your snacks there or coffee or even a brunch there.. Their coffee were great so it could be another spot for some relaxing lunch..

Now the verdict of my foodie experience:
The three little pigs & the big bad wolf (Non-halal)

Ambience: 4/5
Price: 3/5
                                                Lot G1A, Ground floor Bangsar Village,
                                              1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100, KL.
                                      Opening hours: Pigs 9am-6pm
                                                              Wolf 6pm-11pm
                                            +603-2283 2270 / +603 2283 2271

Tous les jour
Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5

Pesto pasta with grilled pork

Hot chocolate

The wolf's favourite

Desserts at tour les jour


the fishermen basket 

Cafe latte 


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