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La Bodega @Empire Subang Jaya

 Ola mucha chos!!!

The other day, I had a super long break in between classes and was eager to have a spanish meal for lunch so N and I went to the Empire Subang Jaya and we've stumbled upon La Bodega with an interesting menu for lunch..

The Lunch menu offered by the La Bodega is very unique and interesting because initially we were alittle confused with the offer as the offer mentioned that you have the freedom to choose any of the dishes written on the board and with 2 drinks at the price of RM25++.. In the beginning, N and I was alittle confuse because we have never came across any offer that provides 2 drinks so we just thought that the 2 drinks is 1 for me and 1 for N.. So we thought it was quite decent the offer and went in..
The moment we went in, I noticed that the whole atmosphere and decor of the restaurant is quite relaxing and there are 2 different dining area for you to choose from which is indoor and outdoor but their outdoor is towards the alfresco type and also very open no glass panels to separate both the dining areas.. So in the restaurant there is even a long bar which is quite brown and woody in colour yet still fits well with the whole interior of the restaurant..

hot chocolate & caffe latte 
After chosen a seat with N, then we were gradually greeted by the La Bodega friendly service staff that is very knowledgeable about their current offer and also other foods in the menu and also very fast and polite.. So we further enquire more about the set lunch offer displayed on the chalk board outside the entrance.. From her explanation, we finally got a better and also clearer picture of how the offer works which is you can choose any of the dishes available there and then you also have 2 drinks per person which means you are entitled for 2 drinks which consist of juice and coffee or tea options. When we heard her mentioned that 2 drinks we just couldn't believe with our own ears that they are really offering such a thing for their customers which is great to hear and also an unique offer that no one could resist on because its a rare thing that a restaurant would offer both drinks of juices and coffee or tea with the price of RM25++ and so we went ahead ordering the dishes..
For lunch, we have ordered Seared Sea Bream with salsa verde and baby potatoes and Roasted spring chicken harissa with couscous.. 
Seared Sea Bream with salsa verde and baby potatoes
The roasted spring chicken harissa with couscous was delicious and the chicken was roasted beautifully and moist.. The couscous was light and the flavour there wasn't overpowering.. N's dish was the Seared sea bream with salsa verde and baby potatoes.. The bream was nicely cooked and there was some clams accompanying the fish, the clams is cooked nicely as well.. For that we had our fruit juices first for our mains, we had orange juice and also lime juice.. All our main were accompanied with a bowl of salad with a vinagrette dressing..
Roasted chicken with cous cous and harissa

Then we proceed to the next thing which was the dessert, so in their la bodega menu there were some spanish favourites and also some of the famous western desserts.. After much time spent asking some of the desserts that we found quite interesting, we decided on ordering the creme catalana.. Creme Catalana is actually a similar version to the creme brulee but its has a spanish twist to it.. The dessert goes well with what we had which was the hot chocolate and caffe latte.. The creme catalana has a creamy texture of a custard and the caramelized layer of sugar was torched evenly to give it a transparent layer that gives a crack sound to it when you knock it with a spoon..
creme catalana
the food and drink is well made and delicious. 
Service:4/5 (Friendly staff)
La Bodega Empire Subang Jaya 
LG25, Lower Ground, 
Empire Shopping Gallery 
Opens daily : 8am-2am 
telephone: 603 5022 2098


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