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Chocoholic Haven @ Dip N' Dip, Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar

Have you ever wonder where to get a great place to have just purely chocolate desserts that is not in the shopping complex?

Well I have found it!!! This little gem is in Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.. Its just next to a restaurant called Nosh

This place really fulfills my chocolate cravings and its quite a casual environment for people to meet up or just have a cup of hot/ cold chocolate beverages or sometimes desserts

So, when I came in the shop it was quite nice and edgy sort of atmosphere with the background music of the hip hop or  rnb musics. The staff there is ok but its not locals so have to bear with their language barrier..

The menu is so organized with the categories of types of desserts they offer and also its accompanied by the number of pictures of the desserts and it had really made it so difficult for me to even decide with a single dessert because everything to me looks amazing and delicious!!! Then it also has  2 types of beverages that consists of cold and warm beverages..

For my visit here, I had a brownie with Vanilla ice cream.. its uber nice the brownies!!.. then i had a glass of belgian hot chocolate a la carte ( with banana essence).. The moment the hot chocolate came it was such a beautiful thing that I felt so sad to even ruin the so called coffee art on this cup of hot chocolate.. It tasted nice with a hint of banana.. thankfully its not too over powering the chocolate taste.. Next, would be the brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. The brownies is not so dense but its solid enough to keep its shape and full of chocolate taste but cant really see any nuts in it.. but it was so beautifully made and goes well with the vanilla ice cream.. Really enjoyed it with my response of busy concentrating on the brownies and nothing else..

The menu mainly has a selections of crepes to choose from some are filled with fruit or with some bananas, cream and also chocolate.. Besides that, there is this 1 special dessert.. yet to try but its called a chocolate fondant and its also  paired with a scoop of ice cream.. Looks yummy^^ from the picture of chocolate sauce oozing out from the cake!!!!! Not to mention, it also has some pancakes in towers and also some fondue.. there is this interesting thing called a waffle stick.. its totally covered in chocolate and it looks like a corn in cob

Enough about me, so N ordered a  crepe aumoniere filled with bananas and cream and there is like a shot glass filled with chocolate sauce as its accompaniment and it tasted great with the chocolate and N ordered a cup of Dip N Dip hot chocolate.. it was such a beautiful cup with its coffee art.. It was such a shame to destroy it in order to drink it but the taste is quite ok.. Other than that, I think the only set back would be the price for it being a little bit steep on certain items but when its on your table, its certainly a price worth paying for with its portion size and also good quality chocolate and also the amount of filling you're getting it.

Ambience: 3/5
Service: 3/5

Comments: would come back again for its food.. Service is average but still acceptable.

Belgian Hot Chocolate a la carte

Dip N Dip hot chocolate 

Beautiful crepe aummoniere 

Brownies with ice cream

Dip N Dip 
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar 


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