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A culinary adventure at marche

Hello!! hope everyone is well.. Im ok just that felt very tired each day but still able to smile and laugh about it means im still up for what i'm experiencing now.. Its actually a great experience for me to know more about my place in that particular world.. Hope everyone is now excited about the chinese new year that is just around the corner in less than 2 weeks.. Im pretty excited for the festivities and also the amazing food that is only available during this time of the year..

For today, I had an amazing foodie's adventure with my loved ones in marche and the place really did changed a lot from my previous visit to this amazing and fun establishment.. it did change its placement of its food stalls for some sections but still remains the same.. 

So for dinner, I have opt for its specials that was the striploin steak and mashed potatoes with some mushroom gravy and the result was absolute satisfaction!! the steak was cooked to perfection and up to my liking and the mashed potatoes was great and it didnt give the feeling of bloated and too starchy after consuming it.. It was great news for me ^^ .. Then they had the roast chicken which I had a little nibble on it and it was moist and the skin is just right and it looks appetizing and it also comes with a bowl of either mushroom or black pepper sauce.. after that we ordered some potato pancakes called rosti's and it was delish and best eaten with a little smear of the sour cream available there.. we were enjoying it too much that i forgotten to take the pic of the rosti hehehe.. So the next thing that we tried was the sauteed mushrooms with some milk or cream.. In the beginning, I felt a little apprehensive with the idea of cream or milk being cooked with the mushrooms as it might bring the dish being too heavy for us to handle but surprisingly it was well received among each other and we cleaned the whole bowl of it.. 
Lastly, we tried some desserts that was  a little difficult to choose from with such a huge array of choices and all of the desserts looks great to my eyes and it really made me so difficult to decide which to try for.. The things that they had was a swiss dessert, creme caramel, chocolate pretzel with some sliced almonds ( it looks so good to eat), chocolate brownies, fruit tart, bread and butter pudding, ice cream ( haagen dazs), sweet crepe and many more.. But finally i ended up having the chocolate brownies and also sweet crepe that we shared.. the verdict was that both of this desserts tasted so good and it was worth the price that we payed for.. 

conclusion: Will definitely return to this outlet again ^^


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