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The Apartment Downtown, KLCC

Hey! What's up everyone?

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and joyous occasion of Deepavali!

Heard from The Apartment which had a closure for renovation and it finally opened its doors to the KL-ites about its new look and menu!

Was quite excited about their opening and when finally they have made the announcement of their re-opening on their KLCC outlet!

The interior and exterior of the restaurant was looking rather fantastic! Loving the new furniture and their bar with plenty of wine bottles and with very earthy and homey decorations and furniture and not to mention its lighting and the white walls which brightens the room with glass as walls

Loving every moment of my time dining here with F! 

Interesting decorations & lighting 

After much admiration of its decoration, we turned to its newly refurbished menu which was presented in a book form with additions of new dishes for every section..

I had ordered their Lemon Sole under the Fish section

Lemon Sole

This lemon sole was pan fried with the lemon & rosemary salt which was cooked perfectly and moist.. The mash potatoes and arugula accompanied well with the fish and the mash potato was silky smooth with  a hint of thyme and a touch of lemon zest which gives it that tangy taste.. 

It also has the black olive tapenade which is really good and not salty.. Paired with the fish it gives a perfectly balanced dish.. Simply delicious!

On the other hand, F ordered their famous Duck Confit

The duck confit does looks beautiful and majestic on the plate! 

It looks mighty generous and hearty! She was really excited in trying out the duck confit after the renovation and we were hoping for some fantastic improvements! 

In terms of its appearance and portion sizing, it does shows improvements and also not to mention its presentation which does looks alittle medieval..  According to F, she said the duck confit is just alright.. Doesn't really promise the taste from its appearance.. 

Verdict:  A great improvements on the interior, service and atmosphere.. 
Lemon sole is a dish to try.. 

Hoping for another visit to try the others 

Ambience: 4/5

The Apartment Downtown
  Lot 139, 1st floor 
Suria KLCC 
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 
Opening Hours : 11am to 10 pm


  1. yum yum! i only tried the one in the curve once long time ago. haha


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