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Taiwanese experience @ Kiki by Fong Lye, KLCC

Do you have any idea about Taiwanese cuisine ?

Personally, i don't have much idea on what is the specialty that this country in terms of food have to offer and so to clear up all my doubts and questions that made this cuisine gain such high popularity among the malaysian society. 

I've come to visit Kiki by Fong Lye group that is located at the 4th of the Suria KLCC for a try of its taiwanese cuisine. The moment i arrived at the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by the waiter and waitress of the establishment and after that I was shown to the seats and menu was given..

Quite like the cover of the menu with its cute kitty cat as its restaurants logo. During the hours that I've visited, it was fairly quite but the surrounding areas of the restaurants was quite modern and relaxing. The music was a mix of chinese and as well as some english songs but it was a great accompaniment throughout the whole dining experience. 

The food portion here especially for its set meal is quite generous but it really worth paying for the price that they have set for each set meal and there are a varieties of set meal that ranges from rice accompanied with chicken, seafood or beef and also noodles with beef, curry, seafood and also tea infused duck which in the picture look quite promising..

From Kiki's, I have ordered was a dry beef udon and this dish has some condiments with this noodle dish and also it has a small bowl of old melon soup which was actually my favourite soup in the chinese cuisine.. The dry beef udon is surprisingly not a heavy dish with some sourish flavours in its sauce and some chili essence but it really do compliment each other very well and the beef were cooked beautifully which is wasnt too dry.. Really loved it ^^, was busying eating and enjoying the dish till forgotten about the surroundings.. Then I had some little condiments that would consist of some sourish salads with some cucumbers and some vinegratte dressings, a fried chicken that was covered with a glazed which keeps it moist and juicy and also easy to eat and lastly a fried seafood wrap that is accompanied with its special sauce that do taste like teriyaki.. Other than that, I've had a fried squid flavoured with some curry leafs and also a fried sweet potato balls( not in the picture).. These condiments / appetizers are such a nice snacks to start the meal of as it isn't so heavy after consuming it and the sweet potato balls are such a cute thing to look at and its a not that oily and still retains its flavour of the sweet potato and the sweetness of the potatoes. The tea choices aren't that wide but you could have the pleasure of choosing teas that are plain flavoured like the one I've ordered and also it has a mixture of rose + oolong tea, jasmine + oolong tea etc... Whereas their desserts aren't much to rave for because its just mainly consist of shaved ice..

Conclusion: would love to comeback and try their other set meals and also its side dishes..
Important: Go for their set meal and the condiments
ambience: 4/5
food: 5/5
price: 4/5
service: 4/5

Taiwanese oolong tea by pot 

Dry beef udon 

fried squid

Kiki by Fong lye @ 4th floor, Suria KLCC 


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