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Makirito @ APW Bangsar

"Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one."-Astrid Alauda 

Well that is what the current trend is about- Healthy Eating! We do packed in alot of unhealthy things into our body basically due to our hectic lifestyle that mainly occupied by Work time! 

No fret! As the brainchild of Makirito are here to save you from guilt days and also your waistline! The creative creations are the Sushi Burrito which is an interesting yet playful creation from the US that massively inspires them to bring it home and create the burrito with a playful asian twist to soothe our constant need of convenience to suit with our  speedy lifestyle! 

Their burritos are made by order and fresh with all the ingredients being prepared by them daily! For them quality is the utmost importance for them in creating and crafting out great burritos and it is also affordable too! They have recently expanded their menu to include spicy and also some vegetarian option for everyone to try!

There's a little bird house located above the barber salon in APW Bangsar that is also where the famous Instagram staircase located! So just climb on up and you will be transported to Burrito heaven..

 Well who wouldn't love the ever popular and delicious Salmon! It's one of the crowd favourite and the go to burrito for every patron be it old or new.. After observing and studying their artwork and their menu, we decided to try out their Signature Salmon
Signature Salmon (RM16)
The Signature Salmon is one their most popular burrito being that the feature of raw salmon as the main ingredient for this burrito delights and lure people in to try out their burrito! Well if it is your first time here, it's alright to go for something that is considered to be the safe bet in trying out something new! For us, the most important thing is that it is delicious, fresh and worth eating eventhough it may look really simple.. 

The 2nd burrito we devored is the Smokey Beef.. This is one of their expanded menu and it is the only one that is suitable for fellow meat lovers or even BBQ meat lovers!
This burrito is one for the meat eaters as the burrito consist of the nori and sushi rice that is being wrapped with freshly grilled striploin beef,sliced crab salad together with pickled onions that was finally being dressed with a generous helping of hickory BBQ sauce.. 
Smokey Beef (RM14)
This is one of the only burrito that features the beef as it's protein in comparison to the favourites of the Salmon.. This is an interesting combination as we watched patiently to find out after we've placed the order and watch the lovely sight of the burrito makers at work with the grilling of the striploin beef and then it was placed with precision on the mat that was prepared with the nori sheet, sushi rice, romaine and red cabbage that was being topped off with the crab salad salad and after the placement of the steaming hot grilled striploin; it was then being dressed heavily with a helping of hickory bbq sauce!

In terms of taste, you can get a strong hit of the smoky and thick hickory bbq sauce that would remind you of the BBQ meat! Then the texture of the meat is quite well done and the taste of it was not too overwhelming against the hickory sauce and the crunchy green goes well with the beef without drowning it.. 
Shrimp Gar Gar (RM14)
The 3rd sushi burrito that we decided to try out is the Shrimp Gar Gar.. This is actually one of the new burritos from the expanded menu! Hooray! This is one of the most recommended burrito from their fellow maki roller as this is one of the most intense flavoured from their to die for Yogurt Garlic sauce! 

After their recommendation and their mouth watering description of this burrito, we decided that we have to have it!

 And we did!
 This burrito is just nice for sharing if you aren't a big eater.. The burrito is tightly wrapped of sushi rice, nori ,red cabbages and romaine that hug the shrimp tightly alongside the chuka wakame (fresh seaweed) and the ever delicious garlic yogurt sauce.. The portion of this burrito is really filling and healthy!
The filling inside may look rather plain but don't be deceived by the look of it as the first bite that we had was really startling as the garlic yogurt sauce which was the dressing for the shrimp is really pungent yet powerful but in a delightful way!
 This burrito is only for garlic lovers as the shrimp is cooked with the garlic and the yogurt sauce was made with raw and the garlic that was from the shrimp.. we really love the shrimp as it was perfectly done and the yogurt sauce just blown our minds completely!

A healthy and delicious sushi burrito! 
Great as a snack! 
Friendly and easy going people

Must Try: 
Signature Salmon
Shrimp Gar Gar 

Ambience: 3.5/5

29, Jalan Riong 
Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 


Closed on Monday 


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