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Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre @ Rowland Flat, South Australia

Good Day! Well this is the 3rd part of my Barossa wine adventure in the land Down Under! 
Gosh, It was truly an amazing 3 days of fun filled adventure with numerous wine tastings and walks around the beautiful vineyards and soaking up all the wealth of history and information about the family and the wines behind the label!
Morning Master class Food & Wine Matching
Since it's the last day that I'm enjoying the warmth and splendid hospitality of the Jacob's Creek and St Hugo wineries, we were whisked away to a special treat which is a Morning Master class of Food & Wine Matching courtesy of the Jacob's Creek people that they host in their spacious and laidback setting of the Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre.. 

The setting of this master class is really amazing with the variety of wines that are laid out for this class which are arrange accordingly from the Sparkling reserve that they have to their light and refreshing white and it ended with a delightful intensity of red wines ranging from light to heavy and elegant with in depth of intensity!

The way they conducted the masterclass is how it should have been conducted as they have a specific laid out mat with numbers which are corresponding to the wines based on the bottles and the food pairing that they have prepared in sample portion alongside a menu .. 

With that wine glasses that are carefully poured by their charming and wine experts staff, then we are immediately being whisked away to wine land with their sommelier Nick! 
He would guide you throughout the wine discovery a step at a time alongside each glasses with it's food accompaniment!
I love this way of tasting class as it gives you a better understanding on the wine in terms flavour, the sense of place that the winery  and the whole structure of the wine and you can taste and experiment with the wine and food pairing theory rather that listening to the wine makers advice..

Garden Salad 
After a scrumptious and phenomenal masterclass in the morning, we are ushered  to their restaurants which they have already set up the table for our lunch! Their menu here is really simple yet everything on the menu is really tempting and made it an absolutely hard to make a choice to begin with.. 
After much thinking, we made a decision on the Baked Celeriac that is accompanied with local camembert cheese and sprinkling of walnut with microherbs!
Baked celeriac, camembert & walnut 
This is actually a main course dish that sounded more like an appetizer but it is a main dish listed in the menu.. The celeriac is an acquired dish and taste for most people as it wasn't a popular root vegetable dish to begin with.. This celeriac is a bitter and not much of a flavour as a root vegetables which is why it goes amazing with the creamy and cheesy notes of a camembert and the crunchy texture of a walnut that is finally dressed with a fragrant pesto! This is quite a delightful dish as the camembert help to bring amazing earthy flavours of the celeriac and it masked the bitterness.. 
This dish goes well with a creamy white wine such as their Lyndale Chardonnay 
Angus Beef Eye Fillet 
The 2nd dish is the Angus Beef Eye Fillet that is together with baked onion, olive & caper salsa..
This dish is really hearty as the portion is really generous but it was a great pairing with their special wine of the Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet that was exquisite with an elegant, mellowed shiraz that exudes eucalpytus, cigar box, dried figs and dark bitter chocolate that pairs extremely well with the brine taste of the caper salsa and the sweetness of the onion that makes this dish enjoyable!

Shiraz poached pear, beetroot & dark chocolate ice cream
The final course is the dessert which I had was the lovely and dark Shiraz poached pear, beetroot & dark chocolate ice cream that looks too enticing to devour it! After much documentation of exquisite dessert, we finally took the fork and pierce it and we are truly in awe with the firmness of the pear and the depth of flavour and variety of notes that mingles so well with the Shiraz and the beetroot that has more of an earthy characteristics! This shiraz poached pear dessert goes well with a sauternes styled wine or even alone with the Johann Shiraz!

A great place to taste & discover an array of wines from the Barossa! 
Great place for lunch with amazing local produce and wines!

Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre 
Rowland Flat
South Australia

Opening Hours: 
Visitor Centre 



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