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Closed - Standing Theory @ SS2 PJ

 Happy Valentine's day & Chap Goh Meh!

Its been an amazing and hot new year with lots of feasting and house warming parties!

Its been a quiet time for my blog as I was quite busy during that period to update it! Sorry for the silence
So now I have come back to update on my latest caffeine adventure with Nic!

Surprisingly the day we visited is a valentine's day, the cafe was rather quiet and normal with its decoration as usually this day the restaurants would decorate their interior or exterior with something related with the occasion..


Standing theory is a brand new cafe which just pop up not too long ago and it was located in a rather secluded location as it was inside the housing area of SS2 which took us a fair bit of time to find it and patience as we were kinda hungry.. The shop is just in between a chinese restaurant and a church..
The cafe has a minimalist feel to it with its simple decor and furniture..


Lucky we reached there earlier as later on it is packed with all the office people around the Petaling Jaya area.. In standing theory, you have to order your meal and drinks at the counter which was different from other cafe that I've been to.. Can see that this little cafe is becoming popular among the SS2 or the petaling jaya residents and working community as it offers comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with coffee and simple grub..
FatBaby ice cream offered here!
For the visit, I had was the piccolo latte which means mini latte and their famous V Roll whereas Nic had shanghai noodle with luncheon meat and Hot Choc.. It didn't take a long time to wait for all the coffee to reach our table.. Their menu is quite interestingly drawn and original.. They offer both black and white coffee and also the non-coffee which was their sought after smooshies..
Back to our drinks, the piccolo latte was really made well which was kinda bitter but still consumable with some spoonfuls of  sugar to balance it whereas the Hot choc was just made with balance of cocoa and sugar which isn't overly sweet..
Piccolo Latte
L-R: Piccolo latte & Hot Choc
Speciality smooshie

                     THE FOOD!!!

We tried their V Roll and the shanghai noodle.. The noodle is actually a special of the day which was suggested by one of their friendly employees.. The shanghai noodle is a plain noodle which is bland in taste and simple in preparation..  It was paired with a slice of  luncheon meat and garnished with some parsley.. Nothing much to shout out about.. 

V Roll
Shanghai Noodles with luncheon meat 
Next, is the V ROLL which I had.. It was inspired by regular french sandwhich.. The bread is a baguette and it is filled with sliced vegetables, nuts and luncheon meat.. Their food does really reminds me of Hawaii being the state that loves all things luncheon meat or they called it as SPAM!!! Back to V Roll, it does posses some challenge in devouring it as the baguette's outer crust is rather hard and it took me a few attempts in different angles of the bread to start eating.. Their preparation of this sandwhich is rather simple.. Their vegetables was fresh and the cucumber gives it a crunch and moisture to the bread and luncheon meat.. The meat was cooked with it being dipped in a sweet and sourish sauce that gives the meat another dimension of flavour and finaly it was topped off with some peanuts which were blitz not too fine which gives the overall sandwhich some nutty taste and texture.. 

There is also some cakes and ice cream if you aren't up for a heavy lunch! Their cakes look rather appetizing and also there was some french toast being served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sliced bananas which looks generous in portion..

Verdict: The coffee is great.. Service is friendly and fast..
Will come back again for their improvements & also their desserts and ice cream!  

Ambience: 4/5

Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2 /103,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Opens: Tuesday-Sunday 

Thank you for reading!
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