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Patissez Malaysia @ Jalan Telawi , Bangsar

Good Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying good food & wine! 

Well I'm going to share a not so new place in Bangsar which has brought the craze of Freak Shake to KL from the land Down Under! 
I love how the Aussie's have an intense love and appreciation for food, coffee, wine & desserts that you can see an endless array of choices to choose from! 

May I present to you the cafe/restaurant called Patissez! This joint is located at the shop lots of the famous street of Telawi that is located just nearby the Raj Banana Leaf Rice.. 

This place is really jam packed with people and their menu is rather simplified for now but they are gradually in the midst of expanding the menu to cater more of the local taste buds.. 

Here is a popular place to kick back, relax and enjoy your freakshakes or even one of their popular savoury offerings or even their Brekkie offerings with some friends and great music! The shop itself is rather small but they do offer indoor and outdoor seating; so if you're coming with a big party then might as well head out to their outdoor seating.. 

Many people that visits here are mainly for their FreakShake despite before their arrival to Malaysia, there is already a competitor that don the similar genre of FreakShake by the Garage 51 that calls it the Messed Up family but I have yet to try as I got some rather mixed feelings about venturing it! 

Let's be honest, I do have some doubts prior to joining this FreakShake craze as I don't fully comprehend the concept of it and needless to say from what I've had heard and seen the version made by Garage 51 was rather horrific.. 

After much persuasion from  fellow friends that have brave themselves in trying this craze and the aftermath of it was according to them is Amazeballs!

Somehow it got me pretty inquisitive and excited to have a taste of their Freakshake and I was lucky enough to be able to get a table considering it was full in the indoor seatings.. The interior of this cafe is quite simple yet colourful with all the glass jugs displayed at the shelves and not to be missed is their huge Nutella bottles which is not available in Malaysia!

After much deliberation on which dishes or section to try out, we decided on getting some mains and we would save up some space for those glorious FreakShakes! 

The first dish that were to arrived on the table was the Spring Salmon (RM42).. The service was rather swift and clean.. The portion of the food was nicely proportioned with the huge slice of salmon placed above the asparagus which was dressed with some plump cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce.. 

The salmon was being accompanied by a huge dollop of freshly mashed guacamole and a wedge of lime..

Pan Fried Salmon with pesto 
The salmon was cooked beautifully beautifully as the skin was crispy and the meat was falling off ever so nicely but sadly you have to becareful when you're slowly enjoying the salmon dish as this fish wasn't carefully pin boned as when I was having a wonderful time enjoying the fish with their pesto and asparagus, I've encountered a long bone of it in between the salmon and it quite literally made me to search for the bones in every bite for safe measure..

Nevertheless, it was a beautifully composed yet simple dish but gotta watch out for the bones itself.. 

The 2nd main course that arrived on the table was the Aglio Olio Bacon Pasta (RM26).. It was just a simple aglio olio but it certainly has the punch of flavour that you wouldn't expect from an ordinary dish that only features just the olive oil and seasoning alongside the angle hair pasta.. 

Aglio Olio Bacon Pasta

Thankfully the portion was just relatively reasonable for us to continue eating their main attraction which is the Freakshakes! 
So for this currently they have a rather limited flavours for the freakshake concoctions.. 
The price of those freakshakes are RM23 each 

Muddy Pat 
For the brownie lovers, I would suggest that to opt for the Muddy Pat which is a tumbler filled up with the chocolate and a slice of home made brownie being inserted inside the shake and its being dressed with a huge cloud of whip cream and finally being topped it off with another slice of warm brownie and the bruleed marshmallow..
The chocolate sauce was oozing out and the brownie is really sticky and filled with pure chocolate taste..
Perfect for every chocolate lover

The 2nd freakshake to arrive to the table is the Pretzella.. It is a concoction of nutella, hazelnut, chocolate and whipped cream and it was topped off with some salty mini pretzel.. 

According to them, all the freakshake concoction is all home made and made freshly per order at the bar.. 
Well we wouldn't have to worry about it as you can see them doing it right where you're seated as you can see the staff at the bar whipping out the freakshakes with tons and tons of nutella being poured into the glass tumbler.. 
It's truly a wonderful sight to have while waiting patiently for them to be ready!

Currently they do have some off the menu for the freakshake flavours; just remember to ask from their friendly staff about any new flavours as one of them has informed us on their intentions to change the flavours..

Not to forget, they also has a cake display that just makes your eyes hungry even more with their delectable variety of cakes and doughnuts which just has a similar flavour profile as their freakshakes like the ones we had that was the nutella and chocolate..

So there's just everything for everyone and every appetite as the doughnut itself is relatively huge in portion.. 
Ideal for sharing if you're planning to eat from their savoury dishes up to their desserts..

They currently has opened their 2nd and latest outlet in the Damansara Uptown area.. 

So be sure to check it out and have a fantastic time with their freakshakes! 

Verdict: Delicious mains! Great place for lunch folks 
Love their Freakshakes! 
But do note that they may have changes of flavour so be sure to ask their friendly servers


Must Try:

Muddy Pat

Patissez Malaysia
42, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 
Kuala Lumpur 
Wilayah Persekutuan 

Opening Hours: 10am-12am


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