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Shokudo Japanese Curry Rice @ Taman Paramount

In the heart of the Taman Paramount there lies a store being sandwiched with a former shop that used to house the Brats' that has an exterior that is truly fashioned after those traditional Japanese village home or even those little eateries in Kyoto! 

Yes, we are talking about the ever famous and humble eatery of Taman Paramout; Shokudo Japanese Curry House!

A Little teaser 

Well I actually have came across this shop before and it's just located at the same stretch as the famous Loong Foong Restaurant and the Awesome Canteen..You should be able to spot it easily by walking but not driving as it isn't really noticeable for the drivers to spot.. Initially, when we saw this restaurant which is actually the neighbour of the former Brats' eatery that I was just thinking that it would be all about the Curry Rice which was something the Japanese made popular from as an instant food other than their famous sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki dishes.. 
However, I was truly wrong and silly for making such a skeptical and unjust assumption on this eatery based on their signage and also without doing any research.. After tried out the Brats', we decided on giving the Japanese Curry rice a chance and we did.. 
The moment we arrived to the doorstep, we noticed that there was a menu at the entrance for our viewing to see what is enticing on the menu and after that, we were then greeted with the famous and friendly Japanese greeting style but not as loud as the usual Japanese eatery does.. 

Immediately we were ushered to our seats and also in Shokudo there aren't individual tables as all their tables are set up communal style; so this means you gotta be open in sharing your table with strangers..

Their menu is really comprehensive and easy with the pictures and descriptions is provided for every dish on the menu with affordable pricing.. They also has appetizers comprises of salads, sashimi and also featuring the favourites like the edamame and they also featured some interesting appetizers like the deep fried salmon skin, marinated duck breast or cucumbers and also marinated bitter gourd..  They have mains ranging from the curry rice, udon and ramen, agemono(fried meats), yakimono & donburi!

After much studying of the entire menu and they really making it hard for us to decide as each of them looks and sounds really delicious! Not to forget that they do provide something they categorized as the add on set which ranges from omelette, soup. rice and ocha for a certain amount which we felt was acceptable and affordable to add on.. 

Aigamo Rousuni (RM10)
We finally made up on starting with one of their unique appetizers which is the Aigamo Rousuni or the marinated duck breast .. This is something unique for the both of us as we haven't come across such a creation of an appetizer in a Japanese eatery before..

We don't really have to wait long as moments after the order was done we were presented with Ocha (Green tea) and the first appetizer has graced us with its beautiful presence and amazing presentation!

This plate of appetizer just portion amazingly well for 2 person and plated beautifully that is just too pretty to eat! Once the phone has done their job and eating it, then came our turn to taste and devour it! The first bite of this duck breast is really playing with our tastebuds as the duck breast marination gave us the sense of sweet and salty notes on the palate yet the duck is still cooked medium rare with a pink centre and the flesh is really tender and melt in your mouth goodness!

Edamame (RM5)

The 2nd appetizer to arrive when we are in the midst of enjoying this beautiful duck breast is the ever famous and a crowd favourite which is the Edamame or Japanese green soy beans.. This is actually our go to Japanese snack in every Japanese restaurant that we visited for either lunch or dinner.. Their green soy bean is really fresh, sweet,well cooked and crunchy..

Agedashi Tofu (RM8)

The 3rd appetizer to grace its presence is the Agedashi tofu which is also one of the most loved appetizer in the Japanese cuisine.. Their tofu is fried with a very thin yet crispy tempura batter that is very light, airy and not oily to the palate to enjoy.. This fried tofu is served with a tempura sauce that goes nicely with the soft and silky tofu that is topped with bonito flakes and seaweed.. It has a great balance between the salty of the tempura sauce along side the sweet yet silky tofu and the bonito flakes.. 

Buta Yakiniku Curry Rice (RM17)
Well for the main course, we ordered one of their famous dishes which also reflects the name of this restaurant that would be their Curry Rice! 
The 1st main to arrived is the Buta Yakiniku Curry Rice which is actually Stir Fried Sliced Pork Curry Rice.. Under this Curry Rice section there was an option of 3 sets to choose from that is Set A, Set B and Set C that has different additional prices.. Each sets basically has an option of salad which is a staple but has different accompaniments such as the Ocha or soup or to have it all..
 Besides that, you can also include additional topping like an onsen or an omelette for additional fee of RM2 or RM4.. 

Well for this plate of Curry Rice, my dining partner opted  for an additional topping of an omelette.. Well it does looks very mouthwatering on camera but the omelette isn't really soft and fluffy on the inside that just melt and oozing with all the eggy goodness.. It was rather the malaysian or chinese style of making an omelette which we are familiar with rather than the Japanese Omelette which we were hoping to get.. In terms of flavour, the pork was nicely cooked and the curry was really flavourful yet there was great balance in taste with the pork but it wasn't overly spicy like how we were accustomed to in KL.. 
Tonkatsu (RM15)
The 2nd main that arrive to our table is the Tonkatsu which is under the Agemono section of the menu and also this comes with a choice of SET D or SET E which is both sets includes a bowl of rice together a cup of ocha or a bowl of soup.. For me,I opted for the SET D which is a bowl of rice and soup for an additional RM3..

This tonkatsu portion just perfectly fits for 1 person to have and the pork cutlet is surprisingly juicy and tender and there was a small portion of the salad that accompanies the deep fried pork cutlet.. The pork cutlet was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside that goes perfectly well with the rice and the sweet alittle salty and sticky sauce.. The pork cutlet was on a thinner side so you don't need to worry that it would be too overwhelming to finish.. 

Buta Niku Udon (RM18)

The 3rd main to have is the Buta Niku Udon.. This dish is under the Udon & Ramen section of the menu.. Don't worry there is also some curry ramen or udon for you to choose from and also there is some that is purely vegetable ramen or udon .. But for me, I love the clean and simple yet clear flavours of the Udon with the additional protein in my noodle dish that is really suitable for the rainy days that we occasionally experience during the wet season of lunch and dinner session.. 

This Buta Niku Udon which is a stir fried sliced pork udon that has a hearty and clear yet flavourful soup with the silky and thick udon noodles that is topped off with a generous serving of spring onions and seaweed.. The broth is really delicious and flavourful.. The stir fried sliced pork is really tender with a slight layer of fat that made it much more enjoyable to eat with their silky udon..

 For this hearty udon, I decided to complete this bowl of hearty udon with an additional accompaniments which are the salad and a glass of Ocha which is refillable (RM3) and you have to get the Ocha yourself.. You also can include an additional toppings of an onsen (poached egg)..

They also have desserts like the Green tea ice cream etc. and they also do offer Sake and Beer if you would like to enhance your dining experience!


Simple and Great tasting of Japanese food with affordable price 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Must Try:
Aigamo Rousuni 
Buta Yakiniku Curry Rice

Shokudo Japanese Curry Rice 
9, Jalan 20/13,
Taman Paramount 
Petaling Jaya 

 Opening Hours: 

Tuesday- Sunday 





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