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Beast, The Intermark

Hey! How are you?
Hope everyone is enjoying the raya celebration with great food and friends

                     Guess where this place is? If you've guessed it as Beast, The Intermark, you are absolutely right!

This place is really easy to spot as it has a  big sign that lights up with the words BEAST.. It is located just opposite of porto romano and also Dome cafe..
The restaurant decor gives the place a really comfy and relax ambience with spacious seating and nice chairs..

Spot their lunch menu which is really simple with the option of 2 course at RM35 and also you can opt to have your lunch with a glass of wine at RM50.. Besides that, 3 course for RM50 and with a glass of wine is at RM65 which is reasonable considering there isnt much restaurants offer such a lunch option.. 
Quite excited to try their dishes as this place is really famous for their meat offerings! 

After much consideration from the list of dishes, 
Nic ordered the foie pate toasties for entree which tasted alright and has a slight hint of smokey flavour 

I had the Vietnamese inspired salad, Home smoked salmon, candied walnuts but instead of salmon it was replaced with the cod.. The cod is really nicely cooked and smoked but it has little of it and a bunch of greens.. 

Next course is the main! For main course, I had the minute steak & Garden green salad 

When it arrives to the table, it was served in a huge plate and was sliced and placed on top of the greens and cherry tomatoes.. The good part is that I get to choose the type of mustard to go with my main which was english, dijon and whole grain mustard.. I chose the dijon mustard

It goes perfectly well with the steak as it was cooked medium rare as it was quite thin.. So it still has the juiceness and the black pepper on the meat wasnt overpowering it.. It marries very well with the greens and the dijon mustard.. Loving this dish 

Nic had the Pan seared sea bass, spinach, salsa para  

According to Nic, the sea bass skin was salty but the meat of the fish was cooked beautifully as it flaked out easily when it was cut.. There was alittle salsa para on the side.. Overall dish was just alright nothing fancy to shout about..

Surprisingly after the 1st & 2nd course meal, we still had space to have our 3rd course which is my favourite, dessert! 

For dessert, I had the chocolate & banana sundae 

The sundae looks lovely as it was served in a champagne glass which was filled with 2 scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream with some cookies and muesli, sliced bananas, salted peanuts and drizzled of chocolate sauce.. Even though its a plain dessert but it tasted delicious as you have the chocolate with the bananas which are sweet and the crunch and saltiness of the biscuit.. Loving it!

Next is the Apple pie, citrus sauce & ice cream

This lovely, generous and hearty dessert is ordered by Nic.. Nic is the happiest person as it was a well made apple pie with that wonderful citrus sauce and mentioned that it is a better version in comparison to the ones Nic had in Ashley's 

The apple in the apple pie is really delicious with a hint of cinnamon and it is still firm yet soft and not overly sweet.. Good balance.. The pastry is really lovely and crunchy and toasty.. The apple pie which is the warm element paired well with the citrus sauce and the ice cream which is the cold element that provides balance towards the dessert.. Delicious apple pie.. 

Delicious food and nice service.. But do check for the items on the menu for its availability 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Lot G-01 Ground Floor 
The Intermark 
348 Jalan Tun Razak 
50400 Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours:

Monday- Thursday



Closed on Sunday 


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