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Zen @ Sunway Pyramid Mall

Its been awhile from my previous food adventure..
 Actually, was quite busy lately with the new semester starting and also new subjects and also some assignments started to flow in.. Since, I thought on thursday I'm having a long lunch break, why not kill the time in the nearest mall which was Sunway Pyramid mall in Bandar Sunway..

So N and I we went to the mall and we were quite torn between the food options here and we decided to go for Japanese cuisine and then we walked until we found there are 2 Japanese outlets secluded inside which was a floor above Kim Gary's restaurant.. Then we saw Sushi Zanmai and Zen.. The former is the most popular amongst my friends and it is also very popular among the students or residents living in this areas or studying nearby here..
Initially,we were wanting to go for the Sushi Zanmai aftter seen endless pictures of delicious and beautiful looking sushi but the line were never ending and so we were kinda press for time and hungry so we went into Zen which surprisingly the menu they have were quite similar in choices like the ones in Sushi Zanmai..

The interior of the Zen looks clean and warmth with the brown floorings and warm lighting and it has a classy feeling and spacious look into the whole appearance of the restaurant.. The service staff there is ever ready to serve you and fast as well.. We went in and was immediately ushered to the table and was seated with menus on the table.. Well the menu in this restaurant really know how to please everyone with a different array of meals and dishes to cater for every type of hunger level..
Since we were quite famish that day, we had their set lunch meal which was affordable yet delicious.. For that visit, we had was the Yakiniku Zen and Kaki Spicy Miso Zen.. When the food arrives, the portion looks so generous and it was consist of rice, the main dish depends on what you ordered, a miso soup, chawamushi and also a bowl of cut fruits..

                                                 the broth filled with goodness of oysters

                                                           Kaki Spicy Miso Zen

Well mine was the one with the grilled beef.. The only thing I can say is that, the beef was grilled wonderful with an amazing sauce which wasnt too salty and it was just a great accompaniment for the beef and the beef slices was just tender and juicy and it really melts in your mouth.. It was my type of heavenly dish eventhough it may  look simply but it just tasted like a million dollar dish.. Love it
For N, he had was a broth full with vegetables and oysters and the broth wasn't entirely spicy but it has great flavours and so worth in ordering it..
The service staff there is so polite and attentive and the amazing part is they constantly keep refilling the cup of green tea of yours.. Love it

                                                                   Yakiniku Zen

                                              The wonderful and delicious grilled beef

Verdict: we really enjoyed the lunch there eventhough it was short but really well worth the money and time

                 Will come back for another visit of amazing Japanese food..

Ambience: 4/5

                                                              Zen Japanese Restaurant
                                                              OB2-F-U2, Oasis Boulevard 2,
                                                              Sunway Pyramis 46150
                                                               Bandar Sunway, PJ.
                                                           Telephone: (603) 7492 4922


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