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KGB @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Bonjour !

Since the new emerging trend of the gourmet burger came to Malaysia, it seems that the burger joint is sprouting out from every corner of the Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya.. Mainly alot of those burger joints opens in the areas of Bangsar, Subang or Damansara..
Actually, i stumbled upon about the KGB ( Killer Gourmet Burger) when I read about it in the Flavours magazine in this months issue.. When i saw the pics, the burger looks interesting and delicious..
On friday after my class ended early, myself and N drive our way to the HQ of the KGB's for some secret meetings with its burger.. When I first heard of the name KGB, it reminded me of the russian spies we've heard about in those James Bond's movie..

The KGB lair is located opposite of the Yeast Bistronomy @ Jalan Telawi 2.. So you just have to walk a little from the Bangsar Village 2.. The store is quite small and narrow  and it also has its logo in the middle of the wall which is nice to look at and the outlet has a long mirror for the customers to look at the logo and to give the impression of a large room but it is constantly packed with people ordering and waiting for their elite burgers to be done and served by the staff..The burger joint has a television that shows the diners on the process carried out to make those elite burgers which can give a sense of relief to some customers that are curious about their burgers..

So when we arrived, the menu was given by a staff and it is a simple template of its menu.. In the menu, there are 2 types of meat that you can order which are beef and chicken and then there are a list of choices for drinks and sides.. Their sides is basically fries but have varieties of fries and some salads.. From there we made the order at the counter and waited for those elite burgers to arrive to our table..
So, we had for lunch was Animal Style and Tornado chicken version and also we ordered 2 different types of speciality fries which was the herbed fries and cajun fries.. The drinks that we ordered were ordinary coke but the interesting thing is that it was served in its chilled glass bottles which were cute and small in size..

Finally, the Animal Style burger came to meet me and it just looks amazing with it being accompanied by a Cajun fries which brings excitement and taste to the fries.. The burger elite is served in a high cake tray sort of look like a bread tray which is interesting and not found everywhere.. The Animal Style which consist of crust seared grassfed beef, mustard, grilled sharp cheddar, caramilized onion and shack sauce.. The moment i had the first bite of it, it tasted heavenly and the patty cooked perfectly giving it a balance of tender yet juicy and not dry.. Love it and the combination of its other ingredients made it even better.. The cajun fries is lovely and wasnt that overpoweringly spicy and not salty as well.. Loved it and the fries is made by hand..

Animal Style 

Next, was the Tornado style chicken version.. The response i got from N was that the chicken patty was moist and juicy.. The burger consist of grilled chicken, onion rings, sunny side egg and red pepper mayo.. His burger was accompanied by the lovely herbed fries which tasted of rosemary and some thyme in it and the result was delicious, not too overpowering of the herbs and wasn't too salt yet still delicious and compliments the whole meal..
 Tornado style (chicken)

The interesting of this burger joint is that usually the burger is served in a basket plate or just an ordinary plate but in KGB it is served in a bake tray and the burger is placed in  a paper pocket and it is so nice for people like me that doesn't really like both the flavours of fries and burger being mixed which is nice that they are still served in a same plate but separated.. The burger bun has a stamp of approval from HQ of KGB which is cute and interesting and it is also spread with garlic spread or butter..

Verdict: Love the burger.. Must try Animal Style!!

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Price:3/5 ( Quite reasonable price)
Service: 3/5
  Address: 23 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
Phone number: 03 220-11-220

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