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Jacob's Creek Private Chef @ Rowland Flat, Barossa

On the last day of my stay with the amazing and warm hospitality of the fellow Jacob's Creek Winery people, they are truly a great and fun bunch of people that wouldn't ever deny the request of a tour to  their vineyards in the Eden Valley and sharing the amazing yet historical  stories of the Gramp family and it's amazing innovation of wines! We also had a great time with an amazing view of the Barossa region via helicopter!

Steingarten view 

The weather on that day was abit cloudy and moody with the rain expect to visit by late afternoon.. Well a little rain won't stop us from enjoying the fantastic set up created by the chef from the Jacob's Creek restaurant for our private chef lunch! 

We started off the afternoon with a glass of the Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling! I'm actually surprised that Jacob's Creek also produces a sparkling wine that is actually quite good and can rival the kiwi's..  This sparkling  has a refreshing and enticing aroma of lemon and lime together with sweet strawberries and a warmth and yeasty aroma which is reminscent of the baked goods.. In appearance, this sparkling has actually a refined bubbles which shows their attention to detail and the control from their 2nd fermentation which made this sparkling a good quality sparkling!
Tastewise, this sparkling wine comprises a blend of Chardonnay & Pinot noir which made it a crisp and dry palate with a medium acidity which is a great aperitif wine as it creates the apetite for your meal together with the luscious & creamy texture from the fermentation and time spent with the dead yeast and a strong yet attractive biscuty and nutty flavours that works so well with the fun and fruity aroma of the red fruits like strawberries and raspberries! 

This seafood are locally sourced and delivered fresh daily to their kitchen! The picture above doesn't do much justice to the magnificent and generous size of this wild salmon! This was cooked ala bbq style and all I can say is that the slab of salmon is perfectly cooked with the flesh flaking off effortlessly and the skin is crispy with a touch of seasoning! It goes amazingly well with that pop of green sweet peas, dill and sweet radish! 

This photogenic plate of squid is really delicious and it has the simplest preparation which is it was chargrilled for a moment and it was being dressed with a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and a touch seasoning! It was also served with rockets that was harvested from the garden patch as well! Talk about the versatility of the chef to utilize the concept of farm to plate!

This root vegetables are harvested in their own garden patch which is located next to the Jacob's Creek Cottage and it is all organic farming! The amazing thing about this plate is that the chef have to be resourceful and adapt with the seasons as the fruits and vegetables are all based on what is available and planted during those seasons! I love the color and the variety of texture from the charred asparargus, yellow and purple carrots and also some inclusion of garlic flowers! 

This is one of their unique wine ventures which are championed by the Jacob's Creek winery and Pernord Ricard Winemaker's as they called it Blue Sky project.. This is a funded project which helps individual arm with great ideas or innovation towards the wine making industry.. 

This wine that we had is one of the produces from the Blue Sky project which is a Shiraz that is made organic viticulture (wine growing) in the McClaren Vale region! The color of this wine is really deep ruby red and it has this strong waft of tentalizing aromas of black peppers, dark fruits such as black berry, currants, red fruits such as cherries, liquorice and also sweet baking spices such as vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom.. This is a full bodied wine with a silky smooth tannin but with a spicy yet elegant kick of the black pepper! 

It surprisingly goes well with the fatty Crispy skin seared salmon! 


Amazing private chef lunch with a great and historical setting of the Jacob's Cottage

You can book the Private Chef lunch and cooking class from the Jacob's Creek website!

Jacob's Creek Cottage
Barossa Valley Way, 
Rowland Flat 
South Australia 

+61 8 85213000


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