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Laduree @ Singapore


This is an epic and also happiest moment for me as I get to try and admire those lovely macarons from the ever so famous Laduree in Singapore!!
The Laduree in Singapore has 2 outlets to choose from but sadly I didn't manage to get to those outlets in Singapore as those macarons that I'm having now is bought by N.. Its going to be my ultimate mission to go Singapore and to get to those shops there and have maybe a cup of tea with some of its sweet treats..

Laduree  or is also known as Laduree, Maison de macarons ( Home of the macarons) is actually a French pastry shop cum restaurant that existed in the year 1862 and the first ever Laduree was opened at the 16 rue Royale, Paris but there are also other outlets available in the Champs-Elysees, around France and also around the world.. They also do offer other sweet treats such as pastries, delicateseen and also they provide the gift boxes if you would like to make them as a present for your love ones ( So for the Guys take note.. This is a great idea as a gift for the girlfriend) .. If you would to know more, you can visit their website..

So when I heard about their arrival to the Lion City, I was overly excited and happy because this means that I can just get it nearby instead going to New York or France to savor one of this lovelies.. I found out that their macarons flavour will be constantly updated and also there are also another thing called the seasonal flavour macarons.. So don't wait!! Immediately get down there to have some deliciously made macarons for your own indulgence before it bid au revoir ( goodbye)..
Macarons Galore 
N got for me the box of 14 macarons and in the paper bag, it contains the precious jewels( macarons) box, a guide for the flavours of the macarons and also a small paper written for you about their macarons history..

pistachio macarons

I was overly excited to get this wonderful box of lovelies..So i immediately start to devour them with the chocolate flavour macaron.. The moment I had the first bite of this beauties were the macaron shell was light and also it has some almond bits in the shell and the creme in the middle of the is so delicate and also not too sweet.. Next, N and I tried the pistachio macaron.. The macaron tasted delicious and the texture was heavenly.. Love this beauties alot!! The pistachio macaron has some nuttiness in the macaron shell and also the creme..

After having a taste of the pistachio, we both moved on to the next beauty which was the lucky Melon macaron.. The Melon macaron before we have our first bite at it, it has a very sweet smell which is nice and inviting for me.. So after have a brief moment of admiring and also took some memorable pictures of it, so we began to have our very first taste of a melon macarons.. It tasted divine with a hint of melon and again I really enjoyed the macaron shell which was made beautifully and very light and still retains it shape..

Rose petal

 The following macaron I have tried with N was the Rose petal macaron.. When the first time I heard about a macaron made with rose petal essences, I was intrigued to know what it taste like as the malay cuisine in Malaysia has made some desserts with rose water.. Lets talk about the rose petal macaron, it has a pastel pink macaron shell that is filled with a light rose petal cream.. So the moment I had my very first bite of this beautifully looking macaron, it has an exquisite taste as their macarons rose petal cream has a mild to light taste of the rose and it was surprisingly not overpowering as I thought it would be and the taste mingles well with the shell crunch of almond bites and also the rose petal cream.. It is absolutely beautiful to have it.. Then came the lovely Raspberry macarons.. It looks a little flat but dont underestimate of its power of flavour.. It is a pink macaron shell filled with rich and delicious raspberry jam.. The moment we picked it up and smelled the sweet smells of its raspberry macarons flavour and the first bite and taste I had was the taste and the richness of the raspberry jam which was a harmonious flavour in that macaron.. I was alittle afraid that it maybe a tad too sweet but thankfully it wasnt..
strawberry candy marshmallow

After having plentiful of macarons, others might need to take a break from all the deliciousness but for me the tasting must go on as I wasn't mind in terms of its sweetness as their sugar level was mild which doesn't give you the feeling of tiredness and too much.. To me it was just nice and I kept insisting to N that which we havent tried yet..

Then we moved on the Salted Caramel flavour macaron.. The macaron look alittle deflated from the picture but its caramel was oozing out, with buttery texture and goodness and its waiting for us to have a lick and bite at it..Then, we immediately ate it and the caramel was nice and just the right sweetness and not too overpowering, not super sticky and bitter.. It was lovely to eat them..After that, we continued on Coffee flavoured macaron.. In this macaron, it has a light cream infused with coffee beans aroma.. The macaron shell has also the taste of the coffee and the aroma of it..They look proud and tall and also very beautiful to eat them but the temptations and desire to know their wonderful taste which was packed in that magnificent macarons.. The moment we had our first bite of the coffee macaron, it tasted heavenly and the coffee cream is just pleasant and not overpowering..

After having every bite of each and lovely beauties, we then finally continued on our journey of heavenly sweets with the tasting of Strawberry Candy Marshmallow which is from the Incroyable collection.. This little beauty really looks like a queen of all its other beauties with its pink macaron shell that was dusted with crystal sugar.. So I continued most of it at home and I had the vanilla macaron.. The vanilla macaron taste wasn't that prominent but it was still nice and not overly sweet.. Then I moved on the orange blossom which was the last macaron.. it is beautifully made ivory coloured macaron shell filled with orange blossom cream.. The smell of the orange permits from the macaron and it was such a beautiful smell.. So tantalizing and attractive.. The moment I had a bite of it, it tasted heavenly with citrus  notes appearing from the cream and the macaron shell has also some wonderful texture of the orange and almond bites.. The combination was just superb.. love it!!

So ladies remember to head over to Singapore and get your dose of this lovelies and love their packaging as well :)

Verdict: Gotta try those macarons!!!
              For the guys, its an absolutely perfect gift for your gal if they love and breathe desserts that                           decadent and lovely..
               Cant wait to try their other desserts and also macaron flavours which has a special flavour.. So                      remember to visit their website for more information

Price: 3/5
Service:4/5 (Love the packaging )

Laduree Singapore
Takashimaya S.C, Ngee Ann City, #02-09, Singapore


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