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Bait Menu 2016 @ Jalan telawi 3, Bangsar

Hello everyone! I hope you are well in this fantastic weather we are experiencing! 

Well after hearing much buzz about the latest revamp of the Bait restaurant in bangsar, it got me really inquisitive as to their menu, drinks and their service.. As I have made a visit to their old Bait which was a disappointment in terms of food being not up to standard and was rather sad and not so exciting on the palate as well.. 

After a recommendation from a friend about their latest menu which was crafted and revamped by Chef Logan.. I was feeling pretty excited to find out what sorcery he managed to conjur up to make this a fun place to eat again.. 

And so we made a visit to the Bait to try out.. From what we've seen, it has a bar vibe with the huge display of oysters that is freshly brought everyday! 

Look at the commitment to freshness they have !

Actually the oysters are the 1st thing you would notice whenever you drop by to Bait! There will be a board there featuring the oysters selection & the price for it. So I had the pleasure in trying out their Irish & Australian oyster!

I'm pretty impressed with their servers knowledge and ability in explaining and recommending about their oysters which may make it rather difficult for me to decide but after trying out the oysters.. I very much prefer the Irish ones which is much creamier! 

Rejoice for Oyster Lovers as they have Oyster Happy Hour! 

You can reassure that you can enjoy this morsels for a reasonable price.

After that amazing and refreshing starter, I'm whisked away to their main course! In the new menu crafted by Chef Logan has various options that is excellent for big group gatherings like the Mussel pot and they have excellent Fish & Chips recommended by their server.. 

For main, I had one of their signature dishes that is the Wagyu Beef Cheek! This beef cheek is bathed in Guinness stout and its being accompanied by baby carrots and parsnip puree which is amazingly smooth and silky! 

Well there is a reason why they named this dish one of their signature dishes in their new menu is because the plating of it looks more up to date, artistic yet beautiful for picture taking that will definitely make your instagram post drool worthy! 

The other factor is that each element which is featured on the plate is really singing a harmonious tune as the beef cheek is really braised till tender and melt in your mouth! 

It is so satisfying that simply makes you focus more on the beef cheek rather than anything else surrounds you and the flavours of the stout is there but subtle and it doesn't fight with the beef cheek for attention as you get the hints of roasted barley which is mainly associated with guinness stout! 

To my amazement; that the baby carrots does have the crunchy texture despite being braised together with the beef cheek and it has added an element of sweetness yet crunch to the dish..

Finally, the parsnip puree which is just so silky smooth and delicate in terms of flavour is the perfect finishing to the dish and it coats like a second skin to the beef cheek.. Truly a must try dish as its worth the money you're paying for despite the portion of the dish is rather on the petite side of things but it truly serves its purpose on making you happy!

After the fantastic starters and mains, for me the meal must end with a sweet note to cap of the night and also to have a lasting impression on the palate as well.. 

From the recommendation of the staff in Bait, we had chosen the Loggy's Noir du Blanc..This dish translate to Loggy's Black of  White which literally composes of 6 chocolates textures, 2 gelato and honey comb.. 

The moment has arrived as the server came with a tajine pot which she reveals was the Loggy's Noir du Blanc dessert which is accompanied by a little jar of chocolate sauce which will be then expertly poured over the dessert by the server.. 

The 6 texture of chocolate comprises on the chocolate cookie, cocoa powder, honey comb, blueberries, chocolate sauce, some chocolate shavings, pieces of chocolate cake and 2 scoops of chocolate & vanilla ice cream.. 

This dessert is really unique as it gives a very savoury feel rather than being the traditional sweet end of the meal.. 
Every element which are present on the dessert plays a part of the sensory experience of this dessert like the cocoa powder gave a bitter sensation and also resembles the soil feel of it and the chocolate cookie is warm yet chewy and goes perfectly with their chocolate and vanilla ice creams whereas their honey comb gave the sensation of chewing gum but with a touch of natural sweetness and floral to the palate which is makes it much more enjoyable to eat rather than deviating us from finishing the dessert and also brought balance for this dish.. 

But the portion of this dessert is really huge and great for sharing! 

Verdict: Excellent food and wine! 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Must Try: 

Wagyu Beef Cheek 

Bait Restaurant 
Bangsar 65, 
Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours 
Monday- Thursday 




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