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Pinch @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar


In this stretch of cafe & restaurant which houses the famous cafes like Lorem Ipsum or restaurants/ wine bar such as Leonardo's or Bobo, we found a little french bistro that serves up tantalizing french food with a reasonable price & the best part is it's Non-halal!

This french non-halal food is called Pinch which is located at the row of Jalan Bangkung, its nestled with the endless rows of single storey houses that does resembles like the Lorong Kurau area..

 So this place is actually quite inviting and relax with the choice of sitting either indoors or outdoors.. The chef that prepares all this delicious food is a French man and they also serves alcohol without the hefty price!

Surprises keeps coming from this place and we even haven't gotten the food part yet!

This little bistro does serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner! Please bear in mind that the weekends are their busiest time especially dinner so in order to avoid disappointment please make reservation for big group or come earlier to have a leisurely time!

Hopefully I get to try their breakfast menu one day!

Back to their food!

From their menu, it has separated very specific in various categories according to their ingredients rather than starter, main & desserts! Which is pretty interesting as they classify it under the farm or the sea etc.

For the dinner, we had 2 dishes from their bar bites to share that was the Salmorejo prawns with glazed ham & prosciutto and crispy chili calamari.. Well it took awhile for the bites to arrive but it was rather small and pretty for a big party to share..

Salmorejo Prawns Ham with glazed ham & prosciutto

So the 1st bar snack that we had was the Salmorejo prawns ham with glazed ham & prosciutto (RM28). The plating is beautiful and colourful but lacking in flavour and the portion of it isn't that generous and the prawn is pretty normal to me.. Nothing much exciting..

Crispy Chili Calamari

The 2nd bar snack that we ordered was the Crispy Chili Calamari (RM26).. The calamari isn't really that awesome as it was rather dry and oily as there was oil stains on the plate and it wasn't that well seasoned.. 

After a rather disappointing and petite appetizer, we are still being hopefully as we are looking forward for their mains! 

Much awaited main courses has arrived to our table!

Grass Fed Tenderloin Diane (RM78)

For main, I had was the Grass Fed Tenderloin Diane with mustard mushroom sauce (RM78).. This is the most expensive dish in the menu but it just totally worth it !
I ordered it to be cooked as medium and when I sliced it open, it was the colour of medium rare, pinkish and juicy yet tender.. 

The tenderloin is cooked beautifully well and the meat is really melt in your mouth! The tenderloin was cooked to perfection that it cuts just like butter  
The sauce is really simple yet delicious with the hint of pepper and mustard which is quite balanced and creamy with the earthiness from the mushroom! Really a joyous plate of food!

Fennel & Chili Roasted Pork Loin with Potato Gratin (RM40)

The 2nd main course was the Fennel & Chili Roasted Pork Loin with Potato Gratin (RM40).. The portion of it was pretty decent for 1 person and the chef was thoughtful enough to have it portion it out for your dining pleasure.. 

The roasted pork loin was really succulent and juicy with that subtle hint of fennel but not really strong hit of chili but it was still tender, juicy and pleasurable to be enjoyed..
The potato gratin was really stacked nicely with precision but it was rather on the dry side of it and it just require some sauce to be poured on top or even melted butter  to compensate the moisture of it and some addition of flavour to give a different perspective of a potato gratin in terms of flavour!

Paprika roast chicken with chorizo & cannellini beans
The 3rd main to try was the Paprika Roast Chicken with Chorizo & Cannellini Beans (RM45).. This is the most simple plated dish and it is presented with a roasted chicken thigh on top of the cannellini beans which you recognized it as the Heinz Baked Beans.. The chicken was alright, not really memorable as the beans really tasted like the Heinz Baked Beans.. The chicken was quite moist.. 

Not entirely the most memorable dish 

Roast pork belly & apple slaw baguette

The 4th main we had the pleasure in trying out is the Roast Pork Belly & Apple Slaw Baguette (RM35).. This is one of the reasonably priced dish amongst all the dish listed in the menu.. This roast pork belly is under the grill section of the menu..

This is really a pretty composed dish with a simplistic plating.. Its a really photogenic dish! The roast pork belly baguette is not only photogenic, it is really that delicious & really porky! The skin is really crispy and it sends chill down to your spin in every mouthful you have..

Beef Bourguignon with mash (RM49)

We saved the best for last! And it is the Beef bourguignon with mash! (RM49).. 
The portion of it is really just enough for 1 person and it is really beautifully plated with the crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms & the star of the plate which is the beef bourguignon with mash!

Am really excited for it! 
The beef is beautifully braised till it just need the fork to gently poke it effortlessly! The texture of the beef is beautiful and melt in your mouth! Really orgasmic yet it was really is packed with flavour and the mash acts like a cashmere coat that coats the beef well like a second skin without compromise  the flavours with each other! Really the best dish we had for main!

Crepe Suzette (RM20)

Here comes the sweet ending of the meal which is Dessert time! So from their 3 sweet offerings that was available, we had the pleasure of trying out the crepe suzette (RM20)..  

This is a classic french dessert made with thin crepe flambed with caramelized sugar with orange juice & grand maniere! This is their most delicious dessert but the portion is rather small to share for a large group.. The crepe is really thin, light and well coated with the grand maniere and the caramel was sticky, sweet yet zesty! Great balance of flavours!

Verdict: Excellent main courses & dessert with reasonable price

Must try:

Grass fed Tenderloin Diane with creamy mustard mushroom sauce 
Beef Bourguignon with mash
Roast Pork belly & apple slaw baguette 
Crepe Suzette

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5

No.57, Jalan Bankung, 
Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 
Tuesday- Friday
Saturday & Sunday, Public Holiday
9am -12midnight 

Closed on Monday 


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