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Quivo @ Kate Spade, Pavilion

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Recently I visited a new outlet in Pavilion which is just right next to Kate Spade.. This outlet named Quivo which offers mediterranean cuisine at a reasonable price and quite a generous portion..
 It does sound like a value for money kind of meal..

This place is located at the connection or level 3 which is just right next to Topshop and opposite of La bodega..

From the outside, the restaurant does look chic and elegant yet quite inviting.. The moment F & I entered the restaurant, it really has an inviting feeling with its comfy chairs and dim lights and relaxing music..
It does offer you the option of outdoor or indoor seating.. We went for the indoor seating

During the day

The service there is really fast and friendly..

The moment we were seated, we were immediately presented with their menu which is rather simple and accompanied by the beverage menu..

Even though the menu was rather simple but it does contains an array of categories to choose from like the starter to the pizza & the mains and finally the desserts!

 It took us almost 20-30 minutes to just decide on what to try and we were lucky to have a really knowledgeable and helpful server that help us in narrowing down to their best sellers which was their pizza, burgers and pasta..
Watermelon Juice
Homemade lemon juice

So for dinner, F ordered the Roasted chicken risotto as it was recommended by the server as the best seller and I ordered their pan seared barramundi from their mains.. We ordered these two to share..

The first to arrive the table is the Risotto which looks rather hearty but still appetizing to eat..
I could tell you that this Risotto is really worth trying and eating! It is just that good of a risotto which is surprisingly flavourful and creamy yet it was light and goes well with the chicken! Not a heavy meal!

After the arrival of the risotto, then came the Pan Seared Barramundi 

It just looks superb! It does resembles more of an Italian flag colours of red from the tomato chutney, the green of the rocket salad and the opaque from the barramundi..

The tomato chutney provides the barramundi with a sourish note but goes well with the char grilled lemon, baked pumpkin and the rockets.. The fish was perfectly cooked as it flakes off easily.. 

Actually there is a pumpkin which are baked and it gives some texture and flavours to the barramundi dish.. 
The char grilled pumpkin gives the fish dish with a mushy texture together with the fish and it also brings sweetness towards the dish as a compliment for the sourish of the tomato chutney.. 

Dessert time! 

We spent it with the Oreo Chocolate brownie tower which is a sandwich of a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between the 2 layers of brownies.. It was completed with a wonderful drizzle of chocolate sauce and oreo cookies!

I could tell you that F & I had a really intense concentration towards this course as it was just the right thing for the both of us chocoholic! It was a dessert filled with chocolate brownies with chocolate cookie sand, oreos, chocolate chips and a whole lot drizzle of chocolate sauce! 

Am in total chocolate heaven!

Verdict: Great service and food! Wonderful place to meet up  

Hoping to return for their burgers and pizza 

Ambience: 4/5

Level 3
Pavilion Mall
Bukit Bintang 


  1. wow the dessert and rissotto seem worth trying....

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. the price must be not cheap ya! haha btw the oreo brownie looks nice! =D

    1. Henry Tan: It is an occassional thing but it is really worth trying out!

  4. I love chargrilled pumpkin. Both of your orders look yum! Now I know what to ask for when I visit. ;-)

    1. The Yum List: Yes! Do try those dishes and also their pizza! Heard their pizza are yummy too! Happy Eating!


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