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Proof Gourmet Pizza @ APW, Bangsar

Buonasera amico!

The latest place to be seen in is actually the APW Bangsar which is located just next to the Balai Berita News Straits Times (Jalan Riong).. Many events has been held there, the place to be if you want to have great instagrammable photos and not to forget amazing food or coffee!

Recently the latest addition to the APW Bangsar stretch of eateries to grace their presence is the Proof Gourmet Pizza which is sandwiched between the Dragon of Kaiju, the Agak-Agak and the ever glamorous Breakfast Thieves!

From the mouth watering pictures of their wood fire oven baked pizzas of both Instagram feeds and the Burpple App which made this place a must visit for me as it's really hard to find a thin crust pizza which is well made.. I was interested to know more actually and was just thinking it would be another pizza place which is made by hand with fresh ingredients only but after the following enticing pictures in this post will make you automatically arrange this place to be either your lunch or dinner date with your loved ones or friends!

Just to be honest with you that this place is a non-halal place which servers pork and also alcohol and they also allow the diners to bring their own bottle of wine with a surcharge of RM50 per bottle but if you're feeling rather lazy you can select wines from their carefully curated wine list..

Let's walk down the pathway of endless italian love! From their menu which is really simple but after reading their detailed description which just shows how powerful it is the attraction or satisfaction that you're able to get from a simple food..
Their menu currently comprises of Traditional and Gourmet for pizza and a dessert but according to their friendly servers that there will be some additions to their current menu! Keep your eyes peel people for their italian friends!

Alright enough of the menu! So after much debate on which to choose for, we settled on the Umbrian Truffle Pizza from the Gourmet section of the Pizza list and bare in mind that there are 2 sizes of the pizza to choose from which is the 8 and 12 inches..
 For this dinner, we went for their 8 inches which just nice for 2 stomaches!

Umbrian Black Truffle Pizza (RM39)
This is actually one of the most well known and sought after pies in Proof.. The Umbrian Black truffle is such an attractive concoction just by the sound of it but sadly the description is injustice to the outcome of this beautiful pie.. 
What you can expect from this black truffle of deliciousness is that the fluffy pillow like dough is being spread seductively with a generous helping of their black truffle paste as the based and it was married together with an array of mixed mushrooms which finally sprinkled on sumptuous cuttings of the taleggio cheese which undergone a massive transformation which soon be the most loved pie ever!

Much patience is expected as we waited eagerly for this amazing pie to arrive to the table.. And the wait is totally worth it! The moment it arrives, the aroma of the elegant mixed mushrooms and the most prominent would be that rich and earthy yet elegant black truffle paste is so pungent yet attractive that it was so tempting for us to keep our hands off the plate.. We quickly documenting this beauty with no time to spare and soon after we sliced it into 4 piece pizza.. In each slice which is warm and the taleggio cheese was really stretchy and it was every cheese lover dream! 
In terms of taste, the dough was really light and spongy and not too charred till it's bitter.. The black truffle paste has an attractive waft of earthy aroma but in terms of taste it was really rich and earthy that marries amazingly with the creamy and cheesy of taleggio cheese! It was a perfect marriage between the salty and earthy balance of taste and texture in a single pie!

The 2nd pizza that we tried is the Polpa di Granchio pizza.. This is one of the pizza in their gourmet pizza selection that features an enticing array of pizza creation to choose from.. 
This is a pizza that is a unique one which is  a pizza that features an interesting selection of seafood texture and taste that would complement each other in every bite! 

Pizza Polpa di Granchio (RM37)
It's a very colorful pizza that resembles the flag of Italy that comprises layers of texture of soft crab claw meat that was dressed in  a generous and luscious blanket of herbed pesto that was beneath a bouncy and melty mouthfeel of a mozzarella and peppery pecorino romano and finally dressed with a zesty lemon and sweet cherry tomato.. 
This pizza is really homey and very hearty.. We were really surprised that the pizza elements is goes harmoniously well with the peppery notes of the pecorino, the creaminess of the mozzarella cheese and the sourness of the tomato based.. Well the crab claw was there but more on the side lines as it wasn't really prominent as it was just in the bite short and sweet!

Foccacia di Rocco (RM39)
The 3rd pizza that we tried and it's the latest addition to their newly revamped menu is the Foccacia di Rocco.. This is a unique and playful pizza as you would normally see foccacia as the bread for starter.. This is the only pizza with a 10 inch that is great for sharing and it was presented like a pizza but it was sliced into 2 like a sandwich..

The moment of truth doesn't have to be long as the pizza was swiftly made and presented to us with a tantalizing aroma of the charred crust and the fragrant aroma of the mozarella and pecorino romano cheese alongside the generous spread of spongy and velvety yet creamy ricotta mascapone and finally with a few heavenly slices of salty yet melt in your mouth parma ham and dusting of bitter and crunchy arugula..
It may sound a mouthful and too much of cheese to begin with but when we had the first bite of it, it was otherwise as the proof is in the pudding.. The foccacia was very light, airy and fluffy that was like a blank canvas waiting to be splattered with endless textures, flavours and creamy combination that would make you swoon for more!
Well that is what the pizza master's are doing in this pizza as the salty and peppery pecorino romano gave the foccacia a rather deep and umami like taste alongside the fatty and nutty parma ham being wrapped around the crunchy and bitter arugula! It was amazing with that charred bits on the edges of the pizza and the melted and creamy ricotta that was just dancing sexily with that parma ham as if they were doing the tango!

Verdict : 

Amazing pizza that just makes you fall in love more with their pizza marries well with amazing ambience and wines! 
Advisable to make reservations in advance 

Must Try: 

Umbrian Truffle pizza
Foccacia di Rocco pizza 

Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

Proof Gourmet Pizza 
29, Jalan Riong, 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours: 

12-2:30pm (Tuesday- Sunday)
6-10:30pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

Closed on Monday 

Contact details : 603-27883613


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