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Mexican lunch @ Fresca, The Gardens

Usually when we are having a mexican meal would be at the Chili's restaurant but not many places do offer authentic mexican meal at a commercial venue.. So, I have discovered a place that foots the bill in our lovely city(KL).. The named is Fresca Mexican Kitchen and bar.. Its located at the Garden's mall..
It actually is hidden, just opposite of juicy couture and you have a view of the cars passing by you..

Its rather quiet for lunch but the decor of the whole restaurant was quite cozy furnished with wooden furniture and also things that associates with the restaurant.. The services is just reasonable and the server is there to just take orders, serve and present the bill.. Just the basic duties of a server.. Not much of communication or any interactions from them and also they don't really give much feedback or opinions about the food or portion sizing..

Ok, enough about the negatives.. Now the main part of the whole agenda.. Eating!!!
So, for today's visit, we tried their set lunch and they have plenty of offers going on for certain days and also certain times, so gotta be observant people!!..

So for the set lunch we are having, we are having the soup of the day which is the mushroom soup with bits of nachos in it.. It was quite different in colour which is dark brown and with the addition of nachos and also bites of mushroom..

I had for lunch would be the  beef burritos but you have the option between chicken and beef.. it is served with mexican red rice and also condiments of guacomole and pico de gallo.. Overall it taste quite reasonable.. The portion of the dish is also quite reasonable with its 2 burritos and also minimal amount of mexican red rice which is lack of its mexican flavours which for me is sort of a let down.. The condiments was also a disappointment in terms of portion sizing.. Love both the condiments but it wasn't enough.. In my opinion they should consider being a tad bit generous on their portion sizing to match the amount that they are charging and also their competitors as well.. The beef burritos, minced beef in the burritos was cooked well which is good..

Then N and I had was the enchilada verde..  In terms of looks, it wasn't very appetizing cause it was a burritos filled with chicken and covered with a verde which is in this case, green in colour.. The presentation of the food could say was on the homey category but in the restaurant it wasn't appeared as appetizing as it could have been.. The taste was just quite ok not much of an attention grabbing dish..

The next dish that N had was the pollo a la parilla.. When it came to the table, it was served in a hot plate and the sizzling sound was quite loud and we were pretty excited as it looks quite appetizing with its grilled chicken, rice and also some green and red bell peppers.. The chicken in this dish tasted good and this dish had a chili sauce to go with the chicken and the rice.. This is great as it helps to boost the flavour of the dish as the rice is bland.. Love the chicken as it brings in the taste of honey in the chicken.
Lastly, we had dessert.. So for dessert, we tried churros con cajeta.. It is presented with a glass of churros and accompanied with 2 dipping sauces that is chocolate and the goat's milk.. Disappointed with the chocolate sauce as I was expecting the chocolate sauce to be in the consistency of a ganache rather than watery but the goat's milk is quite interesting and still taste quite good and light..

Ambience: 2/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5

Verdict: Overall the food that we had for lunch was just reasonable but was expecting alot since I heard plenty of positive comments about this place..

the menu

Drinks menu


soup of the day

Beef burritos 

Enchilada verde

Pollo a la parilla 

Churros con cajeta 

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G242-A, Ground floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Midvalley City
KL, Malaysia. 
Opening hours; 11am-11pm


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