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Belgian Wizard of dark gold & Macarons @ Pierre Ledent

When you think of Belgium, what is the first or a few things that would come to our minds?
 One of it im sure would be their famous craft, Chocolate.. Even I myself think of that when someone mentions about Belgium and also their waffles that is oh sooo spongy and light ^^..

But what I have discovered today from Belgium isn't just chocolate.. This wizard that hails from Belgium is a wizard of Chocolate and also macarons!!! you wouldn't believe it.. because usually macaroons is a French thing( Sorry, not trying to be cliche or what but isn't what we all associate the desserts or foods made by the country of origin)..Actually, I got this as a gift from a friend and it made me so happy that I'm just too excited to try it.. '

According to my friend, this place that sells the lovelies is located in Ground floor, Jason Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre.. Its like a boutique that sells the belgian made chocolates and also macaroons and the interesting thing is that the macaroons shelf will change everyday with the stock that arrives to the store so it wont be the same.. well its a good thing means we as the consumers can purchase different macaroons flavour every visit.. It has a glass storage with the varieties of macaroons on the display cabinet.. The macaroons is sold for Rm12.90 each..
 It might be a little pricey for those lovelies but if you're a fanatic about desserts or macaroons, you would mind paying for it for an occasional indulgence.. ^^

Lets get down to the main business!! that is eating and enjoying this wonderful lovelies from Belgium
So what I've got here with me is the few types of chocolates that I got to sample by the lady of the store that sells the lovelies.. So, i have here with me are a white chocolate filled with champagne, rose water chocolate, dark chocolate filled with pistachio nuts ( that looks like a milk chocolate) and also a praline dark chocolate with some almond nuts.. I tried the champagne chocolate and it has quite interesting flavours but you cant really taste the alcohol.. The champagne gave the chocolate a different sort of taste that isnt chocolate taste but its very extraordinary.. you couldnt seem to figure out the actual taste individually..But gotta hand it to the wizards of chocolate to be able to create such interesting and puzzling flavours that may have different reactions or opinions by the masses.. Then would be the dark chocolate with pistachio nuts.. well its not entirely dark chocolate flavour.. alittle disappointed about it but overall it tasted amazing with the chocolate being super smooth, silky, not too sweet, not overall bitter and also it just tasted great and the best part is that after consuming those chocolates, It didnt make you feel thirsty.. So good!!!

Next would be the main attraction( for me).. Macarons!!! My eyes twinkled when i got it and care it like it was my precious ( like the lord of the rings- that Ring ).. hahaha
So in that wonderful bag of macaroons goodies, it consist of
(a) Violette ( Violet cream + blackberry)
(b) speculoos ( Cinnamon cream)- its the special!!
(c) pistache ( pistachio cream + raspberry)
(d) orange (orange cream + red berries)
(e) Cafe (made with famous coffee from columbia)

Besides that, there are plenty of other macarons  flavour that is available but you gotta be extreme lucky to have some of the other flavours that is suppose to be released later of the year to be available now..

The colours of the macarons look so festive and interesting and its so inviting and such beautiful things that make me had such a hard time contemplating to whether eat it or just continue admiring it but those lovelies are made to be eaten so I have taken my first bite and it tasted so light and yummy.. The first i tried was the cafe.. it was such a nice little macaroons that is packed with the coffee flavour.. its beautifully made but alittle sweet and a little bit bitter but overall its nice..
 Next would be the Violette.. The look of this macarons is such an interesting thing cause it kept making you guess about the identity of its flavour.. The purple colour was like a dusting of magic dust on top of the white macaroons.. So, the verdict of this macaroons was it wasnt so sour or too sweet.. the taste is just right for me and the blackberry taste it compliments the whole shell of the macaroons with it being nuttier than the rest of the bunch..
Until now the taste of the blackberry still lingers in my mouth.. The next one would be the pistache.. The first impression that i have from the looks of it was that it has the colours of christmas, red and green..Sadly, the cream is quite sweet and the raspberry flavour is quite dominant compared to the pistachio cream and the meringue shells have a nutty taste to it.. which is quite nice to eat it with tea..
Next, would be the orange, it was full of zing essence and a hint of sourness from the oranges that cuts most of its sweetness.. Lastly, would be the speckuloos which is filled with the cinnamon cream and its surprisingly good considering that most of the macaroons were quite sweet.. The taste of the speckuloos was filled with a good amount of cinnamon that isn't too strong which is good and the meringue shell of this macaroons was filled with nuts so each bite you have is quite nutty and accompanied by the cinnamon cream..

Verdict: Overall the macarons was good.. There are plenty of other flavours of the macarons to choose from..
So quickly head over to the Bangsar Shopping Centre and get your dose of sweetness and happiness from the Jason Food Hall..

The website :

Hope you have a great time with those lovelies ( I know I do )^^

above: orange & speckuloos
bottom: pistache, violette, cafe 

The bag and mini catalogue

The chocolates: (L-R) white chocolate with champagne, dark chocolate , chocolate with rose water, praline chocolate with almond nuts


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