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Coffee Stain by Joseph

Hey! Sunday is a day meant for relaxation of ones self right? But sometimes we just get caught up with various task to be done like what I'm experiencing now with assignments..

I'm lucky to be able to spend my sunday with a great cuppa coffee made by coffee stain by Joseph in Publika!

Was initially here to have a look at that turkish bazaar in B.I.G which is from now until 3rd August if you guys wanna check it out! So we just browse through to see anything turkish caught our eyes but in the end we bought other things to eat haha

So we went to Coffee Stain by Joseph which I had been dying to try for a long time due to the pictures of their wonderful 3D coffee art which are just super cute.. The cafe is rather pack and lively on a sunday so if you want you can drop by on the weekdays which I think is much quieter..

After browsing through their menu, we finally decided on the drinks we wanna to order.. This time its only Nic and I ordered the drinks and cake..

Finally, we had their Cool Cube and Gibraltar latte and also we ordered their Mocha walnut cake..

The cool cube arrives first! which is really fast despite the cafe is packed with people 

The cool cube is a great drink for the heat wave we are having which is a combination of coffee made in ice cubes and a bottle of milk.. It looks like the ones Nic had in Garage 51.. So the milk was very thick as it was like sticking the bottle.. Nic started pouring the milk into the glass.. Surprisingly the ice cube didn't melt very fast.. It tasted nice overall with the cube wasn't so diluted in taste of the coffee..Really a nice blend!

Gibraltar Latte
After a short wait, there comes my coffee.. Its Gibraltar Latte! Well apart of me was quite excited as usually I had my regular caffe latte or ordinary latte but this one is Gibraltar latte which sounds sexy.. So I can say that this place, their service is fast and efficient! Loving it and their latte is really well made which was just the right balance for me as it wasn't bitter.. Didn't need to add in the sugar to sweet the drink..

Mocha Walnut cake 
The cafe has this number block system which is like the indicator for your orders and their staff is really fast and efficient with the staff constantly on the look out and check on the order for each table to see whether its all been served.. So it wasn't too long that the Mocha Walnut Cake arrives to our table in a very interesting dish.. The cake was really delicious and full of chocolate taste with a hint of mocha and the crunch of walnut.. Loving it that we finish till the last bite instantly!

They also do offer mains to have for lunch if you aren't a fan of sweets

Verdict: Coffee is excellent! Service is wonderful!
Great place to relax and hang out with friends 

Ambience: 4/5

Coffee Stain by Joseph 
Publika,Solaris Dutamas 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opens daily
Monday: 9:30am-9pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30am-11pm
Friday-Sunday: 9:30am-12am


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