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Acme Bar & Coffee, The Troika

Finally! I get to visit the famous Acme Bar & Coffee or fondly known as ABC at Troika! 

But first of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude towards the achievement of 16,000 visit counts! Thank you for all your support! 

Now let's talk about the Acme Bar & Coffee eating session with the lovely ladies 

Spring time is upon us 

For now the menu they are serving is called the spring menu 2014

We started off with  Salt Egg Yolk Chicken strip

Salt egg yolk chicken strip 
The Salt Egg Yolk Chicken strip is from the appetizer which was ordered by my lovely friend, C.. Its under the category called the pots & pans.. It came out looking beautiful and piping hot as it was just made from the kitchen.. Delicious looking chicken strip was battered and crispy salted egg yolk strips which was filled with chicken strips.. It was yummy and not too oily..
Polenta crust 7inch messy pizza 
This was ordered by Nic and it was the 2nd thing that arrives to the table after the appetizer ordered by C.. In this cute little pizza, it has duck chorizo, mushrooms with jalapeno topping, Gruyere & mozzarella cheese..

Then came the Mains!

Moroccan Pineapple Grilled Chicken Breast 
This dish is really a moroccan dish which looks and taste like you are in morocco with the elements of pomegranette jewels.. The chicken breast is really moist and juicy! Yummy chicken which was cooked well with the sauce.. The pineapple was grilled and gives the breast a lovely sweet and sourish crunch flavour to the dish.. 
Parmesan Pot Chicken Pie 
This cute chicken pie is quite small portion.. It has a creamy chicken chunks, potato, carrots & peas made in a parmesan pot crust.. Its a yummy and cute little main for those who have small appetite or just want to keep it all for dessert

Roast Lamb Rack 
Roast Lamb Rack which chosen by my pretty friend, J.. It is oven roasted lamb rack with dukkah spice, cherry tomato on vine and accompanied by potato au gratin with lamb jus.. The lamb rack meat is really tender and juicy
Smoked Duck Breast Fillet 

Smoked Duck Breast Fillet came after the chicken pie.. It was ordered by T.. It came to the table looking beautiful, delicious and simple.. This dish consist of smoked duck breast coated and covered with asiatic spices which contains nuts (so for those who are allergic to nuts, do refrain from this dish)..

As accompaniment for this dish, there is fondant potato looking proud and well cooked with roast balsamic beetroot which are in chunks and really sweet like candy.. Jumbo asparagus is just plain with beetroot jus..
The duck breast fillet cooks perfectly pink and tender.. It is full of flavour and with great accompaniments the whole dish becomes even better..
Grilled Truffle Beef Tenderloin
H and I both had the Grilled Truffle Beef Tenderloin. Tenderloin which was australian chilled beef was grilled for myself is medium done whereas H has it medium well.. It was drizzled with truffle oil and underneath it was sweet potato puree which is really smooth.. On top of the tenderloin is corn salsa and pesto sauce and not to forget the sauteed straw mushrooms.. 

Love the taste and texture of the tenderloin as it is really tender and perfectly cooked.. The sweet potato puree is a nice accompaniment to the piece of beef.. Abit of a let down is the pesto as mine was dried and very nutty..

Its Dessert Time!

There are alot of options to choose from.. 

For this lunch, we shared the famous Sizzling Chocolate Brownie.. Was super excited about this as it is the restaurant dessert speciality.. 
When it came to our table, the server place down the hot plate which holds the brownie and ice cream 
Then came the show which was the pouring of the chocolate sauce on top of it.. 
It was a sight to be hold and was eager to eat it! 

The brownie was really delicious and moist.. It has the nutty texture with the accompaniment of the ice cream.. The chocolate sauce was quickly evaporated but my friends and I really enjoyed eating it and finishes up this dessert in a blink of an eye..

Other than Brownies, there are other cakes on the menu and off the menu.. Check out the counter to have a look at those beauties!

Rainbow Fruit 

Ugly chocolate cheese 

Vegan cake 


Banana Caramel

Caramel macademia

Raspberry Chocolate 

Verdict: Food is delicious.. Love the brownie! The service is nice.. A great place to have gathering or just a quiet lunch 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Acme Bar & Coffee
Unit G1
The Troika 
19, Persiaran KLCC
Kuala Lumpur 


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