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Dew @ Telawi, Bangsar

"Life has sweetness to it and a beauty and a power that I wanted to celebrate."-Valerie Harper

Life is truly sweet with the latest pop of dessert cafes for us sugary lovers to satiate our never ending love for the sweet and beautiful dessert especialy the french desserts or anything that is chocolate!

In Bangsar famous district of Telawi comes a new addition to the dessert family which is Dew Bangsar.. It is actually a sister of Jaslyn Cakes! Jaslyn leans towards the homey and comfortable crowd favourite desserts whereas Dew is more of the sophisticated French influence of a dessert.. 

The main attraction of Dew is actually they do have their own florist which is located just before the entrance of the dessert parlor.. 
The second thing that attracts people to swarm this petite dessert parlor is their endless and delicious plentiful display of handmade desserts that just will deter you from only having but 2 or more desserts.. The interior of this dessert parlor is really minimalist with a long stretch of marble table and matching green stools but if you are looking for a cafe to linger around, well it's better to head on over next door to have a warm relaxing cuppa tea and a delicious pavlova or chocolate tarts.. 

The whole vibe and interior of this dessert parlor is perfect for instagram shots! With more hip and modern music, you can enjoy and catch up with your friends over a delicious yet attractive dessert creations alongside with their unique flavour combination of a tea! 

You have to order and pay on the spot as the moment you enter the dessert display and the cashier is the first to welcome you with warm and friendly smiles! 
So there are 2 menus laid infront of you with one being the menu for the drinks and the latter is the menu for the dessert options that they offer.. They also offer warm and made on the spot desserts like their Chocolate Souffles and they currently do offer cookies which you can purchase for the immediate munching.. 

Basil + Lime tart 
The first dessert that we decided to try out from it's array of seductive looking desserts is the Basil+Lime Tart.. 
It became an overnight sensation on Instagram when Dew was newly opened and it was the masses favourite with promises of tangy, sweet and marshmallow goodness in every bite! 

This petite yet vibrant looking tart is basically consist of a meticulous construction of a refreshing yet zesty lime and basil curd as the base that is really strong yet the basil doesn't have that strong minty after taste that may trump over the zesty and tart lime curd.. 
Above the lime and basil curd that is surrounded by a wall of a buttery and creamy outer shell comes a power pack mousse that features the intensity yet delicate balance of the basil with that very bright green with the leafs bursting through the walls of the half moon shape mousse!
And finally it was being decorated with crispy and marshmallow texture of meringues that just brings out another dimension of texture to this dessert!

No wonder is an instant sensation on Instagram! This is a unique dessert that has a very attractive appearance yet it does packs a refreshing lime punch that makes people wanting more!
Taste wise, this dessert that is features greatly the two elements which are basil and lime which are well played by the pastry chefs of Dew.. It does retains that amazing balance of zesty yet sweet and creamy without overpowering one another when you taste it!

100% Chocolate Cake 
The 2nd dessert that we were eager to taste is the 100% Chocolate cake.. This is dessert is one of the 2 chocolate desserts that is perfect for any chocoholics!
As they pride themselves in using the best chocolates to craft their desserts which is Valrhona chocolates.. They are the most delicious with a tinge of bitterness that pairs well with the velvety and silky mouthfeel.. 

This chocolate cake dessert consists of a flourless chocolate cake which is then generously coated with a sumptuous layer of a single origin Madagascar 67.4% chocolate mousse and it was topped off with the crowning glory of a velvety Valrhona Caraibe chocolate ganache!
Well the chocolate frenzy of a description that just made us attracted to it instantly!
In terms of presentation, it was really a sight to behold! As it was truly magnificent and classic with that shiny chocolate ganache that just beaming to us!
Despite the portion to be on a petite side to be shared upon 2 person but it was really irresistibly good!
As we pierced the fork into the layers of that chocolate cake, you can feel through the fork how delicate and silky smooth the chocolate layers are assembled.. And you can rest assure that the chocolate are as smooth as silky and rich mouthfeel..
 In terms of taste, we noticed that there were bitterness in this chocolate but it wasn't extremely overpowering.. From the bitterness that greets you like a friend that gradually invites the other component of the taste profile which is the sweetness and that aroma and taste of the cocoa beans that is mingles seamlessly..
We just fell head over heels in love with that expert tempering of the chocolate that creates that glossy yet silky texture of a ganache!
Chocolate Souffle (RM16)
From a decadent 100% chocolate cake, comes the next best thing from the creative people of Dew which is Chocolate Souffle.. 
Souffle is the epitome of reputation for any pastry chef as it is the hardest dessert to make yet it reaps multi-rewards when you are successful moments they arrived freshly out of the oven with it standing proudly, tall and mighty with that amazing yet tantalizing aroma of the dark chocolate! 

