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Miru Dessert Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

Konnichiwa & Happy New Year 2017!

O-Genki desu ka?

The Japanese dessert craze is standing firmly in the hearts, soul and tummies of the dessert loving Malaysians.. 

When you think about Japan in terms of the dessert aspect, we usually refer to the favourite dessert of Doraemon which is the Dorayaki that has a lovely spread of anko (red bean paste) being sandwich in between the pancakes; then comes the mochi which is sticky rice balls with fillings inside and the list goes on.. 

After awhile you would notice the recent craze of Honey toast which is nicknamed as the Shibuya toast in Kuala Lumpur..

The place is really easy to find as it located in the same row of shops as the Bacon & Brew, Tsujiri and Baskin Robbins.. The first impression of this is that it is quite simplistic in their decor of the cafe and you're greeted with the icon of miru cafe and the service staff with a bright smile!

Well, this place is really busy and crowded with happy faces enjoying their drinks, toast or cakes.. So, do be patient when trying to locate a seat as we went there till it require to be put under the waiting list status which ends quite soon..

After gotten the table, the friendly staff passed the menu which is really straightforward for anyone as it just filled with pictures of all their offerings!
Be sure to ask their service staff on the availability of their toast as some flavour aren't available to avoid disappointment..

Iced Strawberry Tea
After much studying of the menu, we decided on having an Iced Strawberry Tea which is a great cooler for a hot day which is really a combination of strawberry tea that surprisingly isn't sweet!

Bear in mind that the toast has 2 sizes which is the regular and the baby.. 
The difference of the sizes is that the Baby is a mini version which is according to the server that is just nice for 1 person whereas the regular size is the generous version that is perfect to share for 2 person.. Well for the people with a huge appetite can go for the regular size like yours truly!

Thereafter my drink arrived, the first plated dessert that arrived on the table for us to try is the Chocolate Strawberry Toast and I chosen to have this dessert in the Regular version! 

 Chocolate Strawberry Toast 
To my surprise, the portion is actually not as monstrous as the ones from the Haraju Cube in Empire Damansara! 

Let's get back to the toast shall we? So, this toast is a thick toast which is covered with homemade Belgium Chocolate sauce which are being beautifully topped with strawberries along side a double scoop of Vanilla ice cream and not to forget with a luscious serving of whipped cream..

Well after the arrival of the toast, you are also given a jar of maple syrup which is suitable for the sweet tooth people that just loves to have it extremely sweet but for me; I would just have it as it is! 

After much photo taking of the beautiful dessert, we just devoured it straight! The first bite of the toast is that we found it to be rather warm and toasty yet soft and filled with chocolate taste.. Surprisingly, it 

The 2nd dessert that arrived to the table is the Chocolate Mille Crepe which is actually a very popular french crepe dessert that is simply meant as the Thousand layer cake hence the never ending layers of crepe being stacked on each other with layers of cream in between.. 

For this instance, the chocolate mille crepe consist of the thousand layers of fine and thin chocolate crepe which just able to express your inner most delight from every single bite of it! 

Really a must have for those who just want something different other than their Toast..

Chocolate Mille Crepe 

Finally, the arrival of the second drink which is under the hot beverage category is the Earl Grey Lavender Tea.. 

The tea pot filled with the earl grey lavender tea and along came a mini sand timer which acts as the gauge your patience in letting the tea to brew into a lovely aroma of lavender that just amuse your palate and calms the senses! 

I really love this tea and not for the fact that it is the lavender infused tea but it just really a fantastic tea to have after a long of work when all you want to do is just sit back and enjoy those lovely desserts.. 

Fun fact: Lavender tea is really beneficial to relieve indigestion, Insomnia Relief, migrane and convulsions (uncontrollable contraction and relaxation of muscles) 

Earl Grey Lavender Tea 
The third dessert that we tried is the Nutella Toast.. This is a great choice for any die hard Nutella fan!

The texture of the toast is like the rest of it which is really buttery yet soft but now with the addition of a layer of the thick, rich and hazelnut goodness from the nutella spread which they gave on the generous side and they somehow managed to get along seemingly well..

 Not to forget the toast is great with some sliced strawberries which is my add on for this dessert as I was rather worried that the thickness of the nutella may overwhelm the toast and also the palate to continue more! Thankful for their strawberries that is sweet yet sourish enough to make the nutella shibuya not too dull to eat with ice cream..

Nutella Toast 

chocolate  banana toast 

The 4th dessert that we had for this evening would be the Chocolate Banana Toast
Well I'm quite impressive with the flavour combination and the simplicity of their presentation which just let the taste from the dessert speaks for themselves!

The portion of the toast that we had is regular size but the presentation is really simple yet similar to the Chocolate Strawberry Toast but with more sprinkles of chopped nuts and a side of bananas.. 

Well this dessert parlour is really a helpful place as it provides the best of the both world which is provides guilty and sweet pleasure with a side of fruits! 

So you're well covered and the taste of it is really simple yet nice with the softness of the buttered toast that has a layer of chocolate sauce as its coating and to finish it off is their vanilla scoop of ice cream and a sliced banana or even a smear of the whipped cream

The 5th shibuya toast that we had is the Matcha Toast which we had as a regular sized.. 

Matcha Toast 

Its something new for me honestly to see a matcha toast which mainly consists of a toast that is heavily dusted with matcha powder, 2 scoops of matcha ice cream and a healthy serving of their whipped cream on the side.. 

I'm actually a matcha lover but sadly this dessert rendition of a matcha which usually would be in tune with me.. Somehow this Miru interpretation of their matcha flavoured toast just not really impressive or even memorable in my palate as the ice cream melts really fast and in terms of flavour it's really a one dimensional sort of dessert.. It's really disappointing for me actually.. 

The last and finale dessert that we go for this toast frenzy post is their Peanut Butter Toast and wait for it?! the size that we chose is their Baby!!! 

Peanut Butter Toast 

I know but we just felt seriously overwhelmed from all the different renditions of a toast which we ordered it in regular.. 
Then we thought why not have the last hurray for this shibuya toast frenzy with a baby size one.. And partly is because we are really inquisitive to know how baby is their baby in terms of toast! 

The toast in terms of portion is really just good for an individual that has a mild craving for it.. 
The toast of it is really fluffy yet buttery that is gloss over with a decadent layer of the peanut butter spread and to finish it off is a generous rain of the crunchy walnut and almond slices and a double scoop of ice cream for good measure of satisfaction!

And yes it does satisfy the child in you with that decadent peanut butter spread that marries so well with crunchiness of the toasted almond and walnut and not to forget the strawberries! It's just makes you a happy kid again with this baby version of pure delight!

A busy place on weekends but all have the common love for their satisfying Shibuya Toast
Efficient and polite service

Must try:
Strawberry & Chocolate Shibuya Toast 
Earl Grey Lavender Tea 
Nutella Shibuya Toast 
Peanut Butter Toast 

Chocolate millecrepe 


Miru Dessert Cafe 
62, Jalan SS21/58, 
Damansara Utama 
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours: 

Monday- Thursday

Friday & Saturday 



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