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Bonjour! How's your long weekend? I hope it's well for you even though its terribly warm for the past few days..

As you have known about my love for desserts especially french macaroons.. This time I'm grateful in receiving another lovely box of macaroons from Laduree from Singapore.. Sometimes I still miss the one I had from Paris

Isn't the content of this box brings such joy and colour to your life ? It does bring pure joy for me

In this box of jewels contains 6 macaroons of a new flavour which are in the picture above.. The 6 flavours are actually seasonal so you do have to check with the patisserie on the flavours available.. In clockwise manner: Strawberry Candy Marshmallow, Blackcurrant Violet, Earl Grey, Marie Antoinette, Cherry Blossom and Lemon Rose. 

This is the full box of it including the coffee and orange blossom.. These two are the classic flavours from Laduree..

Back to the new flavour of macaroons!

This is the Lemon Rose which is quite evident from the 2 contrasting colours in the macaroon shell.. It has a very strong rose water taste at the first moment you bite.. Just a slight hint of lemon essence not much of a zesty lemon hit I would expect getting.. 

The 2nd macaroon to taste is the strawberry candy marshmallow.. The 1st thing I got from the first mouthful of it is a strong hit of strawberry essence which was really sweet and rosy but towards the end only the taste and textures of the marshmallow appears.. 

The 3rd macaroon is the Blackcurrant Violet.. This is an interesting one as I look forward for something with a different spectrum of taste and flavours rather than sweet.. The cream of it was actually filled with black currant puree.. This puree gives it a sourish and crunchy texture.. This macaroon has a chewy texture with that sour and a little sweet puree 

The 4th macaroon is Earl Grey which is actually not on the pamphlet.. It was a great surprise for me as I get something special.. At first it was a mystery for me but after doing some investigation on it only I found out that its an earl grey tea flavour with its strong bitter after taste that usually get from a brewed earl grey tea 

The 5th macaroon is the marie antoinette.. Well the colour do resemble a regal looking green colour just like the last french queen..  Their cream looks like caramel and it taste like caramel too just that it was slightly sweet.. 

The 6th macaroon from the new flavours is Cherry Blossom.. The colour of the macaroon shell does resembles of those blossom flowers pink and happy.. This one really looks dainty and delicate like a flower.. From the mouthfeel, I got is a strong hint of cherry essence which made you had some chewing gum feeling around your tongue and towards the end there was this presence of a floral note which was the rose that was quite surprising for me to get.. 

Here are the 2 classic flavours which I'm sure everyone love.. Well I do! Hello coffee & orange blossom macaroons.. The orange blossom actually had a slight accident to it which is so sad to see it starting to crumble but nevertheless it still taste amazing and full of zesty orange essence.. 

Coffee who doesn't love coffee.. This macaroon has the equilibrium of both the sweet and bitter notes in it which made it quite pleasant to eat with a cuppa tea for an afternoon tea 

Verdict: I still fancy the classic flavours.. 
In the case of the seasonal ones, I fancy the blackcurrant violet & early grey most 

Hopefully get to go their boutique soon.. (Need to get their keychain)

Laduree  Counter
391, Orchard Road 
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City 


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