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Fondue time with friends

Well its been long since i have posted on something.. So i hope everyone has a great new year.. For now i will be quite busy learning alot about my future for the next 3 months

Today we were released early.. So my friend suggested a dessert that was fondue by haagen dazs.. It was so nice with some great selections of dipping items but the sad thing is that the melted chocolate is so little and we had to get a refill and had charged us for additional Rm5.. Even though the fondue (Rm66) that was so yummy and satisfied our chocolate cravings but the amount of melted chocolate given wasnt on par to what it was charged for.. All in all we were so happy when it came to us and the taste of the selections of ice cream was so yummy.. My favourite ice cream in the fondue would its chocolate ice cream ^^ .. It has a creamy and chocolaty taste and texture that isnt too heavy  and sweet


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