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Kaiju Company @ APW Bangsar

The roaring origami dragon is the guardian of this fortress or exquisite promise of scrumptious food!

This place is a pretty small eatery with just an indoor seating which is a great one, and the APW area is a limited one with its enchanting eateries that all promises you to delight your senses and palate!

You can not even notice that this place is sandwiched between the Proof Gourmet Pizza restaurant and their only bar in the area; Birusan! You can also spot Kaiju with its neon lights signage and also the origami dragon which is the welcome for this humble home of Japanese & Thai fusion .. 

The layout of the restaurant is actually very spacious with lots of tables and you can also sit at their "bar" area which is something similar to the Japanese sushi restaurants. up rather fast, so if you're planning to have dinner here; do not wait until the moment that they are in the room. 

So please remember to bring money along!

Enough talk about their restaurant and the Origami Dragon. Let's start getting acquainted with all this delicious morsels of food! 
When we were told that their menu was mainly comprised of Japanese and Thai cuisine, the first thing that popped up in our minds would be the element of heat in the most of the dish! 

That's right you heard me CHILI !! but fret not as the server there are really accommodating with your heat tolerance. 
This is really helpful for us as we are not a huge fan on the topic of Thai cuisine famous for!

Aroi Tori Karaage (RM18)
The first dish that we had which is their appetizer is the Aroi Tori Kaarage which is the fried chicken with cheese mayo with a touch of fish roe and spring onions along side some greens .. The fried chicken to our surprise is really crispy on the outside and its juicy and moist on the inside .. The flavors present in this kaarage is really harmonious and delicious with the mayo that has a fantastic balance of sweet, sour, cheesy and slight hint or spice that just elevates an ordinary fried chicken to something awe inspiring yet tantalizing for your mouth in every bite! 

Sake & Lemonade (RM20)

For their drinks menu which is actually not much of a variety of things it is rather straight forward with the usual suspects but thankfully they show a playful side of theirs with the concoction of Sake with other types of beverages or spirits!
 One of their creation caught my eye which was the Sake & Lemonade .. This drink is the perfect concoction for a warm evening! 
It is really pure magic in a glass that sake not too overpowering and the not too harsh on the palate!
 It has this amazing balance of citrus acidity and the sweetness from the sake 

BKK Style Pasta (RM28)

After a much relaxing and refreshing drink or sake cocktail, we moved on to their main course which is the BKK Style Pasta..

This is a true fusion of 3 different cultures on the plate which is beautifully marked to emphasize the authenticity of the dish which just showcases the simplicity of the flavors as well! 
This plate of thin linguine was cooked beautifully and the 2 wonderfully poached prawns was perfectly poached which is quite huge  in size with a delicate yet sweet texture on the meat and it comes together with an onsen style of egg that was married together with the minced meat that originally has the spicy kick from the chili but you can advise the servers to tone it down alittle.. 
All in all, this dish is really delicious but portion is perfectly fit for one..

All I could say is  that the ingredients in those plates was like an articulate orchestra of heat .. 
Truly delicious and let's not forget about the beautiful prawns we shall!

Kaiju Open Sandwich (RM24)

The Kaiju Open Sandwich is the first main course to visit in its rather ordinary Western cousin..
If memory serves me right, it is the only thing that is interesting as this eatery has not done an open sandwich in their repertoire .. So we decided to try it out for ourselves to see whether they are any good as how the pictures on instragram looks! 
In terms of the presentation of this dish is really straightforward as the name on the menu suggests, it was served on a wooden oblong shaped plate with a medium doneness of pan seared beef with crumbles of cheese together with the refreshing cucumber and tomatoes salsa and finally it was being paired with the lightly toasted baguette toasts and the spicy kick of chili and shoyu dressing.. 

This beef is really well cooked with a tender and juicy sauce. the spicy chili and shoyu sauce dressing! The approach on eating this dish is entirely up to your imagination.. As you can have it something like a style of the mini sliders or even you can go for the meat and the salsa itself.. 
We really enjoyed the combination of juicy and juicy salads and citrus salads.
This is a great plate to share with your dining partner and also to be enjoyed with a glass of Junmai Daiginjo sake .. 

