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Breakfast @ Yeast Boulangerie, Bangsar

The happiest moments takes place on Sunday during breakfast or brunch and especially when you are serve up with a well made meal for breakfast or brunch!

That was how I've felt during my Sunday mornings in Yeast!

It was certainly a busy sunday filled with happy and smiling people ready for some good food and coffee! (Note: Come early to avoid waiting for a long time as 11am is their peak time!)

Started the Sunday with my caffe latte.. Tasted divine with minimal need of sugar added into it..

Caffe Latte 
After having a good cuppa latte, the main course has arrived which is our breakfast!

Eggs Cocottee

It consist of 2 soft baked eggs in a cocotte with smoked Duck, Gruyere Cheese, Toasted Farmers bread and some salad which were dressed.. It is very simple breakfast which is really delicious and the plate of breakfast also contains a small plate of butter.. 
The smoked duck goes well with the bread and cheese.. Not over powering breakfast.. 

Next, Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

It is my breakfast! Super excited to try their breakfast especially eggs benedict! 

This eggs benedict is really different  here as it has the addition element of smoked salmon.. The hollondaise sauce is just average with the yolk being mixed with it..   

The croissant is really nice and fluffy which has a many layers that was created from the many book folds in the making process and also flaky.. The outside of the croissant was baked till its golden brown and crispy.. The inside was really buttery and soft.. Simply delicious!

After the awesome brunch, we took a doggy bag for the croissant which were super delicious to be shared with and also the 2 tarts which were the Calamansi meringue and also the mocha chocolat tart!

Love the chocolate tart! The chocolate is just smooth adn silky!

Don't forget about their 30% happy bread hour offer which happens from 5pm onwards on Tuesday till Sunday!

Delicious food and ideal place for a lovely sunday brunch..
A really value for money meal

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5

Yeast Bistronomy 
Jalan Telawi 2

Closed on Monday
Opening hours ; 
8am- 10:30pm


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