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El Meson & Yeast @ Bangsar

 Its been awhile from my previous experience with the spanish cuisine.. So after ticking all the midterms and assignments, here comes Friday! Rejoice for us youths, university students and adults alike.. To start of with the lovely friday, N and I we decided to go those rows of restaurants facing opposite of Bangsar Village 2 which we passed by almost every time but has yet found the opportunity to dine there..

Finally, we did have the chance to go there for a lunch treat.. Surprisingly during lunch time, El Meson isn't packed as it was during the night time.. The whole restaurant was cool, calm and very sporty.. So we were greeted with a smile and friendliness by the Hostess of the El meson and we were then immediately ushered into our seats..The interior of the El meson was surprisingly spacious and modern.. Besides that, the place we were seated at was near to the kitchen and the kitchen wall has a glass that allows you to have a little peak through o their kitchen and surprisingly the kitchen looks very clean, modern and different compared to other restaurants kitchen..

The waitress then immediately came to us and presents us with the menu of ala carte,set lunch, breakfast and beverage.. The menu of El meson is quite interesting as there are some of the dishes which are mouth watering but we decided to have a try with their set lunch that looks interesting and colourful and also affordable which was at the price of RM29++.. After much deliberation, Nic ordered a mushroom soup which was soup of the day served with bread (make sure to ask the server about the soup of the day),ultimate pork burger with an orange twist whereas for myself I had a tuna dish which was called Ensaladilla Rusa which was the seared tuna at medium rare and potato salad with endives, sweet pepper dressing and a Ensalada Espanol is a salad with tuna, olives, sweetcorn and potato.. Actually I was rather confused because the dishes that I think that I've ordered turns out to be different.. So the service was fast and the waitress are nice, friendly and attentive..
The mushroom soup that Nic had was amazing and delicious.. The soup was smooth and full of mushroom flavour and the bread is just a great compliment whereas for my Ensalada Espanol is rather disappointing because in the menu it stated that there was tuna and potato in the salad but the moment it arrived at my table, there were not even a trace of the tuna or even potatoes in the salad which were to me rather sad as the dish infront of me turns out to be a normal salad with olives, onions and sweetcorn but lack of dressing which made it crisp but dry and also bland in flavour..
Then came the mains, Nic's pork burger look rather nice but it was so attractive as it is quite plain visually but the taste is just nice with some sauteed onions which gives the sweetness, the patty is rather dry but there isnt much of taste got noticed.. Then came mine which was the Ensaladilla Rusa.. The moment it arrives to the table it looks colourful and bright with the colours of red and bright green which I doubt its from the red and green peppers that goes super well with the seared tuna and the tuna is seared to medium rare..

Ensaladilla Rusa 
medium rare tuna 

pork burger 

soup of the day- mushroom soup 

After the spanish lunch, we went for in search of some decadent and delicious dessert.. We stopped at the Yeast Boulangerie.. It was a quiet afternoon with little people sitting outside enjoying the wonderful weather and breeze after the brief rainfall.. The moment Nic and I enter the we were welcomed by the staff and also the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant still remains the same only have slight changes with the dim lighting and also their latest addition to their menu which features about the dinner menu in French which we spent time figuring out and practice some of our french vocabulary we learned in class.. Back to the desserts, so I have ordered for the both of us a mocha chocolat ( chocolate tart) and tarte des pommes ( Apple tart) and I have ordered a Darjeeling tea which is nice and a great accompaniment for the chocolate tart.. Lets begin! The chocolate tart which you can see the thickness of the chocolate ganache and the thinness of the tart shell.. I must tell you that it is a very decadent and luxurious dessert and it is like Heaven for me and also other chocoholic!! Rejoice!! 
mocha chocolat
lets first begin with the Mocha Chocolat, it is such a decadent dessert with a thin crust pie and a whole lot of smooth silky chocolate ganache.. Love the dessert so much!! Next, we had the apple tart, compared to the decadent chocolate tart, this apple tart is rather laid back and wasn't that noticeable in taste wise.. it wasn't as memorable as the chocolate tart.. 
tarte des pommes
El meson- the food in el meson is quite decent and would love to try their churros for breakfast 
Price: 3/5
address: 61 Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru

opening hours: Monday 11:30am - 1:00am
                       Tuesday 11:30am - 1:00am
                        Wednesday 11:30am - 1:00am
                         Thursday 11:30am - 1:00am
                         Friday 11:30am - 1:00am
                         Saturday 11:30am - 1:00am
                        Sunday(including Public Holidays)  11:30am - 1:00am

Yeast- Love their mocha chocolat!! A must try

the dinner sign menu


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