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Hail's Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown


We all do love something cold and creamy to cool us down on a hot summer's day but for us the summer's seems to be a long extension of it.. 

Well, I'm sure you sort of witnessing the era of the soft serve which is gracefully upon us and with that you can see the creativite juices flowing in the minds of the soft serve parlour that would just do almost about any flavour combination which may at times sound rather whimsical or rather hilarious or even they would go great lengths to just help you satiate that cravings of yours in terms of taste and look and not to mention the mandatory instagram stories or feed like the past creation of the Pokemon.. 

And to find these sort of parlours; there's is only one area in the whole selangor and klang valley area that is doubtfully the town of eats which is the Damansara Uptown! They are really the foodie places to be to get various types of food from the savoury nasi lemak to the kueh chap th'ng and in desserts which are the cube from Miru up till the Soft serve's! 

How cool is that! 

Well I love this area actually for their endless streams of dessert parlour that just at times be the down fall of me as there's too much of a choice till you can't really pin point which to start or even the daunting task of choosing one parlour to go in terms of getting something cold! 

Fret not! Currently I have a favourite in this food haven district which is the Hail's Soft Serve that conveniently located as the same stretch of shops with the Tsujiri and Sukiya.. 

It just requires some walking but what the heck right? You would literally do anything for food! 

So this place is rather interesting as I can say that it literally stands out among the others in terms of concept as they do have some whacky combination of plated desserts or flavour but they are steadfast in remaining truly Malaysian in their soft serve flavour creations which somehow magically get in touch with your child hood and makes you undeniably contented with that plate of dessert or cup of soft serve.. It is that wizardy of their skillful maker that constantly amazes yet excites the palate and minds of the consumers that enjoys each spoonful in every scoop of ice cream that they have..

They have an interesting and attractive concept that centers around the flavours of the month which changes monthly. To me this is an interesting idea as it brings more joy and excitement in looking forward their next flavour concoction would be like.. And till now I can safely assure you that their flavour combinations are truly exceptional and on point that it just evokes strong childhood food memories at you that makes like yours truly a happy kid again!

At Hail's, they don't have a safe or go to flavours of ice cream but they do have creations for you to be the based of every imaginative masterpiece that you would like to create with their flavours of the month.. I have yet to try all the flavours but it's worth to customize it with their twist (2 flavours) or if you have a monstrous craving for ice cream; you can just assemble a tower with all 4 flavours of the month!

Be sure to inquire or check out their counter more of their flavour of the month!

If you have a huge appetite and just couldn't decide on any flavours of the month, why not have the Skyscraper Quad which features all 4 flavours being stacked! To some people it maybe an overwhelming sight to behold as it's all the flavours served and sandwich together via a thin, crispy and crunchy waffle in between them and is then sprinkled with some strawberry slices and the large waffle cone! 

Skyscraper Quad 

To me, it's a joyous moment when it arrived to the table as it just look so good and pretty! We quickly took out our camera's to snap this fantastic masterpiece before it starts to melt.. Just for your info; this was stacked with the flavours of June & July that features the Chocolatea, Rose Pop, Pandan cake & Gula Melaka Blue..

 For that month, I grown fond of their Pandan Cake as the soft serve has this amazing balance of the aromatic pandan  flavour and slight jelly texture which does brings back strong childhood memories of the time I would always go with my mother to the bakery shop to purchase a slice of the pandan layer cake and also those pandan jelly with coconut that my mother would usually whisked it magically! 

Their ice cream is really powerful in flavour  and creamy yet it just singing a great harmony in your taste buds as all the flavours doesn't fight with each other.

Immense joy with every mouthful! 

The 2nd dessert creation I tried from their menu was the Nom Nom.. 
This dessert is a simple dessert which is on available in cup form.. 
For this Nom Nom, you can either go for the twist or just  single flavour..

I had the pandan flavour to eat with their baked cookie and sprinkled crumbles which can be mistaken as the crumbled love letters that has a similar texture and crunch and also the aroma of baked crispy crepe..  

If you don't have the monstrous appetite or the determination to devour the Skyscraper Quad, you can opt for the cup version as the portion of it leans mainly on the petite appetite.. 

For this cup version, I had the pleasure of trying out their September- October flavour that consists of  Honey azuki, Lemon Cheese, Berry Pom Pom and Gula Melaka Blue.. It was really good as you can try all the flavours without the doubt of whether you can finish the whole plate.. 

Nyonya Delight 
In a recent visit, we've noticed that their menu has changed but fret not; they still keep their signatures.. The latest addition would be the Nyonya Delight , Guilt Free & The Duo

For this creation, you can have the twist of 2 flavours which I had the pandan and the azuki soft serve and they are then being dressed with a generous scoop of pink sago, dessicated coconut and a drizzle of gula melaka.. 
This dessert is actually inspired by the local peranakan approach on their desserts which usually have the main ingredients of pandan leaf, coconut, sago and gula melaka elements.. 

In this cup combination of the pandan and azuki soft serve which goes surprisingly well with the pink sago as the pandan soft serve flavour just brings back the fond memory of eating kuih talam or even the pandan cakes and the aromatic essence it exudes along side the red bean soft serve just jolt back your tastebud into savouring a bowl of penang style red bean soup with sago balls and coconut milk..

 Thinking about it even makes my mouth water for it! 

"Dessert is to a meal what a dress is to a woman."- Beatrice Peltre
Guilt Free  

Let's move on to the latest creation from the Hail's Soft Serve which is the Guilt Free.. 

Well I know most of us do feel a tinge of guilt after devouring an awesome bowl of soft serve or any delicious dessert.. So maybe by ordering this Guilt free dessert, you won't feel much of the guilt after that..

Let's talk about this guilt free dessert.. 

Well it's not exactly the healthy version of a soft serve plated dessert as the main star of this dessert is actually a rice donut which they have gotten the inspiration from the Japanese and it has a base of granola nuts, chopped banana, strawberries and blueberries.. For this dessert, you are only allowed to choose 1 soft serve flavour to go with the fried donut..

Honestly, the presentation of it does looks great.. In terms of texture, I'm not a huge fan of it as the donut is fried which gave it a crispy yet oily coating but with a huge sticky mochi ball like texture that makes it hard to swallow and too difficult to chew; let alone going for seconds.. 

So if you're going for this dessert, its advisable to pair it with a tangy soft serve like their lemon flavoured soft serve just to reduce the oiliness of it! 

Duplex tower 
Other than the Guilt free, there is also an additional tower for those that doesn't have the stomach to demolish their Skyscraper Quad tower which comprises of 4 flavours that goes perfectly well for a group of 4 person but a 2 person with a stomach of 4 will do the trick as well.. 

So this Duplex tower which consist of 2 layers of thin and crispy waffle which is suitable for a 1 person dining in but sadly it has a drawback on the ice cream selection as it limits to 1 flavour.. 

Well, I tried it out for curiosity sake but was having the daunting task of choosing just 1 flavour as all their flavours are just as equally good! 
But for this tower, I only settled it with Pandan flavour and the portioning of it looks rather small for me personally with just a simplistic plating and a matcha dusted marshmallow.. 
Personally, I would rather to order the Skyscraper Quad tower instead being that you get the advantage of trying out all 4 flavours and not to mention be full with it!

A great place to meet with friends or just enjoy a small cup of freshly made soft serve! 

Must Try: 

Skyscraper Quad
 Nyonya Delight 

Price: 3/5

Hail's Soft Serve 
No.28, Jalan SS21/58, 
Damansara Utama 
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours:






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