Well we didn't realized that they do have a souffle until we spotted it on Instagram and we knew that we had to try it for ourselves! 
Well it does require a waiting time of 25 minutes for the souffle to rise and it's a made to order kind of dessert.. So do be patient with it! 

After much anticipation and waiting, we finally are greeted by the beautiful and fluffy cloud of Chocolate souffle! It was truly an amazing sight to behold.. As their menu description mentioned that it is a fluffy Valrhona Guanaja chocolate souffle which is being served with cold vanilla custard on the side.. 

The presentation itself is really simple yet beautiful! 
After much documentation, we decided to dive in the first bite to taste as the proof is in the pudding or shall we say in the souffle? 
In terms of taste, the souffle has that really intense yet dark from the Valrhona Guanaja chocolate and it has that bitterness but with a slight help from the sugar sweetness, it do have an amazing balance between both the sweet and bitter aspect form the 2 components.. Texture wise of this souffle, it is really fluffy and wasn't too watery! The crust was abit crispy like how a dark chocolate chip cookie or a pancake crispy edges.. 
You can have the entire dessert without the vanilla custard as we love it bitter sweet as it is! 
And I can tell you that in every mouthful of it is just pure heaven for every chocoholic!

Tropical mousse (RM19)
Upon descending from the fluffy and chocolaty heaven of the warm Valrhona chocolate souffle, there came a new addition to the Dew dessert family!
That is the Tropical Mousse..
This is one of the many additions made by the creative fairies of Dew with the combination of local ingredients and the dessert techniques..
This dessert is a petite jewel for anyone that craves for something small yet delivers a vibrancy in terms of taste and texture to be enjoyed!

Tropical mousse has this strong oceanic and tropical vibe as it was assembled in such a way that the exterior reflects the smooth and tranquil yet soft sandy beaches and it was topped off with a spiral ring that brings out a strong toasted coconut aroma..

When you slice the mousse in half and the interior showcases a vibrant array of colors and textures which are carefully constructed with precision that provides an abstract and fun filled sensation of the sweet, the sour and the crunchy!
The layers consisting of the sweet mangoes curd and it's sweet flesh that is being topped off with a sourish yet crunchy passionfruit curd and the crunchy seeds that just oozes out from its vibrant and bright centre and finally it was being paired with the crunchy base made from the coconut streusel that gives you a very buttery and nutty texture when you eat it together with the outer cloud of mousse alongside the sweet yet sourish passionfruit and mango interior.. 

It was really an amazing pairing between the soft marshmallow texture of the mousse together with the sweet and sourish mango and passionfruit that gives it more depth and zing to the mousse that was really a blank canvas for the interior layers to express out their sunshine! The coconut streusel also helps to elevate and bring the dish another dimension of taste to the tropical dessert! 

Hazelnut Paris Brest (RM19)
The 5th dessert that we opt to try out in their famous and gradually expanding repertoire is the Hazelnut Paris Brest.. 
This is actually a very famous french dessert that aren't available in Malaysia but we are thankful for the fellow pastry wizards of Dew to craft out this beauty! 
Paris Brest is an unique dessert in the french repertoire as it is rich in history as it was conceptualized by Chef Louis Durand in 1910 upon request from an organizer of a bicycle race that takes it's journey from Paris to Brest.. So this dessert is entirely made in choux pastry in a ring shape that represents the bicycle wheels.. 

The interpretation made by the people of Dew is that the choux pastry has a very nutty exterior and it is being sliced into 2 to form a sandwich that has a lusciously sweet and rich center consisting Hazelnut praline together with the creamy hazelnut mousseline and generous dustings of toasted hazelnuts and finally it has a dash of sea salt which helps to bring to tone down the sweetness with the addition of an umami flavour.. 

In terms of presentation, the portion may overwhelm oneself but it wasn't that hard to dismantle it into reasonable bites size pieces as the choux pastry was really fluffy despite having a crunchy exterior filled with nuts.. 
Tastewise, the mousseline has a rich and velvety texture to it with the side of sweetness and burnt caramel taste of the praline and a side of saltiness from that dash of sea salt.. The hazelnut was really prominent in the entire dessert with it's crunchy texture but thankfully it wasn't overwhelming the entire paris brest.. 

A stylish dessert place! 
Amazing chocolate desserts

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4/5 
Price: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5

Must Try: 
Valrhona Chocolate Souffle
100% Chocolate cake 
Basil + Lime tart

7, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday- Friday 


Closed on Monday 


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