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Roost New Menu!! @ Roost, Bangsar

Hey Foodie's!!

It's been long since my last post.. Well I'm back and eating again!

Recently heard about the new menu of Roost 2016 which promises great foods that will leave you wanting more!

Well I had drop by recently for a visit with some friends to try out their new menu! Was really excited for this new menu and also felt a little anxious as to find out whether some of my favourite from the previous menu are still available.. And I'm happy to report that the menu has just change slightly with new additions and alterations but the favourite are still there! Yeah!!! So thankful for it as I can still enjoy them more..

The menu layout to me is much simpler and attractive with the new sections and dishes to try! We had snacks & some appetizers to start with as we were "Famish" and then later on we had their mains ranging from meats to pasta to seafood and capping the night off with some of their famous desserts 😊

Actually from snacks we had their smoked mackerel on some ciabatta and salt & also their famous & oldie of chicken liver pate in a mousse form which has a new updated look on it and being accompanied by some toasted ciabatta bread and coarse sea salt.. Both of this dishes in terms of presentation is simple yet refined but homey as well as it was served on wooden boards which are all the range since the introduction of this plating from the likes of Jamie Oliver and many other restaurants..

Back to food! For me I love the liver pate mousse as it was just silky smooth and full of that liver goodness without that foul smell that some people refrain from and it wasn't fatty.. The bread was toasted with some olive oil rub and its crusty enough to absorb that luscious spread of the pate and the coarse salt does helps in lifting up the pate with some seasoning if you're the type that prefer more salt.. I really enjoyed this pate till we practically have to order more bread just to spread more of the pate!

Liver Mousse Pate(RM22)

Smoked Mackerel (RM18)

Next is the smoked mackerel which is really simple with some ciabatta toasted which holds the smoked mackerel and dressed up with sliced of yellow cherry tomatoes, well seasoned and some chives.. This is really simple and delicious yet not so fishy! Fantastic snacks to start for the dinner.

After those awesome snacks, we then welcomed our 4 appetizers and all looks and smells delicious and mouth watering enough to devour them all!

Let's start! So the 1st appetizer that we had for the evening was Red Prawn with lavender, beets & drizzled of wild honey.. The moment this dish arrives to the table it looks beautiful but it wasn't really enough for like 5 people especially if you're famish.. The prawn is nicely cooked with a very subtle but sadly it wasn't really memorable for me..

Red Prawn (RM30)

The 2nd appetizer is the Zucchini Blossoms with fresh cheese, mint & chili.. This appetizer is actually really interesting considering that you would expect more european flair in their food rather than the combination of some asian influences in their dish..  

Zucchini Blossoms (RM22)

This dish has a very simple and fine restaurant kind of plating which is the current trend of all the restaurants around the world.. 
The most interesting thing was the batter that used to coat this pretty blossom is done amazingly well which is crispy, light, airy and not oily at all which is a great surprise being that usually fried food has some puddle of oil on the plate.. The zucchini blossom is cooked perfectly well with that crispy and crunchy texture and the filling of cheese and chili that gives this dish a spicy yet cooling effect to the palate.. Perfect combination and there was a subtle hint of the mint in the sauce that was drizzled on the plate.. 

Crispy Squid (RM20)

The 3rd appetizer is an adventurous one as it features an ingredient that we rarely eats.. 
It's called Crispy Squid with Ink Aioli, Rosemary, Lemon & Peanut.. 
This is one of the most memorable appetizer's that I had for the dinner as it has a really light, crispy and airy batter that coats so thinly yet elegantly well on the squid like a second skin that is makes the squid still delicious and very succulent enough after the frying step process.. Beautiful squids but it was a wee bit salty..
The sad part of the dish is the Ink Aioli which is rather bland rather than shouting out "I'm made of squid Ink eat me!".. 
Its really a sad part as it was sitting there and not doing much 

Mangrove Crab Salad (RM26)

Now, the final appetizer that we had was the Mangrove Crab Salad which is actually the only salad dish we tried for that evening and the only one we've seen in the menu.. This looks pretty on the plate but i'm not really a fan of salad as for this salad has very little crab meat flesh to share.. It's an alright dish as it is a very simple flavour dish..

After all that appetizer's, we finally move on to the main course part of the dinner! 
Their new menu is well structured with a few categories which are Pasta & Rice, Mains, Sliders & Family style which is the latest addition in the menu which is great for a party of 10 

Veal Cheek (RM72)

The 1st main course Veal Cheek with mash potato & beets with braising liquid.. The veal cheek is braised beautifully in its own stock that just made it really effortless to fork the meat out as it was so tender, juicy and melt in your mouth! 
The highlight of this dish is actually the mashed potato as it was such a silky, smooth, buttery and creamy mash that you wouldn't expect it to be made from potato and where can you get such quality and texture from a small restaurant in KL as this kind would be from a michelin star french restaurant overseas .. Truly enjoyable to eat and truly a bowl of pure joy for every meat lover or even potato lover!

Seabass with beetroot risotto (RM38)

The 2nd main that we ordered was actually one of the classics from the previous menu which was the Seabass with beetroot risotto.. 
In the previous menu, the risotto was a pumpkin risotto which is really fantastic and considering I'm a fan of eating beetroot seeing it on the menu being paired with the Seabass was a treat as this kind of combination is rather unique.. So there's some high expectation of this dish to deliver as like the predecessor have done it!

The Seabass is cooked to the perfection as the fish is really moist and the meat flakes beautiful! 
Let's talk about the risotto, well those who have watched or followed the masterchef Australia  that this ingredient is really the death dish for every contestant.. 

Thankfully that this risotto is done really well as it has that texture and the green grassy taste of the beetroot wasn't really overpowering the risotto till it wasn't that pleasant to eat and it has some citrus zesty taste on the risotto which is fantastic pairing with the seabass

Farmed Red prawn Linguine (RM40)
The 3rd main that arrives to the table which is the Farmed Red Prawn Linguine which is being plated beautifully and the pasta was cooked to al dente that was tossed with tomato gremolata and being accompanied by the prawns.. Every element of the plate is done well with the prawn being treated well..

Angus Rib eye (RM76)

Loving this 4th main dish as it was also a classic from the previous menu and also a meat lover myself, I love the Angus Rib eye that they served here being that it was cooked medium rare with the pinkish colour on the meat and the herb butter is really fantastic as an accompaniment to the rib eye..

This dish has 2 options of 200g and 350g portion to choose from but for me 200g portion is fairly enough 
 A crowd favourite for this dish! 

Well we had their desserts which was the ever famous Fresh Jersey Milk Panna Cotta with coconut  & Passion fruit  and their Chocolate gateau with pineapple coulis & lemon grass.. 

Based on both of the desserts we had, I would still go back to their panna cotta as it is so well made with the panna cotta wobble ever so beautifully on the plate and it has that silky smooth creamy texture which is just heavenly to eat in every spoonful with that zesty from the passion fruit.. It's just makes your day even better!

Verdict: The food is still awesome and pack full of flavour as before! 
Can't wait to have another visit to try their other dishes!

Another dish to try which is recommended for a big party is Veal Rump tip that has to be ordered in advance 

Must try dish : Smoked Mackerel
Liver Mousse Pate
Angus Rib Eye
Seabass with beetroot risotto 

Ambience: 4/5
Price: 4/5

69-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Kuala Lumpur
Opens on Tuesday- Sunday
Opening Hours: 11:30am-11pm
Closed on Mondays


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