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Coffee Workshop @ Tangerine, Taylor's

I realised that the coffee culture has developed greatly in Malaysia espcially within the Kuala Lumpur region..
Now you could see alot of places popping up that sells hand crafted coffee or artisan coffee such as the bangsar area, publika, KL shopping area and also some in damansara..

Enough about that, so with the trend of coffee drinking gaining much of the popularity, it kept me thinking on how do we come to know so much of coffee appreciation? because the truth is that I have not much of an idea about the art of coffee appreciation and also which type of coffee to start with..

I would like to thank my lucky star when I heard there was a coffee workshop that took place in my uni and it was organised by a club called the wine and dine.. I immediately seized the opportunity to expand my horizons on the subject of coffee.. I was pretty excited to learn more about coffee so that I wouldn't need to pause whenever I would order a cuppa coffee..

So the facilitator for the workshop was the people from the Barista's Guild Asia.. They are the people from the industry that focuses on the education part of the coffee and also they offer a lot of training on coffee appreciation and also barista classes for those that aspire to be one of them in the future..
So they gave  a little of an introduction about the coffee..

Then after the brief explanation we were taken into the bar with the coffee equipment and the facilitator was kind enough to show the participant and myself on the way of making a cuppa of coffee and also the explanation of the machine..asked to smell for the aroma and to slurp for taste of the coffee to see whether we could be able to detect the body, flavour and acidity.. Its like somewhat similar to tasting a wine but like what they told us was that generally coffee is sweet because of its origin that was its a fruit.. Besides that, they also mentioned about the skill of the barista and also the bean how they were roasted that would determine the quality of the coffee made not the machine.. They did brew for us some americano that is basically espresso with water.. So could say that its a diluted espresso and we were They also did some coffee art for us and we were in awed the craft and skill of making a  cup of cappucino and also a latte.. The surprising part would be that it look similar in the cup but the amount of froth height is different.. The latte has more froth than the cappucino..
Then after the explanation, we were given the opportunity to sample the coffee with the desserts made by the members of the club.. The desserts option are tiramisu, chocolate cake, cheesecake and also black forest cake.. It was served beautifully..

Conclusion: Had a great time gaining knowledge about coffee and also new friends.. So now I have a better understanding about coffee.. Cant wait to order one coffee to try..

If you want to learn more about art of coffee making, you can drop by the Barista's Guild Asia centre in Ara Damansara  or just visit their FB page..

Desserts( L-R: Cheesecake, chocolate cake, black forest, tiramisu) 

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