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Ampersand by Culinary Rebels 2016, Damansara Uptown

Good day Foodie's!

Damansara uptown is really a food haven that you can always find new restaurants, cafes and dessert parlour popping up with something new and interesting to discover! 

After hearing much buzz of the former Ecole P cafe that has turned into the now Ampersand By Culinary Rebel which actually features dishes that are innovative yet has fusion from other cuisines such as korean & mediterranean etc. and not to mention excellent choice for large group with affordable price!

It is actually located at the same row as the Village Park Nasi Lemak and Every Sundae.. The restaurant is rather small so if you're coming in a large group; do make a reservation with them to avoid disappointment! 

"To know how to eat well, one must first know how to wait"- Marco Pierre White 

Like how the quote above expresses, I can say that we've have waited patiently to try the food made by the creative minds of Ampersand after hearing much buzz about their magical desserts and generous portions of food that makes you smiling all the way home!

The food we are having for this dinner is actually their latest menu of 2016 which is pretty simple and straight forward but poses a challenge in choosing which to start or to have for dinner.. This menu makes it ideal for group dining as this can be shared and you can try more of it!

Let's start the feast!

Pulled Pork Pasta (RM17.90)
The 1st plate of food arrives to our table was the Pulled Pork Pasta which came from their pasta section of the menu.. This is a simple starter which helps to save the spaces for the ribs & belly!

The pasta which is made with aglio olio style that has some chili flakes and topped it off with a small portion of pulled pork! This pulled pork is really soft and tender and really full of flavour that is really delicious and the only element that dressed the pasta..

Mozza's Ball (RM16.90)
The 2nd plate of appetizers is the Mozza's Ball which isn't that sufficient for a party of 6.. 
The balls is really petite which is rolled with pork balls and mozzarella cheese that doesn't really oozing out like how I would imagined it to be and the bacon was wrapped like how we would wrap ourselves with a coat that is really crispy and salty that is a saving grace with the bbq sauce..

Thai Basil Pasta (RM16.90)
The 3rd dish we had for appetizer is the Thai Basil Pasta which is from the pasta section.. This basil pasta is mixed with the basil pork that was like dressing the pasta with accessory and topped it off with a sunny side up..

 To be honest, it wasn't really impressed with this dish as it was rather plain and not memorable..

The moment we have been waiting! The Ribs & Belly time!

Rebellion (RM36)

1st to arrived to the table was The Rebellion which was one of the dish that caught our attention in the menu! 
This Rebellion really has some rebellious elements in the dish.. 
It is actually a german pork belly (350gm) that was accompanied by the chimichurri sauce which is an excellent pairing of flavours , spiced pine mango chutney, capsicum berry sauce, salad that is dressed with flashed fried cherry tomatoes and crunchy sage.. 

The pork belly here is really amazeballs which has a higher ratio of belly fat against the meat! Those who love pork fat would rejoice and gone to heaven for it! 

The belly was cooked to perfection being it moist, tender and juicy and mad a partnership in life with that Argentinian chimichurri sauce that complements it ever so well! The mango chutney was also a great combination with the belly as it gives the pork hint of heat, citrusy and sticky mango sweetness that just sings to you a beautiful love song.. 

In my humble opinion for the belly this is a must try dish!

The 2nd dish arrived was the BBQ Ribs that is the child from the G-Man.. 

The BBQ ribs consist of spanish pork ribs (500gm) which is rubbed lovely  with the house spice and covered like a second skin with the barbeque sauce.. This ribs is placed on a bed of creamy and silky mashed potatoes and being accompanied by the salad, sesame and spring onion.. 

Advisable to eat the bbq ribs with your fingers  that just finger licking good! The ribs is really sticky and well seasoned with had a beautiful balance of sweet, sticky and salty!

BBQ Ribs (RM35)

The 3rd dish we had from the ribs & belly section was The American which was created by The Butcher.. It consist of the german pork belly (350gm) that was brined tenderly with  honey bourbon  and it is accompanied by apple salad or slaw (like how the american calls it) with a side of grain mustard and potato croquette.. 

