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Lunch with a view @ Chinoz, KLCC

It's been long since my previous post! Hope everyone are doing well.. 
With the Christmas season around the corner, its gonna be a busy few weekends with gift shopping and also preparation of the christmas eve dinner!
Super Excited! 

Let's get back to the post!
Finally I had a chance to dine in the Chinoz which I had been eyeing on for a long time..
Since I managed to find a partner in crime for food, so we dive in to the idea of having a wonderful late Sunday brunch to relax after a long week of work. 

Certainly do agree with their tagline
The moment we walked in to the restaurant, it has that relaxed and casual atmosphere with natural lighting and sofa seating.. 
You can opt for an outdoor seating or indoor seating

Their menu is rather simple which is good for someone like us that have hard time choosing the things we want to have for brunch..
Everything from the menu does look appetizing!

Finally, after much deliberation of what to have

We chose the Pumpkin gnocchi and Salmon Loin served with Kalamata vinagrette

Pumpkin Gnocchi
      We don't have to wait long for the food as it arrives to our table just like magic!
The impression we had from the pumpkin gnocchi is that it looks very homey and wholesome! It also does look like those that are made by chef Gennaro in his youtube channel.. A really colourful dish to look at and the taste really amazing as the gnocchi taste like a pillow, very light and fluffy.. The shaved parmesan cheese was a great compliment to the gnocchi and its cherry tomatoes and spinach..
Really a wholesome and delicious dish! Must try in Chinoz

Salmon Loin with Kalamata vinagrette
Next is the Salmon Loin with Kalamata vinagrette.. Actually the dressing you can choose other types instead of what I had tried.. But they are really generous in their portion..

The loin is perfectly cooked that it flakes off easily and moist enough.. Its a beautiful plate of food! Simple yet delicious 
Super enjoy eating from this beautiful plate of food!

For brunch, we both ordered 2 different types which was Rose White Zinfandel for me & Hunter's Sauvignon Blanc..

Rose White Zinfandel
It was a stroke of luck to be able to find a zinfandel in the beverage menu considering this grape variety is a rarity in malaysia.. Have always curious to try how it taste like.. I could tell you that this is a fantastic glass of red wine to drink as
  •  Colour is really bright and refreshing
  • The taste of it really bright with minimal acidity 
  • You can smell and taste the red berries & a hint of honey from it and its floral too
If you are a beginner for wines, this is a great choice to start with as its light, sweet and low tannin to experience it..

Hunter Sauvignon Blanc

The Hunter Sauvignon Blanc which is a popular drink amongst the fan of white grapes drinkers as this is a refreshing glass with floral notes and its quite medium bodied considering the wine is still young and bright

Verdict: Well made delicious and simple food.. Must try the Pumpkin Gnocchi
A relaxing place for a sunday brunch


Chinoz on the park 
Ground Level 


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