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Closed- Ooh My Gas! Paradiso ice cream @ Garden's Mall


I have only witness the usage of nitrogen in the episodes of Top Chef series which was first done by Richard Blais.
With the popularity of the usage of Nitrogen flourish it has been introduced into the dessert world.. It was done with an ice cream!

We went there on a Friday and with this kind of hot and unbearable weather we had in KL to cool off and to find out the hype of the Nitrogen made ice cream..The shop is located at the highest floor of the Garden's Mall which has a Hokkaido Ichiba restaurant & Samsung..

The shop is rather plain and has a huge signage of its brand.. The first thing you will notice is the performance of nitrogen dessert infront of your eyes.. If you want to relax while waiting there are some television showing you information of its brand and making of the ice cream..

The counter right after the performance area is where you make the concoction or you can just order the selections of desserts from various category like cheesecake to the classics! If you're feeling adventurous, you can opt to make your very own creation of nitrogen ice cream.. Their size cups is so cute as the names aren't termed like it is usual am like single or double but sexy etc..

For this visit, we ordered the Bananarama and also Peanut Butter ice cream

First up is the Bananarama! Gotta tell you that this ice cream banana's flavour is extremely prominent and loving how this dessert isn't that cold like a rock but its still cold yet creamy.. The chocolate, banana and the walnut is a great compliment together.

Next up is the Peanut Butter ice cream! This really looks like the mountain of Peanut Butter.. The first bite you get from the ice cream is the hit of peanut butter flavour but then it seems to stop there and it wasn't entirely memorable..
Peanut Butter 
Verdict: Love the Bananarama


Ooh My Gas! Paradiso Ice cream

Lot T-202A, 3rd Floor,
The Garden's Mall,
The Garden South Tower,
Midvalley City
Kuala Lumpur


  1. perfect for the current dry and scorching weather! i want some peanut butter ice cream too! :D

    1. True to that Sean! Anything cold is a great relief from the dry weather :)


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