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Wonderous cupcakes @ Bisou, KLCC

Well its been awhile from my last post.. Was quite busy with my stuff and was slowly recovering from my lack of sleep and also difference in schedule.. OK! enough about those items..

 Let me share with you my latest findings.. Its a dessert that is cute and taste amazingly delicious..
So for me getting something that is cute and taste so good that it can easily brighten up your day or just simply puts a smile on your face is the greatest gift or treat in the world and I did have that for today and that was CUPCAKES!!!

I know that its an understatement but for me that small little cupcake can really cheer me up and so I went to the nearest cupcake outlet within the vicinity that was the Bisou cupcake in KLCC located in the centre between the TGV cinema, paul frank store and also the adidas outlet.. Its an impromptu  cake shop that has a section for sitting area that consists of sofas and also those stools near the display cabinet that has an array of amazing desserts... They also do offer some made to order cakes for special occasions but I really come for their cupcakes that is a delish and every month they have a special cupcake being created and the flavor are interesting and inspiring ^^.. So hopefully everyone is excited as I do about it hehehe..  Personally my favourites are chocolate dementia and also the banoffee cupcake (Love them lotzz)

For now, they do offer a limited offer of Luxe cupcakes that consist of banoffee cupcake, hazelnut truffle, nuts about chocolate and finally rocky road.. It look so yummy and cute and also inviting that it tempted me to buy more after my purchase of their cupcakes that was buy 5 free 1..

My purchase for the day was 2 chocolate dementia (my absolute favourite and you wont go wrong with it ), 1 apple pie, 1 cupcake of the month: Sarsparilla, 1 red velvet and also a something but i cant seem to remember the name.. The staff there is so nice and friendly and they are so good in making you to add more cupcakes but you simply couldn't resist them with the cute cupcakes.. There are a few cupcakes that i haven't tried yet and that was the pink lemonade and blonde velvet..

This bakery has 2 outlets that is Bangsar Village 1 and also KLCC
So do remember to drop by for their cupcakes and also rainbow cakes with a cuppa coffee or tea ^^
Latest offer by them.. Don't miss out 

(1st row: red velvet, sarsparilla
2nd row: chocolate dementia and apple pie) 


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