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Parisian Love @ Cafe de Paris, Pavilion

Bonjour ma cherie! 

Its been a while since my last post! Was busy with the golf tournament which was rather exciting and interesting!

Been very excited to experience the Parisian Love and hospitality from the Cafe de Paris

This cafe really does reminds me those parisien cafes that I have seen and been in during my french holiday with their rattan seats and marble top table and also there is an outdoor seating

 The interior of the restaurant is really spacious and relaxing with its slow music! Loving it already! Their walls are all adorn with the bottles of wines and also the pictures of the brands from the past 

This is how it look like from the outside which has seats and the Eiffel tower steel design

    The service staff there is quite fast and efficient despite it gradually began to be busy from the lunch time on wards.. So their menu is quite simple which consists of their food menu in a large card and a drinks menu in a booklet format.. 

Sauvignon Blanc 
After deciding of the beverage and food menu, we decided to be alittle adventurous and tried the Sauvignon Blanc from the Languedoc region of France which has the floral taste and quite mild in its taste.. A refreshing and light to medium bodied drink! 

 French connection which is coffee with an addition of the Kahlua.. Really can feel the strong kick of kahlua in that coffee! 
French Connection

Cafe au Lait

        Finally cafe au lait for me to savour and reminisce of the ones I had from Paris.. Yummy coffee! Simple and not entirely bitter..And that's our drinks for the visit..

Let's focus on the fun part of the visit.. Which is eating!

               This beef dish really reminds me alot of the French meal I had in Toulouse!
Boeuf Bourguignon
The moment the beef bourguignon came out from the kitchen and to the table, it just looks very rustically presented and also simple presentation with its black tile which placed 2 toasted baguettes and a small copper pot.. 

That copper pot which contains the awesomely good beef which was braised till its tender and the sauce that was used in the braising of the beef was so flavourful with its meaty beefy taste.. Such pure heaven.. 
The moment I sliced the beef it was super tender that it didn't take much effort to slice it.. It was really melt in your mouth..Super happy and the sauce was a great accompaniment to the beef..

Quiche Lorraine 
Next up would be the Quiche Lorraine.. This is a really simple, light and wholesome meal for lunch if you aren't after something that is heavy or decadent..

This quiche is really simple as it has some slices of ham and cheese with some vegetables in it and eggs.. Really delicious as it was really packed with delicious ingredients despite looking rather plain..

                                    After having our mains, we might thought we are full already by then.. Surprisingly, we still have room for desserts!

In their simple menu card there is a small section of desserts options..
You can order the desserts from their menu choices or the ones showcase at the counter..

The only difference is that from the menu have the options of waffle, crepes, cakes and ice creams whereas the ones from the counter are macaroons and small tarts and cakes which just looks drop dead gorgeous!
Sweet Berry Sandwich
After contemplating of which desserts to try and order.. Finally we managed to make a decision of having one option from their crepes and the other from their waffle list..

 The waffle option, we chose the sweet berry waffle with almond ice cream

It takes some time in waiting for the waffles to arrive to our table.. The wait is worthwhile as the waffle is really a beautiful sight to be awed about.. The waffle is really light and fluffy! 
The hazelnut ice cream is really a great accompaniment with the warm waffle and berry compote.. 

Banana & nutella crepe
                             Next dessert to arrive to the table is the banana & nutella crepe 

This crepe is really thin and light which reminds me of how it was like the ones I had which was a lemon crepe..  Their crepe portion is really generous! The inside is really filled with generous amounts of nutella spread  and sliced bananas .. 
The top is sprinkled with hazelnuts and chocolate sauce! 

Truly an amazing crepe made in this cafe! Brings me back to Paris..
Super Happy! *Happy dance* 

 Food is awesome! Service is great too! 
Will make another visit to have more of their food and desserts! 
Really a great place to have a nice relaxing lunch/dinner or even a gathering! 

Ambience: 4/5

Cafe De Paris 
Level 3
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


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