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Bar Ben Que @ B.I.G Batai, Damansara Heights

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster!

You know that sometimes  we do have the occasional midnight hunger pangs which just annoys us to the ends of the world with just a simple thought about food! And if you're working late and you're hungry which just makes you realized or mentally drafting out a list of places that you wish to curb those pangs but unfortunately it's closed! 

Well we can literally say to those days of disappointment good bye! The BIG group has answered our long heartfelt prayers by introducing and operating a new concept of burger bar that opens from 5pm till late.. I was on cloud nine after seeing their instagram post on this latest project! 

Well the location of it is the previously occupied Ben's General Food Store restaurant that has just moved in to their grocer and you can just picked up any ingredients and request for the chef to prepare it for you! Talk about stress and fuss free lunch or dinners! 

Let's get back to the burger bar shall we! So it's actually quite spacious with an open air seating and the counter which are decorated with bright colours that greets you and not to mention the friendly faces and happy smiles too!

 The menu itself is really simple with  4 choices ranging from burgers, kebab and a hot dog and also their sides of fries in many variations and also their dessert.. 
The drinks on offer are the soft drinks, ice lemon tea and 2 types of beer on draft..

The service sequence of the whole entire process is really bumpy as it was just newly operated but the food and drinks are all entirely self pick up! One thing was weird about it was that the drink orders are the first to came out rather than being out together with the food..

And the other drawback about self pick up on food and drinks that we don't mind is that with that loud music the burger joint is playing; it sort of made it a challenge to even hear your name to retrieve your food and drinks order..

Let's continue on the eating adventure of this burger joint shall we!

So, after the drinks arrived with much delight then comes the food which is actually a hassle for the diners as it requires an effort to get the drinks while waiting for the food..
We would prefer to cut the hassle and just get it all together in a colourful greek inspired tray.. 

After much walking back and forth for the drinks and the food, we would like to introduce you to our first meal from the menu which is their Bar-Ben-Que Burger.. 

This burger is made in a reasonable size but it surely packs a punch in terms of flavour and simplicity.. There are 2 versions of this burger which is the single patty which goes at the price of RM12 and the double patty of RM15

Bar-Ben-Que Burger (RM12/15)
For the midnight feast, we opt to go for their single patty burger! 
This patty is made with a grilled Australian beef patty which is sandwiched between the crisp and refreshingly cut iceberg, beautiful and freshly sliced juicy tomatoes and the beef patty is then being showered with a sufficient amount of their Bar-Ben-Que homemade special sauce which resembles the taste of mustard and ketchup.. It is then finally being sandwich with their fluffy homemade brioche bun..

The moment the burger has arrived and it was piping hot! The beef patty is just extremely juicy and has that melt in your mouth texture that makes you wanting more of it!
Really delicious burger to have after a long night with a tall draft of beer! Not to forget this burger comes along with a side of crinkle fries!

The first sidekicks that we had the pleasure in trying for the night is the Avocado Wedges

Actually it is the first thing that has attracted me to visit this burger joint when it was first introduced in the Instagram page of the Big group.. This wedges is a deep fried tempura battered avocado which is dusted with chicken salt and served with a side of their BBQ homemade sauce.. 

For me this idea of frying up the avocado is pure genius other than the fact that I love the Avocado so much!
 This sidekick is really tempting as you can get the best of both worlds from the texture of it being fried and it was promised with a soft, creamy yet buttery on the inside paired well with the crispy and light texture of the tempura batter on the outside which just brings endless delights to your day in every mouthful!
 The sauce is really a great combination with this crispy wedges that just brings it more citrusy and slight resemblance to a mayo.. 

A must try sidekick from this Bar Ben Que! 

 Avocado Wedges (RM15)

The second sidekick we had next from the list of side kicks available is their Sloppy Joe fries  is an American classics  and it reminds me of their messy burger or sandwiches but the interpretation which is taken by the people of Bar-Ben-Que of this famous American Sandwich is far different yet interesting!

Their interpretation of the sloppy Joe in terms of fries that is comprises on the crinkle cut fries dusted with chicken salt served on top of homemade beef meat sauce with plenty of cheesy sauce and to finish of the look of the messiness is their home made special sauce which is really pure cheese heaven for any cheese sauce lovers!

