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Closed- Le French Wrap @ The Garden's Mall

Bonjour! Comment Ca va?
Well its been a long time since I had shared any of foodie adventures with you all.. No worries as I'm back to share what I had last week.. 

 Was thinking of having a light lunch and after walking around, we stumbled upon the Le French Wrap cafe with its brightly lit signage and also the aura of the French exudes you to come and try their french delights..
Earl Grey 
The menu is pretty simply  which consists of Breakfast, Lunch, Tea time and also Dessert.. They also have sets which the pictures below shows.. Not to forget! You also have the luxury to create your very own wrap.. Fun right?! Can't wait to try that next time..
After much deliberation between which to order because all of their wraps on the menu sounded delicious.. Finally, I've ordered a Le Norwegian wrap and you can actually choose whether to have it on a mini baguette or crepe.. For me I went with the crepe instead..

Le Mediterranean
For Nic, he ordered a Le Mediterranean consists of the chicken with mixed greens, cherry tomato.. He also opted for the crepe.. The first bite he had from this wrap was that it has a very fresh taste and feeling as it was mainly chicken salad.. This for me I think would be a great choice for a light lunch and also hot day..
the inside of Le Mediteranean

Le Norwegian 
Next, Le Norwegian that was filled with salmon and also salads.. I had a wrap for this instead of the baguette.. Not to forget, when the wrap is served you have the option to choose either a garlic aioli or a garlic mayonnaise..  Everything is C'est Magnifique (in french its magnificent!)..

Inside of Le Norwegian

Verdict: The wraps are lovely and light! Delicious and would come back to make my own wrap :)

Ambience: 3.5/5

Le French Wrap,
Lot LG-K23, Lower Ground Florr
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL


  1. Ahhh I absolutely love crepes from Le French Wrap! Delicious & guilt free :)


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