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Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar @ Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

Bonjour Ma Cherie!

How's the 2017 treating you? Well have been abit occupied lately with work.. I know it may sound that I'm really outdated but the dessert trend of the waffle is really strong with the variety of different unique additions or creations to it that evolve it from a simple waffle with a scoop of ice cream that we usually enjoy in the A&W place to a green tea flavoured waffle with additions of fruits and not to forget it's faithful partner of ice cream!

Recently, I came across the not so new dessert place that features only the waffle in different versions that is named after our favourite story book or cartoon characters like for instance their Alice in Wonderland or even the Pooh Bear's favourite and many more! This is really the fantasy place for every fairy tale lover and a great place for the family and even for gathering on weekends. 

Their menu is all up on the boards and it is carefully crafted and designed and quite reasonably priced. You can opt to have either coffee, tea or even sparkling drinks! This waffle joint not only limit to their waffle creations but they do have an array of display of delectable baked desserts like the chocolate cakes or cheese cakes which is on display at their counter.. Besides that, they also have a category called the Fluffed's Special which has a range of drinks concoction and also the popular plated dessert called the Happy Polla 

For this visit, we started with their earl grey teas while waiting for their waffles to grace their appearance! There is only indoor seating and they are rather strict on the no pets allowed and the desserts are made non-alcoholic and no lard and pork present in the making of this scrumptious desserts! Please make sure to come early especially on the weekends as it is pack to the brim and you may also have to share seats and it may get too noisy for you to enjoy..

After much waiting, the first waffle creation has finally honored us with its lovely presence which is the Alice in Wonderland (RM19).. Alice in Wonderland is one of their signature waffle creations in the Fluffed menu.. 

"A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap."- Mitch Hedberg

Alice in Wonderland (RM19)

This Alice in Wonderland beauty is decorated with a swiff of lavender flowers on the plate with a crunchy waffle decorated with a generous scoop of bluberry ice cream, strawberry compote, sprinkled with butter crumble and strawberries..  It just look an amazing work of art and a delicious one I might add!

 This waffle is such a beautiful work of art as the colours are so vibrant with fresh blueberries and macerated ones with the blueberry sauce being dressed on top of the vanilla ice cream and the strawberries was laid down like how the jewels are on top of the crown.. The waffle itself is really crispy on the outside and warm, fluffy and soft on the inside! The waffle is just like a blank canvas as there was a lot of jewels to excite your taste buds with the butter crumble that makes it very crunchy and buttery at the same time and the sweet and sour notes from the strawberry compote makes it a rather enjoyable dessert in every bite..

Moving on to the 2nd waffle! It's a dessert that is name after a lovable bear with a heart of gold which is the Pooh Bear's Favourite

The Pooh Bear's Favourite is made with Hokeypokey ice cream, salted caramel, crunchy honeycomb and fruits; in this case is the strawberries, bananas and blueberries.. It is also one of the Signature waffle in the Fluffed menu..

Pooh Bear's Favourite 
      This is actually one of the waffles that caught our eye when we were deciding to order out from their menu as we have a strong bond with the character Pooh Bear that taught us kindness and to live life happily and without crazy expectations! Just live life simple and with a jar full of honey!

So, this waffle dessert creation from the Fluffed does represents all the greatness from the Pooh Bear cartoon series and without knowing the name of this dessert; from the first bite alone you can connect the dots with its elements from the waffle that you would say it's Pooh Bear.. This Pooh Bear is really photogenic and not shy in telling you that he is Pooh Bear in comparison to the Pooh Bear on the cartoon series which is rather shy but cute! 

Surprisingly this dessert actually doesn't scream with extreme sweetness in every bite as we would have thought it would be from the hokey pokey ice cream and the honeycomb but it was really amazingly well balanced.. The honey comb goes well with the berries which brought out the flavour notes of tart, sweet, honey toasted and sticky texture to the waffles.. The salty caramel has added a salty and sticky sweetness to the whole eating experience! 

A definite must try dessert when you're in Fluffed!
"The most powerful social is not the Internet, it is not Facebook- it is Food. This connects all human beings."- Alex Atala 
The 3rd waffle that we came across on the menu is the Snoppy & Peanut which is also their Signature waffle and the other reason why we chose this waffle creation is that it is one of the 2 waffle with a based of charcoal waffle.. It is an interesting take as we usually seen the charcoal version either on a burger or something that is savory but rarely on sweet.. 
Snoppy & Peanut (RM19)
   We are really excited in trying this dessert out as this is about the cutest dog named Snoppy and this  Snoppy and Peanut waffle is made with a charcoal waffle which is drizzled with a generous peanut butter sauce and it has a huge scoop of peanut butter ice cream that is sprinkled with a butter crumble and finally surrounded by a ring of fresh and sweet bananas.. 

Basically, this is a perfect waffle dessert for any peanut butter lover!  This is really photogenic charcoal waffle which looks really mouth watering and tempting to devour them immediately! 

The first bite of this Snoppy waffle was heavenly as the waffle is really pack full of flavour with the strong presence of the peanut butter with the ice cream that also gives you a crunchy notes and rich buttery texture that does loudly scream peanut butter! It was pure delight in every mouthful as the charcoal waffle was like a blank canvas for the rich texture and powerful presence of the peanut butter to shine along side the crunchiness of the butter crumble and the sweetness from the ripe bananas..                                           

Taufufa & Macadamia Crumble (RM8 each)
We were rather greedy on this hunt for great ice cream as we noticed from their menu that why just settle for waffle; when instead you can have both waffle desserts with more ice cream of variety of flavours! The ice cream was really reasonably priced and the list of the ice cream flavours is really impressive as we found some interesting combinations and also some traditional and local favourites.. 