Sloppy Joe Fries (RM15)
The portion of this sidekick fries is really generous which is really good if you're having it alone! It's advisable to have it while its hot and with cutleries instead of fingers as it gets really messy and sticky! The beef meat sauce is really flavourful with a touch of spiciness which goes well with the crinkle cut fries that acts as the blank canvas of taste!

The 2nd burger that we ordered from the list of mains are the Ben's Chicken Burger which is an alternative from the Bar-Ben-Que Burger which is a beef and thankfully they have another option to it for those who aren't into beef patty or beef burger.. 
Ben's Chicken Burger (RM12)
Initially we were a little doubtful on the chicken burger as usually the chicken burger has an unpopular reputation in the burger world as the most uninspiring or the meat is rather on the dry side which relies mainly on cooking or the condiments on the burger..

Since we had a wonderful Bar-Ben-Que beef burger which were really juicy and delicious; so if they can do it right with the beef version means it's safe to try their chicken burger!

And so we did!

The chicken burger which is cooked in a grilled style which the chicken patty is yogurt and spice marinated and the patty is then sandwiched with a refreshing crisp iceberg lettuces which is just together with the fresh and sweet tomatoes.. The grilled chicken patty is then slathered on their homemade secret sauce and hot sauce which is a total finale with their toasted buttery homemade brioche bun..

The moment it arrived to the table it was served in a simple metal tray with a quirky place mat.. The burger arrived warm and toasty with a really enticing aroma of the sauce and grilled chicken burger.. The first bite of the chicken burger just totally blows our mind as it really just clear off our doubts about the bad rep of the chicken burger.. 

The chicken patty is really juicy and all the flavours just clicks together so well!
 The patty is really marinated with a hint of sourish from the yogurt yet it was balanced with a hint of spice and the hot sauce which brought slight spicy note to the burger that just makes this burger not a dull chicken burger..
 This burger comes with a side of crinkle cut fries which is just salted and you can opt to dip it in with ketchup or mustard sauce 

B*tch Panas (RM12)
The 3rd main we tried for the night was the B*tch Panas which has an interesting name and it was the most eye catching one on the menu and not to forget the only sausage creation on the menu!

This only sausage creation on the menu is actually a grilled homemade chicken & sage sausage which is sprinkled with a sumptuous pickled red onions that is being heavily sauced with their homemade special sauce, ketchup and it was surrounded with a few slices of crispy potato chips which acts sort of like a wall that was all enveloped with a toasted homemade brioche bun..

It is actually a huge hot dog and it was a classic looking hot dog which has great resemblances with the iconic ones from the state of New York..
 It's a messy feat to devour this massive sausage that is to our surprised is really a juicy sausage with great and clean flavours that aren't fighting with each other..

The chicken & sage sausage flavour combination is great marriage of taste as the chicken sausage still remains succulent yet flavourful and it just goes well together with their homemade sauces and  the potato crisps add an additional crunch and dimension of this normal sausage dish..

The 4th and final main on the menu is the Chicken K'Bab which is the only wrap dish on the menu which is made with chicken and it consider to be one of the healthier option of the chicken wrap dish from this menu!

This is Kebab roll is made with grilled yogurt & spice marinated chicken which is tightly bundle up with a layer of crispy iceberg lettuce and it was sprinkled diced tomatoes alongside the sweet pickled red onions and it was dressed together in their homemade secret sauce and hot sauce that is all beautifully bundled up in a toasted flour tortilla..
Chicken K'Bab (RM12)
The tortilla flour came piping hot when it arrives to our table and you can have the choice of either having it as a set with additional of RM3 that comes along with the fries & soda or just on its own like what I opt for.. 

From the first bite of the warm tortilla, an explosion of flavours burst in the mouth as the juiciness of the grilled chicken is really delicious and tangy from the marination of both the yogurt and the spices and the other condiments magically binds well with the grilled chicken which makes it even more appetizing and enjoyable to eat!


A great place for a late night snack with some beers & well made burgers with a reasonable price

Ambience: 3/5
Price: 3.5/5

Must Try: 
Avocado Wedges
Bar-Ben-Que Burger 
Chicken K'Bab

Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai 
Damansara Heights 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours:



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