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A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

Hey! Hope you all are well!

Been a pretty busy week of work for me!

Lucky have the luxury of weekends off to relax and enjoy food!

So headed to the Damansara Uptown for dinner and dessert! Was super excited to try the pies from A Pie Thing! 

This pie shop has a really distinctive signage which is really eye catching and resembles those movie theatre boards announcing the showcase of the movies..
They do have the outdoor and indoor siting and it gets pretty crowded around dinner time onwards!

The setting of this whole shop/restaurant is really simple yet it attracts heaps of people to come over for their lovely pies and tarts 
The concept here mainly self service.. Once you've ordered then you can wait for your number to pick up the pies from the counter in a basket.. How cute is that! 

The feel of concrete is everywhere!

The counter is nearby the entrance and ontop of the counter would be the boards which features the various combination of pies and their famous Maschare! 
Beside the counters on your right would be the display counter which showcases their varieties of pies from chicken to lamb and even spinach!
So it does cater to those that aren't up for the meaty pies can go for their spinach ones..

The sweets ones they had on offer that night was the Elvis, Nutella, Sweet potatoes, lemon curd , apple crumble etc.. Nutella & Apple crumble are served with a scoop  of ice cream!

For this visit, 


I had the Elvis pie which features the Kings of rock & roll favourites snacks or food! He loved the peanut butter, bananas and cream.. This variation has a layer of chocolate ganache with the bananas and peanut butter.. I can tell you that it is oh so good!!!  


                                           It felt like you have gone to peanut butter heaven! 
The cream also with some cocoa dusting gives the peanut butter, banana & chocolate elements a balances which isnt overly sweet.. 

Next, I tried the formula of PIE+ MASH PEAS + GRAVY .. The pie chosen for this formula is the Chicken and mushroom 

The pie is alright but would prefer the ones like beef or lamb pies and also want to try their signature formula.. The MASCHARE! which also comes in the form of a set complete with drinks! 

The maschare formula consist of
PIE+ MASH POTATOES + MASH PEAS + GRAVY which does resembles the ones from Sydney 

After that savoury pie, still felt that there is still rooms to fit another pie before calling it a night!

Total Amazeballs at the appetite level & capacity! 
So bought their Lemon curd pie as many of their pies are going at lightning speed with the constant influx of people coming in! And also their speedy & busy bakery endlessly preparing those lovelies 

The lemon curd pie is really that AMAZEBALLS! It is really that good with the citrus notes from the curd which provides the tanginess to it and smoothness and also the tart shell has some nutty flavour from the brown butter which gives it a golden colour and taste! Really enjoyed it! 

Verdict: Amazing pie! Love the elvis & lemon curd and its pie pastry.. Hoping to have a chance to try maschare


   A Pie Thing
128G, SS21/35
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya

Closes on monday

Opens from 4pm-11pm


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