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French twist @ Yeast, Bangsar

Have you ever wonder where the best place to find french goodies in KL?

Well I got the answer for that.. Its in Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar..

There's a french restaurant named Yeast and its quite a hidden gem with an interesting signage..
To find this place, you gotta walk alittle from Bangsar Village 2 mall to reach this place..

The restaurant place is very busy and bustling with people especially on the weekends but it has a good vibe that is so inviting, warm and welcoming.. I was first greeted by a handsome french man that is so nice and friendly with a smile that displays a good host and warmth hospitality.. The moment i step foot into the bistro it gave me the feeling of the impression that I was being transported back to an authentic french bistro with its decor, music, sittings and there is a french chef in the kitchen..

The restaurant has an open kitchen with  long bar that has some great background with some coffee machines and also a kitchen with a space for the chef to work out their pastries and also breads.. The people there is so nice, helpful and friendly.. The menu is quite limited but it helps the customers there to narrow down in on a few items..

So I decided to have for myself a smoked salmon that was sandwiched with some lovely sour cream with some japanese cucumber and the only thing i could say the portion is quite reasonable with some chips and also a bowl of salad.. I also had some desserts that was pain au chocolat & amande ( almonds) and it was so so so delicious and not too heavy.. Besides that, i also had some chocolat madeline's.. Its so nice and cute.. Both of this dishes are such a great accompaniment with the choice of tea that I've ordered and also it really fills up my tummy throughout the day..

The verdict: This place done a wonderful job in their food and also their service and staff is nice, friendly, welcoming and warm..So would return again for their pastries as my tea hehe..
 They also do have specific times for each meal and they do offer high tea from 3:30pm with the price of RM 28 per person..Its a good price considering with its selection of teas and also choices of pastries..

Now they do offer dinner selections that is seems mouth watering with the ways that each dish for each category are being prepared.. So hopefully I have the chance to return for a 2nd time and for a chance to sample on its dinner selection ^^

Location: Yeast bistro, Jalan telawi 2
Ambience: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5

My tea 

Main course 

Pain au chocolat & Chocolat madeleine

The dinner menu 


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