After much deliberation on what kind of flavour to fuel our sweet tooth, we went for the Taufufa & Macadamia Crumble.. 

We were really excited to try their ice cream out as we are rather inquisitive to know whether they are the masters of desserts or just the master of waffles.. The moment of truth was finally here when the two ice cream flavours we ordered arrived to our table!
Well I know that you all might be wondering how can we differentiate between this two flavours of ice cream as one is rather local and the other is much western.. Besides that, we also were busy enjoying our Pooh Bear Favourite's and Snoopy & Peanut..

Fear not, we have already adapted the technique of tasting similar to wine tasting but it has been altered to fit with the tasting of the dessert!

So the Taufufa ice cream in texture is really creamy and have a gentle hit of the soya milk taste and it was dressed with the black sugar  syrup which is rather synonymous with the taufufa that you get in the hawker stall.. Honestly, I prefer the taufufa ice cream to have just by itself without the black sugar syrup because when we had it together with the syrup it was like a palate cleanser and very minty in taste as well.. So if you want to have a palate cleanser, you know what to order!

The 2nd ice cream that we tried was the Macadamia Crumble which is the classic dessert rendition but made into the ice cream form.. The ice cream is really smooth and velvety without the massive hit of sugar and the crunchy macadamia crumble brought out the texture and the memory of eating a cereal with macadamia nuts and milk! This is actually an enjoyable ice cream that we had as it is really creamy and smooth yet it was interesting with the crunchy nuts and not overtly sweet..

"Ice cream is my comfort food."-Jessie Ware

Black Chocolate (RM7)
The 3rd ice cream flavour we tried was the Black Chocolate which is actually was also included in The Monkey King waffle.. It wasn't a bad decision to order double the portion of this delicious chocolate as I myself is a chocoholic.. So it was an exquisite experience to have this lovely black ice cream that isn't too sweet nor bitter and you can have it more spoonfuls of it without feeling the guilt!

The Monkey King (RM18)

We are really on a waffle roll as we are on our 4th waffle dessert! I know we are really crazy about this dessert restaurant and also the waffle itself!

Well we are felt that life is full of bananas and we meant to monkey around instead of being serious or stress all the time.. So, we ordered the Monkey King just to try out and the name of this waffle dessert reminds me of the Jungle Book story that we used to watched it during our childhood days..

Memories of the yester years.. We felt rather old but for the love of food and desserts! We charged on to this plate of waffle that goes bananas with a scoop of black chocolate ice cream.. The presentation of this waffle dessert is really simple as their main aim is to allow the flavours and texture to speak for themselves and in your tastebuds and memory!

So they did! The banana is caramelized that gives the banana an appearance similar to the layer of sugar being burnt of a creme brulee and the waffle is really crispy yet fluffy with a generous drizzle of salted caramel sauce  and sumptous crunchy almond praline! Delicious! We really enjoyed this as the natural sweetness of the caramelized bananas goes well with the dark bitter black chocolate ice cream that is the match made in heaven as the waffle is like a blanket that hugs all of them soft and snuggly!

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

We are feeling rather sweet on this two desserts as these 2 waffles that we are about to try is much related to the Red Riding Hood story that has both the little red riding hood that visits her grandmother which is actually a wolf pretending to be the little girl's grandmother..
Without us realizing that we already went with the Red Riding Hood theme for our final 2 desserts that we tried!

Red Riding Hood (RM19)
The first waffle dessert that we had to welcome in the weekend was the Red Riding Hood which is actually an ordinary waffle with a sexy red strawberry ice cream that is coated with a bright red strawberry compote and it was surrounded with jewels of freshly cut strawberries and a generous dusting of the butter crumble.. 

In terms of taste, the ice cream doesn't really a strong flavour of strawberry as it was screaming all vanilla with just being drenched with the strawberry compote that is the element that made the ice cream to have milky sweet and sour notes.. When this dessert combines from the fluffy and crispy waffle along side the fresh and tart strawberries with crumble and ice cream then it truly sings that beautiful strawberry harmony! 

Big Grey Wolf (RM19)
The Big Grey Wolf which is also another charcoal waffle based dessert that strongly reminiscent to the character from the Red Riding Hood story which is quite suitable for how we perceive the wolf that is usually a grey colour or jet black.. So this is also another childhood story inspired waffle dessert that falls under the category of the Fluffed Signature waffle.. 

This Big grey wolf dessert has a base of which is handmade charcoal waffle that has a centre of attention that is the earl grey ice cream that is drizzled with a light touch of almond praline and decorated with butter crumble and fresh strawberries.. The moment it arrives, it looks really photogenic and mouth watering for the eyes that we immediately begin our eating expedition.. 

We are really impressed with their charcoal waffle which is still warm yet fluffy and crisy.. Then the waffle goes well with their earl grey ice cream which has an amazing balance with the full body and bitter tannin from the earl grey tea alongside the creamy and milky ice cream that somehow marries so well together which enhances both of the ingredients characteristics to make it a rather enjoyable ice cream to have with the charcoal waffle.. 
The almond praline goes swimmingly with the charcoal waffle and the ice cream as the praline has the bitter notes and it also has some nutty and crunchy texture that makes it eating them all together much heavenly in every bite!


Great waffle dessert with imaginative names 
A relaxing place to relax after dinner 
But on weekends it is a popular place to spend their time after dinner..
 So please be patient 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Must Try:

Alice in Wonderland 
Pooh Bear's Favourite 
Black Chocolate Ice cream 
The Monkey King 
Red Riding Hood 

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar 
55, Jalan 20/7,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya

03-7865 1833

Opening Hours:

Monday - Closed 

Tuesday- Thursday 

Friday- Sunday


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