The menu has recently been updated and improved to include sake! 
Yoyogi Tuna Tataki (RM26)
However, this is a popular dish from their current menu which can be found in their appetizer menu; Yoyogi Tuna Tataki .. This is actually one of the most sought after appetizer dish from the Kaiju menu and when the dish came, we know why! The presentation of it is absolutely stunning and colorful.. 
Being that seafood is really a versatile dish to enjoy and share with friends and especially if it is a salmon or a tuna dish that is made tataki method.. Tataki method is actually a process whereby the meat or fish is seared very briefly over a hot flame or in a pan.. So this way it still preserve the freshness and also the taste of the protein rather than overcooking it! 

For this Yoyogi Tuna Tataki dish, it is made with a brief contact of a strong flame  until the outer layer turns slightly brown that is made in their version of the sushi counter and it is then served alongside with a creamy and nutty dressing alongside the acidic with a touch of heat Mango salad.. 

This combination is actually really scrumptious as the tuna tataki still preserves its freshness and the portion was on the thicker side and it was sprinkled with sesame seeds that goes nicely with the creamy and nutty dressing that enhances the whole tuna eating experience with a side of nutty and umami flavours even though the fish isn't seasoned.. The mango salad is also a perfect pairing with the tuna tataki as the tuna has this rather smoky and charred outer layer and taste that goes well with the sourish and slight fire of the green chili of this Mango salad! 

Awesome Aussie Beef (RM36)
This is actually a main course that is meant for eating alone but if you're planning to try out other food on their menu, then this is a great main to share! 
It is one of the handwritten in another sheet of paper which also includes the Kaiju kitchen to be place in their current menu .. This is called Awesome Aussie Beef .. 

Bare in mind that the portion of this main course will overwhelm you with awe!
The portion of this beautiful awesome beef is actually a good portion for good .. 
So fellow big eater please order more dishes as this one would just leave you hankering for more! 
In terms of taste, this has an interesting balance between the citrus notes from the lemon, the umami taste from the mushroom and the crunchy texture from the dragon fly greens that also brought out the sweetness..
The beef is actually a tenderloin that was cooked to perfection which still retains it's tender and juicy mouthfeel when eaten.. The beef goes nicely with the crunchy dragonfly greens and the sourish yet spicy dressing which are made with touches of green chilies.. 
Dangerous Prawns (RM18)
This is actually in the snacks section of their menu. This is an awesome and addictive snack to be shared with some drinks from their next by neighbor; Birusan or cool glass or sauvignon blanc .. The snack name sounds quite dangerous; Dangerous Prawns .. 

You might wonder that what is so dangerous in nibbling prawns but beware this is truly dangerous when you started it ..  

The Dangerous Prawns is actually a beautiful basket containing a school or fried baby prawns that is crispy and crunchy .. The texture is reminscent or eating a basket full of hand cut triple cooked fries like the one Heston Blumenthal made! 
This Dangerous Prawns comes with a side dipping sauce or green chili that brings kick to your tastebuds! Thankfully the sauce is there that the prawns are on the oily side but it is a wonderful combination of taste and flavors that are wonderfully reported! 


The server there is really accommodating to our request and speedy service ..

It's better to make a reservation if you want to be in a big group as the space of this eatery is not that large and it fills up rather quickly ..

They have recently updated their menu with the inclusion of the dessert menu!

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4.5 / 5
Price: 3.5 / 5
Service: 4/5

Must Try:

Aroi Tori Karaage
BKK Style Pasta
Kaiju Open Sandwich 
Yoyogi Tuna Tataki

Sake & Lemonade 

Kaiju Company 
29, Jalan Riong 
Kuala Lumpur 

Contact: 03-2788 3796

Opening Hours 

Closed on Monday 

 Tues- Sunday 


6 pm-10 pm


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