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Heavenly Lunch @ Ben's General Food Store, Bangsar Village

Well its the Friday again!! It means the weekends are here and its time to let your hair down ^^

So for me, I love the ample of time I have for today with a laid back schedule.. I spent it with having a great lunch in the atmosphere of a hearty,warmth and relax place..

Ben's General Food Store in Bangsar Village 1 is located next to the Nando's restaurant and just facing opposite of the Village grocer's.. Well its convenient that allows you to do your grocery shopping at the village grocers and also next to Ben's General Food Store is its sister outlet that is the Barn BBQ and it also sells the prepared cuts of meats and also some freshly baked pastries and also some lovely dessert to go..

Now back to the eating agenda.. The menu of this restaurant is quite simple and quite limited so not much of diversity if you want to have more options.. But the menu is a large piece of paper with the both sides listed the food offered by the two restaurants..
You could see that the Barn BBQ is mostly offering the meaty perspective of its dishes any have some vegetarian options thrown into the mix.. There are also the different types of meat type such as the wagyu beef.. Whereas the Ben's General Food Store is mostly home style of cooking with its simple food and have different categories of food made available for us to eat.. Not much of a meaty menu for the meaty lovers..

For today, my friend and I had a Gamberi Piccante.. Its basically a pizza with mozarella, tiger prawns, chili, tomatoes and roasted garlic.. The moment it arrived to our table, I was overwhelmed and excited with how it look like and also the aroma of the pizza is such an enticing that it made me super excited to get my hands on a slice of that  pizza.. The only thing I could say about this pizza that, It is so good and its not a heavy pizza especially the cheese being a light cheese and the prawns were cooked perfectly and it tasted so good accompanied by the tomato paste as its base, chili and also the roasted garlic.. The roasted garlic was so nice, sweet, soft and it tasted so good that made you wanting more of this pizza..
 Its a sure thing to eat when you visit there 

So the next thing we had was the caesar salad that is because I ordered a beef pie and it was an accompaniment. Well the salad is not much to shout about it but considering the times that I have tried the caesar salad, this considered quite good..

After that, the chicken burger and the appearance of it was good.. The burger was presented with 2 sides that was coleslaw and french fries.. Sadly, the appearance didn't really deliver the expectations that I was hoping for.. The coleslaw was sad and dry and the chicken burger even though its cooked perfectly and juicy but the taste of it somehow felt weird.. I'm not sure why either but was tad bit disappointed..

The next and final thing that we had today was the beef pie.. This dish is for me and it looks so similar to the beef pie I had in Ben's KLCC but it tasted so good with its perfectly braised beef chunks and also the vegetables were braised to perfection and it still hold their shapes well and the onions in the pie were sweet and succulent.. Love it

Ben's General Food Store menu

Barn BBQ menu

Homemade Lemonade (RM10.90)

Gamberi Piccante (RM 26.90)

Caesar Salad (RM12.90)

Beef pie (RM 26.90)

Chicken Burger (RM 22.90)

The main entrance 

Verdict: Would love to comeback again for the pizza.. Love it !!
              Restaurant has a cute & relax concept and the place gets busy during the lunch hours so better get there early.

Ambience: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
                                                        Opening hours : 9am-10pm (daily)

                                                            Ben's General Food Store
                                                            G 17 &18, Ground Floor
                                                               Bangsar Village 1
                                                              No.1, Jalan Telawi 1
                                                                 Bangsar Baru


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