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The Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa

A Wild Sheep Chase 

" Humans by necessity must have a midway point between their desires and their pride. Just as all objects must have a center of gravity.. Only when it is gone do people realize it even existed"- 

Haruki Murakami

This quotes hits home as it quite true that we tend to forget the most important thing which is finding balance between desire and pride in whatever we do.. Well this sort of describes perfectly in this new dessert cafe located in the Taman Desa Business park.. 

The owner of the cafe draws inspiration from the novel; Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami that tells a story about a man living a good and mediocre life but was heavily influenced by the 20th century community of Japan..

Hence the mascot of this cafe is the sheep with a star ! Enough about the book and the mascot, let's move on to their speciality of this sheep run cafe which are their lovely yet fluffy souffle and molten cakes that are available in both Matcha (Green tea) and Chocolate..

For this post, we have tried every single offering made available from their current menu to help you further on the selection of their desserts..

The 1st dessert we tried is their Vanilla  Souffle!

This  is their hallmark and is the one that made them famous and not to mention is the only souffle cafe which is available in KL with an affordable price! Hooray for us dessert lovers!

Their menu for this souffle is beautifully illustrated and explained with the drawings of the souffle being accompanied by their home made syrup which comes in 3 flavours but I'm steadfast with their osmanthus syrup as it has this remarkable flavour balance of sweet yet floral that makes you want to pour more of it to your souffle!

The other accompaniment is their sorbet which comes in 2 flavour but I love the combination of their vanilla souffle with the osmanthus syrup and grapefruit sorbet which brings the souffle a dimension of acidity and floral notes!

The souffle is actually a simple souffle that is made purely from vanilla beans and when it arrives to your table piping hot; it just has that strong waft of vanilla perfume that just literally lights up your day!

 That's what I love about desserts as it has that incredible ability in making you happy with a simple creation! 

Vanilla Souffle 

Previously their drinks menu are really limited which just have several options of hot and cold drinks but now they have expanded greatly with their drinks that diversifies more into cold drinks or mocktail with one of my new favourites which is the Queen Juliana and Dronge!

Be sure to look for their seasonal menu as they have now included a small little pamphlet of seasonal menu that features 1 seasonal souffle flavour and 1 drinks to make our life much simpler.. 

The one at the picture below with a bright hot pink hue is the Queen Juliana which is actually made with sparkling water, lemon, mint and raspberry.. 

Really an excellent thirst quencher whereas we have the Dronge which is actually made with espresso and orange juice.. The sorcery from this bar people are amazing as they managed to balance out the bitterness of the espresso with the sweet yet sourish flavour of the orange juice that made it another excellent drink to have on a hot afternoon!

Queen Juliana & Dronge

After a refreshing drink, we continued our journey of self pleasure with one of the signature cakes which is the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake.. This is one of the popular desserts in this cafe other than their 2nd best seller which is the Matcha Midori cake!

This cake do require some waiting time and the wait for it is worth while with that strong aroma of cocoa wafting to your table and the moment of truth would be when you cut the cake into half to reveal a cascading flow of chocolate ganache that just gives you pure joy and happiness.. 

The cake is really fluffy and moist; not dense and it just goes well with their osmanthus syrup which are skilfully smeared on the plate.. 

The ideal food to eat it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream by it side and the crunchy honey cornflakes! Its just bring you memorable moments with it as you enjoy every mouthful of it!  

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake 

Surprisingly we still have room for more of their impeccable desserts!

And we've ordered their Signature and much raved about molten cake; Matcha Midori Cake! This is an ideal cake for ever green tea lover! Like the molten chocolate cake but with full on matcha (Green tea) flavour! 


Personally, I would recommend this dessert for anyone that love a good soft and oozing molten cake especially the matcha lovers! This will also require some waiting time but as the saying goes "Patience is virtue" and that's what you're gonna get out of them!

With that immense patience we finally able to meet with the ever so famous Matcha Midori Cake ! This presentation is really simple yet each plays a crucial part in the role of enjoyment for diners.. 

Let's break it down shall we!

First, we have on the plate which is a far left is the vanilla ice cream with some toasted honey cornflakes that represents the element of cold in the dish considering that the matcha midori cake is the hot/warm element of the plate whereas the honey cornflakes brings the crunchy texture with a slight hint of sweetness.. 

Not forgetting the osmanthus syrup which is beautifully swirl around the plate that gives it a floral note and some hint of freshness to the strong & audasious matcha.. 

Finally the Cake which is a matcha midori cake.. Lovingly made with care, craft and time just to achieve that height, moistness and fluffy texture of the cake!

Matcha Midori
"He that can have patience can have what he will"-Benjamin Franklin

Just like the above quote, with patience we are handsomely rewarded with the sight of pure gold which is the oozing of the matcha ganache which is really pure joy to watch and to devour as well.. 

