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Miss Rose @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Hey everyone! Well we are constantly experiencing the extreme sunny heat! 
To combat this extreme heat, there is an ever famous Italian ice cream parlor that makes a beautiful Rose shape ice cream to give us a twist on enjoying this creamy ol' frosty delight!  

The Miss Rose is the only ice cream parlor in Subang Jaya that makes the Rose ice cream for you to enjoy its taste and also its beautiful creations.. Their ice cream follows the italian style of making it so it's known as a gelato.. Their shop is located at the same row as the McDonald's in SS15 but you are require to take a flight of stairs to reach the entrance of this rosy parlor..

This Rose ice cream is actually originated in Toulouse, France that has this amazingly crafted and churned gelato to be circling around the cones to craft out the most amazing and picture worthy Rose for you to be enjoyed! Well I was really overjoyed that this dainty and beautiful dessert has made it's presence in Subang!
"Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet."- Katharine Lee Bates
The moment you enter in the gelato parlor, you're greeted warmly from the Miss Rose angels and it was a stretch of tables and chairs for you to walk towards the gelato counter and the menu that has a colourful display against the grey ombre effect of the paint from the wall.. The vibe of the entire parlor is really instagramish as it has a very minimalist look with a great amount of surface area in terms of the walls and you can take those instagram worthy shoots.. 

The menu here are carefully divided into a few categories for you to choose from.. This parlor also make some savoury and sweet waffles other than the Miss Rose Gelato

Their gelato counter has an amazing yet mouth watering array of favourites that would make every foodie and ice cream/gelato lover to go crazy..
 Well that happens to me as the decision making is really difficult process to narrow down but no fret as the Miss Rose angels spends time with you on your journey of creating your creations by allowing you to try out the flavours! They are surprisingly patient with us that we are really indecisive in trying out and deciding the flavours.. Do note that they constantly adding and changing their flavours so certain new flavours doesn't have any name tag to it yet..

Once you have decided on the desserts or flavours you are going for, you gotta order and pay at the counter.. From there you can choose your seat and patiently waiting for their fashionable arrival to the table!

Current Promotion that is their special desserts creation and remember to ask them for any specials as the signage are hidden at the side which is rather a blind spot of the whole entire ice cream display fridge!

After much decision making, we have finally decided on going for one rose and one plated dessert.. The first to arrive is the Miss Rose Signature and we have chosen the flavors of Green Tea & Honey Vanilla.. Well for this Rose Signature, you can either to get their popular recommendations in creating your rose gelato or even customize it to your imagination! 

Miss Rose Signature (RM14.80)
The presentation of this Rose gelato is really beautiful and you have to get your pretty shots quickly as this beauty will melts really fast despite with the air conditioning on.. The craftsmanship of the scooping and placing the individual scoop as part of the petals are really amazing! 
Green Tea & Honey Vanilla
If it's your first time here to this rosey gelato place, no fret as their menu is really helpful in your decision making.. As for this rose gelato conception, you would require to decide on 2 flavours of gelato and of contrasting flavours to make it an enjoyable experience.. The flavours that I have chosen for my Rose is the Green Tea & Honey Vanilla.. 
The first mouthful that I had was really mindblowing as the you're able to taste the boldness of the green tea with it's smoky and slight bitterness that complements swiftly with the Honey Vanilla gelato that is more of a honey sweetness with a touch of floral and the pure vanilla bean texture on the palate.. 
Tutti Frutti (RM19.90)
The 2nd dessert to arrive to our table is the Tutti Frutti.. It is one of the sweet waffle creations of the menu.. The Tutti Frutti dessert consists of a dark chocolate waffle that is surrounded with chopped of strawberries, diced natta de coco and cubes of pineapple.. Well, this dessert is originally with a caramelizied bananas but it was out on this visit so it was replaced with the pineapple but thankfully it goes really well with the other elements of the dessert including the creamy dark chocolate gelato that is drizzled with great decadence of dark chocolate syrup.. Yes! This dessert is every chocoholic dream come true! 

You can get a beautiful Rose ice cream!
Great place to cool off from the heat & enjoy well made ice cream and creative plated desserts!
Creative dessert concoction! 
Must Try: 
Miss Rose Signature
Tutti Frutti 


Miss Rose Gelato
70, Jalan SS15/4d
Subang Jaya 

Opening Hours: 


Saturday & Sunday 

Closed on Monday 


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