The pork from the american has a hint of the bourbon which brings it more savoury and oaky taste but not much of the honey.. Surprisingly the pork goes well with the apple salad and the grain mustard which lifts up the taste of the savoury aspect from the bourbon.. 

The American (RM36)

After having those American, Rebellion and Bbq ribs, to our astonishment that we still have room to go for another 2 dishes which was the Cacao Ribs & X-rated before hitting the home run with their desserts!

Cacao Ribs (RM35)
I think the fellow wizards in Ampersand might have read our minds as after we have ordered these fantastic dishes, we don't have to wait long for them.. Really speedy delivery! 

So after clearing the evidents of the american and the bbq ribs, the aroma of baked chocolate cake came ever so strong and evident which means the announcement of the arrival of the Cacao Ribs! The aroma of it reminds me of how we would get that fresh from the oven baked moist chocolate cake which our mother's usually make it at home!

The Ribs itself is the spanish pork ribs weighing around 500gm that was rubbed ever so affectionately with the cocoa rub and it was then dressed with a couple of honey bacon popcorn! Talking about the combination of sweet, bitter and salty all in one package and not to forget the finale of chocolate balsamic sauce with the sides of mashed potatoes and salad.. 

The presentation of this ribs dish is really simple but the taste is in the pudding itself! And we practically can't wait for it as the aroma of it has cast a spell for us to devour it ever so quickly!

The spanish pork ribs was absolutely divine as it was cooked so well with that juiciness of the meat and that cocoa rub that just send tingling sensation to your tastebuds in tricking you that it was a dessert with that chocolate balsamic sauce that might be mistaken of as a chocolate ganache sauce as it was so thick, creamy and luscious! Goes well with the ribs and the mashed potatoes!

Really Finger licking good!

X-Rated (RM36)
The most intriguing named dish under the category of the ribs & belly section was the X-Rated  which is a new creation by the magician! This X- Rated consist of a reasonable portion of german pork belly (350gm) which is slathered upon with that sweet and sticky char siew sauce that always reminds you of that uncle of chicken rice store that also has that slab of meat known as the char siew.. This beautiful pork belly is being accompanied by an interesting element which I haven't encounter before that was the Tofu puree & peanut butter mustard! Kudos for their creativity of pairing the flavours in a singular dish.. 

The pork belly was amazing as it was not overly sweet or salty and has that sticky texture to it which made you somehow feel nostalgic and to our surprise that it goes well with the tofu puree and the peanut butter mustard sauce that gives the pork belly a taste sensation of being a creamy yet spicy and nutty piece of belly! 

A must try dish even you aren't a peanut butter lover as it just makes you want more of it! 

Greeny Green

We've saved the best for last which is the dessert and in their latest menu; there are only 3 dessert options which are crafted by the Magician! Sadly, we weren't able to order the other 2 desserts, so we resorted to Greeny Green.. 

This dessert at the price of RM18 which is rather small but for us it was sufficient considering that we had the most sumptous meal ever filled with pork belly and ribs that can make you dreaming about it forever! 

This Greeny Green is inspired with the current fashion of molten lava cake but it was made into the matcha tart form and was accompanied by the red bean & cranberries green tea fudge cake,  honey tofu cream & vanilla ice cream.. 

The matcha tart was really warm when it arrives to the table and when it cut opens; it starts to ooze all the matcha goodness.. 
For me I like the combination of the matcha tart with the vanilla ice cream.. I just can't seem to get the honey tofu cream anywhere which is quite sad as I was looking forward to it and to know how the flavour combination like with the matcha lava tart! 

Remember to check the dessert availability to avoid disappointment! 
But don't worry, there are more options of dessert in the area!

They do have corkage charges of RM30 per bottle 

Verdict: If you're a pork lover, this is the place to be! 
Great food but advisable to go with large group of people

They do serve brunch on the weekends

Must try: 

Cacao Ribs
BBQ Ribs 


Ampersand by Culinary Rebels 

19, Jalan SS21/37 
Damansara Utama 
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours: 

Monday-Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Lunch & Dinner 

Brunch & Dinner 

Brunch only 

Reservation can be made via facebook or call 

Contact: 03-77329711


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