The moment we cut this cake into half and you can feel that the texture and the weight of the cake is just balance out perfectly neither being too heavy or dense yet springy and fluffy just like how a molten cake should be.. The best moment from this cake is the oozing out of the liquid slowly ever so seductively that makes you slowly fall in love with it! 

We can't wait to devour it and with that great patience; we are rewarded with such an orgasmic dessert that brings you the dimension of bitterness, grassy chlorophyl taste and with the combination of the osmanthus; it just brings you to the zen garden that you can have a cup of ocha for tea to have a moment of serenity and with the combination of the ice cream and the cornflakes it just brings you a whole level of enjoyment with sweet, savoury and crunchy with the temperature difference.. 

It's really a pure delight to devour it! One of the Must Try dishes here

A Toast to the Seasonals! 

We are really lucky to have the luxury of trying out their Seasonal items from their menu and it proving to be quite a hit among their diners! 

Seasonal Souffle: Earl Grey with Salted Caramel syrup & Grape fruit Sorbet (Optional)

For our visit, the seasonal flavour was the Earl Grey Souffle with a side of Salted Caramel syrup which is fixed and can't be changed and served together with their optional sorbet but for me I opt for their Grape Fruit Sorbet which is an excellent palate cleanser..

Love their dedication into the craft of perfecting their souffle and to stretch the limits of souffle flavours by incorporating the Earl Grey which actually one of the most popular flavours in desserts..

The earl grey flavour really present in the souffle with not an overpowering bitterness rather with a subtle taste and the feeling that you've brewed a bag of it for your morning drink..
It is really a wonderful combination with their Salted Caramel Syrup as it brought out the different flavour spectrums of sweet, salty and bitter..  

The latest seasonal menu (August) features 2 new seasonal items which are The Kiddo Souffle & The Blower's daughter

This is the 1st time I've seen that they placed a drink option as their seasonal menu and the best part is it have some booze in it! 

This drink is called The Blower's Daughter (RM23) which is a really interesting name for a drink and thankfully for their helpful explanation on this particularly unique drink; it help us in understanding more of the drink behind this peculiar name yet excite us in ordering it  for the benefit of curiosity.. 

This Blower's Daughter contains of espresso together with Irish whiskey and whipped cream.. Well the moment we noticed the golden words of Irish Whiskey; there's a drink that came to mind that is the famous Irish Coffee that has the similar background of ingredients in making the drink.. So this combination made us really inquisitive on finding out what would be the difference between this and the Irish Coffee..

The Blower's Daughter

To our surprise this Blower's Daughter has this amazing smoothness in terms of palate and on the aroma it has the strong waft of the espresso coffee and the subtle hint of the caramel like aroma of the whiskey which is rather quite the signature of the aroma.. The flavour combination of it is really tasty with the smoothness of the whisky that has the slight caramel note, coconut and the bitterness from the espresso that somehow magically combines together in a beautiful manner that just made it much more enjoyable to drink and the whipped cream made it rather light yet fluffy to drink as well..

The Kiddo
The 2nd seasonal souffle that we have the luxury of trying is named The Kiddo (RM19).. This is actually in a separate page which you can gladly ask the server about it! 

This seasonal souffle will change so be sure to get confirmation with their fellow sheeps! 

Back to the souffle! This was the first that caught my eye when we were passed the menu as it's quite clever of them to be adventurous to the traditional vanilla souffle and in another it truly excites us in terms of appetite to return time again or religiously for those souffle lovers to find out their seasonal combo flavour!

The souffle does require some waiting of 20 minutes (estimation) and I can tell you that it worth the wait for it! 

The moment it arrived to our table; we were exclaimed with great excitement as the presentation of it is rather photogenic and attractive to the eye! 

And while scanning through the mini plate of dessert in front of us made our mouth water even more and the aroma of the freshly baked souffle doesn't help us to resist it while taking more shoots of it before we devour it immediately!

The wait for it is really so worth it! The taste of the souffle is really light, fluffy yet it has that balance of sweet yet bitter chocolate and also the mini chocolate chips that has melted from it! It provides crunchy texture and sticky chocolate in every mouthful.. 

The vanilla ice cream provides a rather cool contrast for this souffle and also a relief with addition of a few strawberries and blueberries that brought on the sourish notes to the souffle to make it a rather pleasurable to eat it continuously!
The grapefruit sorbet does also act as the palate cleanser for us to continue the adventures of devouring the chocolate chip filled souffle.. 

It is truly a gratifyingly beautiful yet delicious souffle to have on a rainy day! 

"Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside"- 
Mark Twain 

Verdict: A really magical place with great souffles & molten cake  being made!
Be sure to watch out for their seasonal menu


Must Try: 

Vanilla Souffle
Matcha Midori 

Wild Sheep Chase 
1, Desa Business Park,
6, Jalan 1/109E
Taman Desa 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours:


Closed on Monday


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